Friday, March 27, 2015

Lynn's Birthday

Most days I can't think of a darned thing to put on my blog. Today, there are several little useless things to tell you. Gosh, there's a duck story, and a Dumperoo story...well, mostly Dumperoo pictures. I wanted to talk about dieting and eating healthy and how totally out of control I am. Then there's the weather.  Somebody needs to talk about this 26 degree freezing weather we've got coming tomorrow, and since I am the authority on the weather...just kidding...but seriously, the peach trees are in bloom. What are we going to do?

Now this is not useless daughter Lynn. Today is her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY  LYNN! 

I borrowed this picture of Lynn from her blog today at "a mother's".

Would you just look at that mile high ice cream pie! Seeing this picture ruined any chance I may have had at sticking to a diet today. Love you anyway Lynn! It was Lynn who helped me with this blog. 

Lynn is a kind, sweet, loving daughter...and always has a smile on her face. She has pretty freckles too...

Wanted to post a baby picture but searched the house over and could not find one. Seems like I remember giving Lynn and Andee all their baby pictures.

Dumperoo was a big sweetie pie last night...

He knows he's my boy and is so handsome, even with lint on his face.

Well I didn't quite cover all I wanted to talk about. Hopefully there is tomorrow.

That cold front is coming through right now. It's rainy, windy, and miserable outside. The temperature will be dropping throughout the day.

Thank you for visiting. Hope to be back soon.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mama was right!

Mama would not appreciate my posting a picture of her in her house dress. But she looks beautiful, doesn't she?

Mama always said, "however your Monday starts off, that's how your whole week will be". I believe her!

On Monday, Poppy had to be in a company meeting in Durham. He rode with his boss. Around noon I drove to Durham and spent a little time with Shelby. Then Shelby and I drove to pick up Poppy at 4:00. 

Mama would say, "I just despise to have to go somewhere on Monday. It ruins the whole week".

Tuesday, Poppy was off work. We drove to Henderson to pick up prescriptions and buy a few groceries. Arrived back home to chaos all day! Ever have a day when everything gets on your nerves? :(

Crazy as yesterday was, I managed somehow to get the Stargazer Lilies planted. Nine bulbs. Last summer I
fell in love with this big beautiful lily that bloomed in the back yard...

Can't wait to see nine more blooming this summer!

Now this morning, Eli has an appointment with the groomer. Out and about again...I dropped him off around 8:30 and went on to Walmart for the things we didn't get yesterday!

Funny Eli! Six months ago I had to beg and plead to get him in the back seat of the car. Even used the old carrot on a stick method...except ham instead of a carrot! Now he gets his leash on, hears the words "bye bye" and he jumps from the top step on the front porch with me hanging on and drags me to the car. 

It is finally beginning to look like spring here...

The rose bushes have new growth...

and a flowering quince blooming for the first time...

and now the weather people are saying the temperature could drop down to 28 degrees Saturday night. This is the end of March in North Carolina, for goodness sake!

Oh my. Better get busy. The groomer will be calling for me to pick up Eli soon...and I still need to vacuum. Thank you. I appreciate you all so much!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Gripe and Complain

I like Fridays. Poppy goes in to work at 10:00 am and gets off at 7:00 pm. Normally I can get everything done; housework, yard work, animals cared for, our salads made, and then, hallelujah, an hour or so of uninterrupted time on the computer. But not today! We needed a few groceries and a bag or two of animal feed. A stop at Walmart and the feed store is all it takes to blow that bit of extra time I was so looking forward to.

Seeing as how I am bound and determined to post a little something on my blog today, guess it will have to be about what we have more of around here...animals!

While somebody was sound asleep, a kitty cat crept in, stole Eli's teddy bear, and crept out. Who is that little thief...

Looks like Eli will have to sleep with one eye open from now on...

Mokey said he slept right through the heist...

Eli has now gained up to 113 pounds and he is 14 months old. When is a dog considered grown? Wonder if he will get any taller. We've read that Pyrenees can weigh up to 160 pounds. Wouldn't that be something! He's already about to outgrow our teeny tiny house. Guess we'll manage somehow.

Okay, I've had my minute at the computer. Better get going. Hope to be back with some really interesting post. That would be a first!  Thank you for not crossing me off yet.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Two crazy busy days!

New addition to the teeny tiny sewing room...

The whirlwind started Tuesday morning when BunBun had to be in Wake Forest at the Vet's office by 8:30! We were on the road at 7:15 Tuesday morning. Leaving BunBun in Dr. Harper's care, I left Wake Forest and headed south to Raleigh. Finally, things were coming together so the seller from Craigslist, Kate, with the TV/VCR and I could meet. It was worth the drive and the fifty dollars. The TV/VCR is like new and Kate was friendly, nice, and sweet as could be. I could have spent an hour just talking with her...except Poppy and Eli were pacing the floor back at home waiting for me. Eli had a 10:30 appointment with the Vet in Bunn...totally in the opposite direction from Wake Forest. I practically flew home, picked up Poppy and Eli and we arrived in Bunn fifteen minutes late. :(  We got back home at 12:15 and at 2:30 the Vet in Wake Forest called saying BunBun was ready to come home. WHEW!!!

