Monday, May 30, 2016

Pretty gloomy stuff

Being in the kitchen, spending much time standing at the little window above the sink, I pretty much know what goes on outside and how things are supposed to look and be...anything out of the ordinary  catches my attention...

So, you see the old run down dog house? Our duck "Scruffy", (the female muscovy with the angel wing) has a nest inside and has been sitting on eggs.

Washing dishes yesterday I noticed Scruffy standing outside the doghouse looking in. She would stretch her neck, look inside, back away, then do it again. I said to Poppy, there is something going on with the duck. Either an egg has hatched and she is trying to coax a baby out, or there is something inside that she is afraid of.

Poppy picked up the gun and walked outside. It's a big snake, he said. He shot and killed the snake, which always makes me sad, but wait, here's the rest of the story...

While Poppy carried the snake away, which by the way, had five eggs inside his belly, I went to check on the little hen in the bantam's lot who was sitting on five eggs. There, I found her on the ground dead, smothered to death, and all five eggs gone. Obviously, the snake had made a stop there first. I was so looking forward to these eggs hatching because they were more bantam eggs from our neighbor Carla. Poor little hen.

Looking dark and gloomy here this Monday morning.

Glad for the four warm sunny days we had last week because here we go into another week of rain. The weather forecast last night said a chance of rain for the next seven days.

Walking Eli Saturday afternoon.

on our walk, Poppy took this picture of a healthy poison ivy vine growing up the big cedar tree along the edge of the pond. Getting pretty desperate for something to post...poison ivy!!

Need to get busy. Got lots to do and little energy to do with. Darn it, I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and an awful cold. It has been years since I suffered with a cold! 

Be back soon, hopefully. :) Love,

Friday, May 27, 2016

Two big reveals!

Got everything ready for our salad tonight and noticed that Poppy had dozed off in front of the TV so, wonder if I could tell you about the day...

Poppy put the shingles on the long legged tower. It looks good, it really does. But after getting the shingles on, we wondered what to do about a ridge cap. Poppy ran up to Rustic Building Supply and yep, they had one. A ten foot one. We only needed thirty seven inches. "You know what I had to pay for for this thing", Poppy said. "Seventeen dollars"!

What do you think? You know, all this is really unnecessary, but it makes me so happy. 

Poppy brought home three odd sized wooden pallets from the grocery store, they were going to throw away. I see a potting bench in the making! It would be so cute painted this cedar color and placed on the left side of these long legs...

which would be here, in the shade.

Now I rarely post pictures of myself, but, Granny Marigold since you asked to see my new perm and since I washed my hair yesterday, and let it dry, then combed it out...well brace yourself...

Poppy said, "you look like Tina Turner". That's okay, I like Tina Turner. Wish I had legs like Tina Turner. A week or so and this perm will relax and I'll be back to normal.

When I was growing up, way back then, perms were called permanents. Isn't that funny!

This wasn't planned, but seems like now with every post there is a new special kitty cat picture. So here's my kitty cat picture of the day...

Smokey watched our every move up at the garden this morning, then decided to race with Weetie back to the house...

Guess it's time to put supper on the table. Hope to see you back here soon.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

We've got sunshine!

All of a sudden, it's like summertime here and I can't get enough of the sun and warm air and flowers. I will not complain about the heat this summer (you can mark that down in your little black book)...absolutely not. It rained all last week and through Monday of this week. Why I wore a sweater all day Monday! Then Tuesday, the sun came back!

Our neighbor Fred brought us one last load of pine straw today. Actually, he raked this straw back during cold weather but has been holding it until my back was better. Ann kept telling me Fred had one more load of straw, but they were afraid I would get out and over-do it. How nice is that! They know me pretty well!

Okay, the long legged tower! is not pretty yet! but here's a sneak preview...

My playhouse, that's what this is! Good gosh, maybe I never grew up...except in size!

There were leftover pieces of 2 x 4's and Poppy said he would add a couple on each side of the long legs...but I've been thinking, (imagine that) and have come up with an idea. 

Grapevines! Weave grapevine in and out on each side, maybe half way up?? Does that sound pretty, and doable?  Granny Marigold mentioned using latticework, and we did look at the latticework in Lowes, but I got to thinking (again) and well, then I couldn't hang things from the little roof. So, this is it so far!

Better go get a few groceries. Hope to be back soon. Poppy is off tomorrow. That means shingles!! on the little tower!! Hopefully!

Oh, a kitty cat picture of the day...

Both Eli and Smokey were asleep on the bed here beside the computer. Smokey got up, stretched and yawned and snuggled down between Eli's tail and his back legs. 


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Working around the teeny tiny farm

Can you believe how time flies! Didn't mean to stay gone so long again...and I've been right here...well I did go to the beauty shop and get a new perm. Lots of curls. I've got lots of curls! Gosh, every time I pass a mirror, I have to stop and have a second look, make sure it's me. You know what Poppy said? "And you paid $65.00 to have THAT done"!! He has always been very complimentary that way.

