Monday, July 7, 2014

Strange noises

Sure wish I had a picture for this tale! It happened yesterday around 3:30. I was on my way to the compost bin with a pot of kitchen scraps in one arm and a large pan of bean ends and strings in the other when I heard an unusual bumping and knocking sound. I stopped and listened. I heard it again. Was there some animal in the shed? I put the pans down and ran back to the house yelling for Poppy. Listen, I said to Poppy, lots of times I get excited and my imagination runs away with me, but I heard a strange noise. It sounds like an animal trying to fight it's way out of a wooden box. Poppy gave me that look, like "yeah right! Will you come with me? Wait, he said getting the shotgun from the corner. We walked back to the shed. Poppy stepped back a little as he reached for the lock on the shed door. I held my ears and shut one eye. The door opened. Nothing! But then we heard the noise again. The bumping was coming from under the shed. We ran around back. There was Nellie, the duck, desperately trying to free herself from a big rat snake. The snake was biting her and holding her by one leg. Both Nellie and the snake were only partially visible under the edge of the shed. Poppy aimed the gun. This time I held both ears and closed both eyes. The gun fired. Did you hit the snake or the duck I asked. The snake! Nellie was free. The snake was dead. Nellie looked flustered. She wagged her tail, like Muscovies do, looked at us both and went back under the shed. The bumping had been Nellie fighting this snake, protecting her nest of eggs. It was some fight and I think the snake was about to win. 

It makes me sad to see anything killed. Anything! But in a case like this we had to do something.

This is the back of the shed. There are lots of small feathers on the ground near the old barrel. Scattered, I suppose, during the fight...

Nellie is the duck in the back...

Okay, on to something else. Like "Sweet Pea". He's growing and he is not going to look like his mom or dad. This chick has "Big Boy" written all over him...

Just a quick story here. Sunday afternoon I sat down in the living room. Poppy was in his chair watching the race. Weetie was asleep on the couch and Eli was dragging out toys. Well, if I ever sit down, I drop off to sleep and that's exactly what happened. After sleeping about fifteen minutes I woke up. Poppy was asleep, Weetie was asleep, and this was Eli...

I've got beans canning. Better get busy. Thank you for visiting.



  1. Oh for crying our loud...a snake got the duck,it must have been HUGE!!!.Well, that would be the last time I went outside unless I had big boots on.
    I saw a snake get a frog last week,but the thought of a snake catching a duck makes me feel ill.
    Jane x

  2. Poppy saved the day ....well done !
    I'm not a snake lover, frogs, bugs, feathered and fur, but no snakes..
    Your pictures are a delight.

  3. My goodness! The drama! The excitement! Things are pretty darn lively there.
    Thank heavens I had the picture of the comatose Eli to settle me down!

  4. Oh my I am glad you all saved the duck. That would have been so sad. I like the way Eli sleeps.
    Love you!

  5. Wow, that must have been a big snake. And thank goodness you saw what was happening in time to save mama duck and the eggs.
    The picture of Eli made me laugh out loud. :-0

  6. yeah for blasting the snake and saving the duck:)

  7. My mind movie of the snake and duck fight is creeping me out!

  8. Phew, glad you got there in time to save the duck. Thankfully we don't have snakes that size here! Shiver......
    That's funny, the picture of need a bigger chair:)

  9. Dearest Henn,Glad you happened along to save Nellie! You would have been a mess without your little duckie! Glad to see the "big chick" doing so well. Your stories make me so happy and a little sad too, cause I love the country and love farming and gardening and can't do that now. Take care, keep sharing those stories and photos! Eli is so-o big! XO Terry

  10. Dear Henny,
    I had a moment and thought I'd check in. We too, have experienced the food chain up-close-and-personal this Spring, but there has been no rescue hero in our storyline. :S
    Eli is a beautiful ole doggy. He looks loveable, even in pictures.

    Love you,

  11. Glad this had a happy ending.


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