Friday, December 22, 2023


Yes, Merry Christmas dear blogging friends. We've had computer problems...had a new hard drive installed. I can now load pictures from my iPhone to the computer. Yay! I'm on my way back into the world of blogging!

 Just wouldn't be right to let Christmas pass and not post the old cupboard, and a picture of our same little old Christmas tree...

and maybe tell you how happy we are to have both Eli and Ellie with us for Christmas...

Just a few weeks ago, Eli became very sick. An ultrasound showed a large fluid filled mass touching his right kidney. He stayed 2 nights in the hospital. The doctor drained the mass and no cancer cells were found. He was also treated for Gastroenteritis. 

Eli will be 10 years next month!

You may remember it was just last March that we almost lost our sweet Ellie to Addison's Disease...

We're so glad both are well and gaining weight again....Eating us out of house and home, I should say. 

Thank you for coming back to visit. I'm far behind but will be around to read and catch up with you all. 

Love, Henny

PS:  Smokey is well too and sends his love. :)