Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The Leaf and The Pulley Bone

A golden leaf fell near the pond and landed at Poppy's boot as he walked home from hunting this evening...

He picked it up and brought it home. I've been terribly worried the leaf was meant for the fairies that lives near the ferns. The moon is bright and nearly full tonight, perfect for crossing the pond to the far side where Fairies meet...

Hopefully, they will find a way there.

Seriously, the leaf is huge, and what kind of leaf is it? 

We finished the fried chicken for supper tonight and there in Poppy's piece was the pulley bone, or wish bone.  The only way to get the pulley bone in a piece of fried chicken now days it to cut up a whole chicken yourself...and that's what I did. Poppy said, hey, why don't do a post and call it the leaf and the pulley bone. :) 

Growing up, Mama always cut up a chicken to fry with three pieces of breast meat, one containing the pulley bone. I remember watching her. I must have stayed under her feet all the time.

Always in the kitchen with mama, or standing behind the sewing machine watching her sew. I remember once being in the kitchen while she was busy cooking. I dropped something on the floor, bent down to pick it up and raised up under her dress and apron. She said, "oh good lord"! as she moved from over me, pressing her dress down with her hand. I was very small, not meaning to get in the way.  Dear sweet mama.

Oh, look what's blooming...

trouble is, we have no room for house plants, neither do we have enough light. Log cabins are dark inside.  This Christmas cactus has grown huge. We sat it at the end of the bar where a tiny bit of sun comes in this time of the year. 

Okay, can I tell you about my broken wrist.  Do you think the cast is ready to come off?? 

I broke my wrist on Oct. 10th and wore a splint for one week, waiting to see the orthopedic specialist. The orthopedic doctor put a cast on my arm for three weeks. He then cut the cast off, x-rayed my arm again, said the bones were healing but my wrist would  not be exactly right. He suggested surgery...but still left it up to me. I didn't want surgery so he put a new cast on my arm and told me to come back in one week. He cut the new cast off, took x-rays, gave me a velcro brace to wear during activities, and set me up for physical therapy.

My thinking break a bone, wear a cast for six to eight weeks, the bones grow back together, you get the cast taken off. 

So, I've worn a splint for one week, and an actual cast for only four week. I can't stand to be without this velcro thing. My wrist feel very weak and fragile.  

I also asked the doctor about my shoulder pain. X-rays showed no cracked or broken bones so he gave me a steroid injection in each shoulder. Which helped immediately.

Thank you friends! be back soon...and around to visit.

Henny Penny

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Blogging Dogs

Dear friends,

Sorry to be so behind visiting your wonderful blogs and reading your posts. I will be around to catch up. Been lots going on when our sweet Ellie knocked me to the ground, the impact did more than break my arm. I've had aches and pains in places I didn't know I had.  Certainly haven't felt the best lately. Hopefully, this too shall pass.

My daughter Andee and I share stories and pictures of our children dogs. Seems Andee has outdone me lately with the cutest pictures. 

You've met Bruno, the Golden Retreiver, but don't think I've introduced you to their big overgrown black Lab puppy, Auggie...

What a pair, these two! Bruno has had a time trying to teach Auggie the rules of his ball games. Bruno says, if you don't know my rules, you can't play.  Auggie says he KNOWS the rules!!

This summer, the gnats were really bad and for some reason they were brutal to poor Auggie; even to the point of causing an allergic reaction...something about his skin and shiny dark hair seem to attract the gnats. 

The Vet put Auggie on medication and suggested he wear a tee shirt while playing outdoors. Auggie was fine with a tee shirt...

Mama said I needed the pants too...

Mama, is this outfit like the ones the wrestler wear? Well, I'm teaching Bruno my rules on wrestling.

Auggie, you are a handsome boy! What a shiny coat you have...

Mama said I could bring her comfy old boots outside to play. Are you sure??

Two big sweetie pies saying goodbye. Thank you boys!

Okay, it's going to be hard to top the cuteness of Auggie and Bruno...but yesterday on our walk, we stopped in the back yard to let Eli and Ellie play.

Well Eli climbed up on the picnic table. Wanted to show Ellie...this is how you pose for a great photo shoot...

 How's this mama? Okay if Poppy is in the picture too?

Speaking of big silly overgrown puppies...Ellie!
this is about the best mama can do...mama says  I can't be still very long and my hair is always in a mess. But I'm so adorable!

Look mama! When I shake this stick really hard, it makes my eyes look blurry.

Well, mama says I have a royal look, specially when I pose for the camera.
Oh Eli, you have a very Royal look!

Well, you may look like royalty but sometimes I hear mama tell you to move your big butt out of the way. 

Thanks to all the players starring in my post today...Bruno, Auggie, Eli, and Ellie.. and you too Poppy.

Thanks most of all to you, dear friends.

Hope to be back soon.

Friday, November 5, 2021

A very rainy day

Our first frost date is usually around October 15th. This year it's late arriving but by daylight tomorrow  we should have our first freezing temperature of 32 degrees. I dread it. I'll take sunshine and warm weather anytime!

When it rains like this, instead of finding something constructive to do inside...I walk from window to window, staring out at the rain.

It was simply pouring, as mama used to say...

Poppy was working at Food Lion that day last week when the heavy rains came. The house was quiet with just me and the dogs and the sound of the rain coming down. Kinda makes you want to build a roaring fire in the fireplace, doesn't it?

rain, rain, rain from the back porch too...

You know what we need here?? An old fashioned cast iron woodstove on the porch. Been my dream since day one! 

Looking a little dreary on this end of the porch too.

oops! missed the bedroom windows. Need to go back inside and take a look...


The kitty cats were here too, but under the bed in the sewing room, fast asleep.

Ellie watched from the front porch as the rain washed through the yard...

Guess thats it for my rainy day post, I started yesterday. It was cold when we got up this morning, 33 degrees! Lots of unsettled weather this time of the year, with the change of seasons.

Saw the doctor last Monday. He said in two weeks the cast can come off my wrist and I will then need a little physical therapy. Sure hope that means I can get back to work around here. :)

Thank you dear friends!