Some of the comments on my last post about that long legged tower we built in front of the teeny tiny greenhouse made me smile. Seems there are some doubts as to whether or not it will ever look right. Well, I've been mighty busy planning and thinking and well, you know, laying awake at night, that kind of thing. Even done some bartering with our nice neighbors, Fred and Ann, and wound up trading them four knockout rose bushes (rooted by me) and a dozen eggs for some shingles for the roof on the little tower.

Then plundering around, I found and drug up from the woods, two old wooden flower boxes Poppy built for me way back in the early 90's. The bottoms had rotted out but that's okay. The little red Impatients should do good in this shady spot. See, moving right along with this project, making things pretty! (hopefully)

Lots of Dill in the garden, from last year. 

and a big patch of red clover that I can't bear to dig up and throw out. I LOVE clover. It found a place in the teeny tiny garden and it can stay.

Better finish up here in case Poppy wants to get on the computer. Check back for updates on the long legged just may be surprised at the results. :) 


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Eli goes to the vet..and small yard projects

Poppy got home from work Thursday afternoon in time to drive Eli and me to see Dr. Davis.

Eli loves going to the vet, well I should say loves going bye bye.  The entire back seat is his but you would never know. He rides with his head up front between Poppy and me. I can't help but laugh and take pictures.

Darn it, I meant to get a picture of Dr. Davis with Eli and forgot. Maybe next visit.

We got a few things done outside yesterday. See, I had another bright idea...something I have been wanting to do but needed Poppy help with.

Remember last summer when we tore down that old wishing well and had a big new real looking well house built? Every day I look at the top of that old wishing well, laying in the edge of the woods, rotting, and think how cute it would be as an entryway to the teeny tiny greenhouse.

Poppy said, I'll nail some legs on that old top, if that's what you want, but don't put on your blog that this was my idea.

I'll admit it is a little funny looking, and those 2 x 4 legs should have been nailed to the inside of the top frame, but wait, there is potential. Poppy said he would add a couple of side pieces to break up that tall leggy look. Then I'll paint it. A vine of some kind covering the legs and growing up and over the top will be good, and maybe a rose planted at the bottom and a hanging basket or two or  a birdhouse or feeder hanging from the side pieces? I just love some new project to work on. If it still looks ugly, we can tear it down.

Poppy got the flag hanging straight again

on our rare and unusual homemade flag pole.

Guess I had better get busy... and let Poppy get on the computer.

Hope to be right back here soon. 


Thursday, May 19, 2016

A bright spot!

Goodness, I have new followers! Thank you, I appreciate you so much. Even back before Adam (Adam, the new follower, that is) :) were some that I failed to acknowledge and thank. I appreciate all of you and your friendship!

Still wet and rainy here on Henny Penny Lane!  We could really use a little sunshine right about now.

Actually, there was a bright yellow spot just outside the little kitchen window this morning, an American Goldfinch. Maybe I'll pick up a thistle sock in Walmart while I'm out.  

Better get going. Need to get a few groceries, put gas in the car and get back home, 

old sweetie pie has an appointment with Dr. Davis at 3:00. Seems he is due for everything but a rabies shot. 

This cool rainy weather has all of us (except me) wanting to curl up somewhere and go to sleep. I actually slept eight hours without waking up last night and believe me, that is a rarity!!  Four hours is the norm for me. Somebody must have slipped something in my sweet tea at supper last night!

Hope to be back soon.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The weather and thinking back

We should have left the TV off this morning, but we didn't. It's a habit. Get that first cup of coffee and with the other hand pick up the remote control and turn on the local news and weather. It was the weather forecast I could have done without...the prediction of rain and thunderstorms, today through next Monday. That's right, through next Monday. The weatherman had that little smirk on his face too when he told us, like he enjoyed ruining our days.

One last Iris has opened and it can be our sunshine today! Try taking the shine out of this beauty Mr. Weatherman!

As a child, I remember loving the rain. That was back when folks kept their windows open in the summertime. I loved sitting near an open window watching the rain come down, making pools of water in the yard. Wading in puddles of water in a grassy yard feels different than wading in mud in the ditches. We begged mama to let us play in the rain and occasionally she did. We waded barefoot in mud puddles and I can remember mama yelling to us in that pleading sort of voice to "get out of those mud puddles, you're going to get worms!"

and here are the three of us along about the time we played in the rain and walked in the mud...

Shelby was the oldest and the ring leader! Mama had rolled Shelby's hair on pieces of paper sack the night before this picture was taken. That's why she looks so pretty.

then that's me on my tricycle. That's the very tricycle that I was on one sunny day, riding across the front yard as fast as my bare feet could pedal when the front wheel came off and I fell, hard. Crying I was, all the way to mama.

Mama made our dresses back then. I used to love standing behind the sewing machine watching mama sew, and probably asking her questions. If there was enough fabric left over, mama made my doll a dress too.

and then here's Jackie the youngest of us three.