Poor, Poor baby BunBun. Such a tiny body with all that fur gone...

With BunBun sedated, it took Dr. Harper, with the help of her groomer and an assistant, three hours to shave off the matted fur. BunBun now has a home in the laundry room where it's warm, where I can constantly talk to him and pet him. This must never never happen again! Believe me, BunBun will soon be sitting in my lap. We're going to be best to be or Poppy will have me skinned!!! This little Vet visit costs 244.00!! Really!! 

How many times have I tried to rig up some way of hanging an old bucket over the bird water could drip, drip, drip! Many times!  Then Far Side from posts a picture on her blog of a watering can hanging over her bird idea she came up with and her husband Far Guy made it work. I thought to myself, "Henny, you dunce"! Here sits an old watering can and standing not far from the birdbath, a shepherd's hook, with nothing on it...duh! So thank you Far Side and Far Guy...

Do you mind my copying your idea? This is not set up sturdy yet. Just giving it a try.

Rain is on it's way for this afternoon and all day tomorrow and it's a little cool today...but spring is here and as daughter Lynn says, "be still my heart"!

More Crocus blooms...

and lastly...poor Eli had a busy night of barking last night. There must have been a booger out there somewhere. He is tired out today...

Honestly, I have got to catch up reading all my favorite blogs. Where do the hours go???  I appreciate you all so much.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Daughter, Grandson, Great Grandson!

Just had to post Daughter Lynn holding the sweetest little Greyson...Lynn's grandson and my great grandson. 

Lynn and Greyson
When in the world did I get old enough to have a great grandchild? I could swear that I'm still in my fifties.

When Joseph was a baby he looked just like Greyson does now with that worried look on his sweet little face..

Joseph and Greyson
It is absolutely spring here today. You can almost see the green leaves growing and the tiny white flowers on the button bush opening up...

Crocus are blooming here and there throughout the yard. Funny I don't remember ever planting any Crocus. Must be linked somehow to "how could I possibly be over 50 years old". The years pass so quickly.

Thyme that survived the winter in the teeny tiny greenhouse...

Nothing like a spot in the sun...

Sorry I never got around to finishing this post last night. We're supposed to have another couple of warm sunny days before it turns cool again, so I am going outside for a while. Don't know exactly what to work on but if I stand and stare at the yard long enough, some major project will pop into my head.

Thank you for visiting. Hope to be back real soon.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

A little explaining and then a little BunBun

For those of you who read my blog and read yesterday's post, thank you for your kind, sweet comments. I have deleted that post. I do not regret sharing that part of my life with you, my friends, but somehow just knowing that post was there troubled me. Now it's in the past again.

Here it is the middle of March already. Normally around these parts we don't have to worry about frost after March 15th. All of a sudden it's time to plant potatoes and onions in the teeny tiny garden...

BunBun has an another appointment with the Vet on Tuesday. Hopefully we will come home with all those matted knots shaved off. We've been playing a lot this week and I've actually held BunBun in my arms every day. 

BunBun last spring...

and BunBun now...

We are getting there! 

Better get busy. Mostly wanted to explain about the missing post.  Hope you will come back. : )


Monday, March 9, 2015

Have I gone mad?

I do appreciate your comments on that last silly post. Thank you!

Sorry for another picture of Eli and Smokey. Just could not resist...

We had a beautiful sunny weekend. In fact, it was warm enough to turn off the heat and open the back door. Now Monday has brought grey cloudy skies again. This is actually the sun trying to shine through...

Remember me telling you that I am a counter...counting my steps to the pond and back, to the garden and back, going up and down stairs. Would you guess there are 489 pine cones in this wheelbarrow?

Yep, counted every single one. Pine cones keep popping up out of all that pine straw so while hanging a quilt on the clothesline this morning I picked up a it's turned into the job of counting all the pine cones I pick up and keeping a record. Good grief! Have I gone mad! Doesn't look like 489!

If nothing happens, tomorrow Shelby and I plan to travel down to Sanford and to the cemetery where Daddy is buried. Hope to come home with some pictures and some news. We also want to stop at a few thrift shops along the way, and eat lunch together. Ms. "stay at home, never goes anywhere" is pretty excited about this little trip.

Okay, hope to be back soon. 


Saturday, March 7, 2015

What kind of name is that???

It was cold here yesterday, high of 36, but no complaints from me...the sun was shining!!!  The last of that huge pile of pine straw, I finally finished spreading. It felt downright good to get out there and work.

Ever wonder why people pick the names they do for their pets? I do. Occasionally someone will ask how one of our pets got it's name. I wonder why! :) Another thing. Do your pets answer to more than one name? Are we weird or what?

Here's Bickett...or Mr. B, or BeeBee, or Bee, or Baby Bee or Baby BeeBee...

I rescued Bickett early one Sunday morning from the middle of an intersection on Bickett Boulevard here in town. It was in October of 2005. He was a tiny kitten. He was stretched out flat on the street with his tiny claws gripping the pavement. I stopped the car and jumped out, not knowing if he had been hit or if he was injured. He was fine. We'll never know how he got there, but so thankful that I came along when I did.

