Thursday, September 22, 2022

A Bit of Fall

We got just a sprinkle of rain, not even enough to settle the dust, before the much anticipated cold front began blowing through around 3:30 today. What a relief! The temperatures were in the mid 90s today and reached 98 degrees at Raleigh Durham Airport!

These next few days should feel a lot like fall so, I've gone crazy with fall colors, especially in the old cupboard...

Isn't it amazing what rag and bottle of Old English furniture polish will do!

a little closer look...I found the large dinner plates at Goodwill this week...

That's hickory nuts in the bowl...

Have you ever tried to crack open and eat a hickory nut? What a job! Poppy did crack one with the hammer and we both got a tiny taste.

Anyhow, fall of the year makes me want to work outside, clean up, and move things around. 

Wish you could have seen the junk we hauled out from under this old shed. It hasn't been this neat and clean in years. Poppy used to park his four-wheeler here...

Hay is stored in the old freezer covered with a tarp. Nailed a strip of wood across the back of the shed to stand garden tool and my bamboo poles.

Pulled out the old wooden tool box too and filled it with kindling wood. Good for starting fires this winter.

The kindking is kinda dusty from being stored in a cardboard box for too long.

Can't go without a word about sweetie pie rabbit...

I really believe he loves the wide open space in his big ole dog lot, and the ramp up to his box...

and! I'm building a little garden room just outside his pen. There was a mess of old cinder blocks stacked there so I've just re-arranged them a bit...
not exactly pretty yet but I've only just begun...

There is really nothing pretty about a cinder block so I need to come up with some pretty ideas. Any suggestions??

Well, The TV just cut off. Poppy must be headed this way so I will stop here. This is probably way too much anyhow. 

Oh, Smokey wants to say goodnight...

Thanks for looking!

Love, Henny

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

A birthday gift

Gosh, here it is about one hour before bedtime and I'm starting a post.

Thought I would hurry though before my birthday ends and show you something...

Oh wait! He went behind that old pot...Can you guess what it is? 

Meet Randall Rabbit...

He is a four month old, eight pound Flemish Giant rabbit. 

Poppy was dead set against getting me another rabbit and my heart ached. I have missed my rabbits so much. 

So, all this started one day at line dancing class when my friend Carla asked, "if I get you a birthday present, can you keep it"? "Is it alive", I asked her. We laughed. I knew she meant a rabbit. "We will go bunny shopping", she said.

Anyhow, I started looking on Craiglist at bunnies for sale, and also began fixing up the dirty old rabbit lot...and all the while dropping hints to Poppy.

Oh friends, look at this ad from Craigslist...this is now my bunny's papa. Have you ever seen anything so cute?

I had the found the perfect bunny! But, these rabbits were in Havelock NC near the coast, a three hour drive away. 

So here's how it all turned out...Poppy threw me a $100.00 bill and said Happy Birthday. I thanked Carla for getting the ball rolling. I left here at 8:00 Monday morning and drove through the country to my daughter Andee's house. From there, Andee drove. She got on Hwy. 70 near her house and drove us straight to Havelock.  Got back to Louisburg around 3:30. Had been in the car for 7 hours. 

Carla, stopped by yesterday to see the new rabbit...and loved him! We may be going back to to get Carla a bunny.

He is a big sweet boy. I've Googled and read all about them. They are docile, very gentle and are often referred to as gentle giants. 

I'm very happy. Had a great birthday. Andee and Todd gave me a big beautiful Mum and a couple of gift cards. The four of us went out to eat together as last Wednesday was Andee's birthday. 

Well, I am bound and determined to publish this before bedtime, even though it is certainly not the best written post I've ever done. 

Thank you, if you're still here.

Love, Henny