It was several years then before our youngest brother Randall was born. Jackie was eleven when Randall came along.

While I'm at it, here's an old picture of mama and daddy back when they were young.

Talking about windows being open in the summer, back before everybody had air conditioners...I remember too, mama and us kids being in town or somewhere and it coming a big rain...I can just see us scrambling to get home and mama saying, "Lord, every window in the house is open and I bet it's raining in!" 

Guess I had better get up from here and get busy. Poppy will be home in about thirty minutes.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

A little visit

So, how in the world has it been three days since my last post...and I was going to reply to your comments. Thank you!

Thanks for the idea of putting sawdust around Bun Bun and Fiona's pen to keep the snakes away. It's sure worth a try. Seems like there's a lumber yard or sawmill on Hwy 56 just outside of town. There are huge mounds of sawdust there, always with steam coming from them. Bet they would sell me some.

What did we do with the snake? Well, I am sorry to say that Poppy killed it. Normally we let snakes go, if they are passing through and headed elsewhere. That snake saw a possible meal inside that pen and would have come back. Even though the bunnies are too big for the snake to eat, he would kill them. 

Good grief! Remember this one that was in the chicken house last summer?

Poppy has ordered a 100' roll of 4' high rabbit wire mesh. As soon as it gets here I plan to put it around the entire pen. I can honestly say that when Poppy kills a snake, it is instant. Don't you hate it when people try to run over snakes with a vehicle, or go after them with a shovel or a hoe...I mean, poor snake. He can't help being a snake. Bet if we could ask him if he had rather be some other animal, he would say yes.

Moving on to something more pleasant..

Last Thursday, a friend from up the road a piece asked me to cut off and hem a dress, a last minute thing. She needed to wear it Saturday to her Son's wedding. She insisted on paying me...I refused to take any money. All I wanted was to NOT ruin her dress. 

When she picked up the dress, she gave me this pretty canvas basked filled with these Stanley products.  

Remember the old Fuller Brush Company and Stanley Home Products. Fuller Brush Company has been around since 1906 and probably Stanley too. I had no idea Stanley or Fuller Brush were still in business. Anyhow, my friend sells these products. Mama used to order Stanley back when I was growing up.

 Wonder what these two were thinking?

and here's another kitty cat picture of the day...and a note to Deb over at  Hey Deb, Smokey has been practicing really hard for me, trying to get that Audrey look. What do you think?

If any of you have not met Deb's cat, Audrey, you really need to visit her blog. That Audrey is a mess, and then the beautiful Annie lives there too. 

Better go. I have supper mama would say, such as it is.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Teeny Tiny Farm this morning

This is one sweet rooster! Not a mean bone in this fellow's body!

and look at this teeny tiny chicken! Isn't she adorable? This is one of the two chicks that hatched a few weeks ago. The little black chick disappeared. It just simply disappeared. It broke my heart. I have no idea what happened and will probably never know.

I let the rooster out of the goat lot first thing every morning, then he follows me to let the bunnies out.

Bun Bun sat right up to talk to me.

and Fiona went straight for the handful of grass and clover.

Dear friends, I started this post early this morning. Here it is now  9:00 pm and almost bedtime.

Close to the edge of dark, I went to put Bun Bun and Fiona in their cages for the night. When I turned to leave, there, draped all over a large bush near the pen was a huge black snake...and I know exactly what he was up to...he was making his way into the pen. Glad I got there when I did. The bunnies are safe.

Better get busy. Hope to be back soon. Hope to visit you all tomorrow. :)


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Out the kitchen window

Would you like a peek out my kitchen window... 

Poppy is not crazy about kitty cats walking on cars, so you did good Smokey, choosing the old Corolla instead of Poppy's big shiny truck.

He watches me while I stand at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I say this old sweetie pie can do just anything he wants.

These two watch too. Probably trying to figure me out as I am always waving to them from the window.

Mother's Day was nice. Nobody was here except Poppy and me, so we drove to Henderson and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Pecan pancakes! I had pecan pancakes! I never pass up an opportunity to eat pecan pancakes at Cracker Barrel. Oh my...with warm maple syrup and bacon on the side. Then believe it or not, we ordered pizza for supper. I mean, seriously, pecan pancakes and pizza in the same day! 

Thinking I would eat, drink, and be merry then go on a diet (again) Monday morning...and what arrives in the mail but a sweet card from Andee, Todd, and Madison with a gift card to Dairy Queen tucked that will buy several "Blizzards"!

Cracker Barrel is full of stuff. 

I could have looked all day, but we had to make it back to Mr. Murphy's farm before noon to buy a bale of hay...

I love this farm! And let me show you one more time...Mr. Murphy's pet bull...

He was pretty shy and didn't want to come out at first.

but a little hay did the trick. I've posted this before but thought you would not mind seeing the bashful bull again.

Thanks, if you are still here. :)