And there's Dumpster...or Dumperoo, or WooWoo, or Woo, or Baby Woo...

One morning about five years ago, Poppy loaded all the trash on the back of his pick-up truck and went to the nearest dumpster site.  After he had been back home for a while he said, I shouldn't tell you this but there was a grey Tabby kitten sitting near the dumpster. He looked up at me and meowed. I said, oh, he was probably hungry.  Should we go back and get him? We do not need two cats, said Poppy. Well, you know the rest of the story. :)

It was Poppy who picked the name "Dumpster". The first time we carried him to the Vet and the receptionist Rose asked his name....she said, you're not serious! Blame Poppy!

Little sweet Smokey has so far acquired only two other names...Mokey or Wittle Mokey...

Maybe we are just weird!

Each of the goats have a name, but both goats answer to "Baby Goat"...

This is "Shae"...

and this is "Asa"...

I don't know why in the world we named this guy "Big Boy", he answers to "Mr. Rooster"...

Only two of our hens have a name, Annie...

The name Annie fit and Annie is her only name.  Annie came to us from our neighbor, Ann, several years ago.

and Little Jewel...

Jewel is a strange little hen who just showed up in our driveway one morning not long after my Mother passed away. This little hen followed me around everywhere. She would come up on the front porch and sit on a shelf in the old cupboard. She would fuss like she was trying to talk to me. She would move things around looking for a place to lay an egg but could never find the perfect spot. Mama's name was Jewel, so I named this special little hen Jewel.

Okay I'm sure you've heard enough...if you're still with me. Thank you kindly for visiting.

I'm out to work in the sun now. :)


Thursday, March 5, 2015

and today...Smokey and Bun Bun

Has it actually been four days since my last post? Now I don't know if March came in like a lion or a lamb weather wise, but for me personally, it's a lion. Something going haywire every single day. Not complaining however, things can always be worse.

Forgetting that sweet little Smokey was a throw away and had probably never been inside a home until we adopted him...I made the mistake of turning on the vacuum cleaner with him close by...

There was glass in that front door and nowhere to go but straight up the curtain and onto the rod. Poor baby. It took climbing up on a chair to get him down. We'll whip that scary old vacuum cleaner if it bothers Smokey was a monster!

Bun Bun and I were at the vet's office in Wake Forest at 7:45 this morning. I'm at my wits' end from worrying about Bun Bun's matted fur. 

I want so badly for Bun Bun to be tame and lovable and snuggly. How do you clip, or even brush a bunny that you can't hold. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS? Bun Bun loves for me to pet him and scratch his ears. He plays with me...I just can't hold him. I need to hold him. 

When Bun Bun came to live here, I had no idea that he was part Angora. Not until Cynthia our blogging friend from "wisdom for a simpler life" asked what I planned to do with Bun Bun's fur. When I went on the internet and searched for images of Angora Rabbits, I was surprised how much Bun Bun looks like the French Angora Rabbits.

We've got wind and RAIN RAIN RAIN  here today with temperatures dropping throughout the day. Supposed to be 32 degrees by 5:00 with some sleet and freezing rain coming in. I'm hoping the vet will call soon and I can make that 45 minute trip back to Wake Forest before anything freezes.

Thanks for visiting. Hope to be back soon...


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Is this snow hanging around waiting for another one?

The snow started last Wednesday night. The back yard today...

Rarely does snow stay around here this long...

I said to Poppy, imagine going outside wearing short sleeves and feeling the sun on bare skin. Imagine a clear blue sky. Kinda hard to do. We woke up to freezing rain this morning. 

The temperature finally climbed above freezing. Our snowman friend is still out front but has lost weight and is looking a little sickly. Tomorrow I  will give him eyes and a smile again and adjust his scarf. I noticed one of our neighbors slowing down as she drove past earlier today so her two year old granddaughter could see Mr. Snowman. She needs to see a happy snowman.

Oh, update on the TV/VCR on Craigslist. I got a call back from the lady saying she could meet me at a mall in Raleigh on Saturday (yesterday) at 1:30. With the animals taken care of, Eli settled in, the house straightened up, and myself ready to go...I trudged through the ice to my car, which had not been moved since the snow fell on Wednesday. Well, the car would not budge. I got out of the car and shoveled the ice and snow from under the tires enough so the tires would be touching the gravel and get enough of a grip to back into the grooves made by Poppy's truck. Making it up the half frozen half muddy path to the highway I was on my way.  Seems then I felt the car skip, then again...probably my imagination. About fifteen miles down the road the 'check engine' lights came on. Needless to say, I was afraid to continue on toward Raleigh. After calling the lady and explaining the situation, I turned the car around at the first clear driveway, stopped at Walmart and bought groceries and came home. The lady promised to hold the TV for me. Hopefully, we can meet this week.

Better finish up supper. Another day gone. Hey, it's March 1st. Spring is getting closer. Hope to be back soon.


These strange tracks in the snow went all through the back yard...