Friday, February 6, 2015

A silly animal post

Darned if the days don't simply fly past! Yesterday it was one appointment after the other. First it was me rushing out the door for my doctor's appointment. Then Poppy left to get the taxes done. Then there were groceries to buy. Then Poppy went to town for a hair cut. Poppy said he didn't want to look like (his very words) "fido's ass" Monday when he goes in the hospital for sinus surgery. Sorry.

Eli kept barking and barking this morning from inside the goat's lot.

Thinking I had better check...last time it was a pig walking up the road. This time it was the grey goat with a pile of hay on her head.

Now it's hard to see all that hay on her head between her horns, but trust me she is a funny sight. A sight Eli didn't like.

"Don't be frightened Eli", said the rooster. "I'm not frightened".

Okay! The hay's gone! Silly dog.

Well, mama needs to let me outta here. Silly goats!

This little sweetie pie had his follow up visit to the Vet. He's doing fine and good to go now...hopefully for a quite a while. Glad to be done with all those old shots.

It was a cold 17 degrees here this morning, which is very cold for here in NC. The high winds almost blew the chairs off the raggedy old pier.

With an icy pond.

I appreciate your visiting and hope you will come back. Hope too that I will be back, and soon.


silly dog


  1. Lol...goats can be so entertaining !
    My daughter has just recovered from sinus surgery, I wish Poppy well.
    Glad Smokey's shots are now over, and he's none the worse for the wear.
    Good boy Eli, goats with hay on their heads can be fierce-looking...

  2. That last shot is funny! Perhaps goat was trying out a wig?
    Jane x

  3. That is funny that Eli was barking at the silly goat. I hope Poppy does well with his surgery and I will be keeping him in my prayers.
    Love you

  4. Oh yes I know that barking barking because something is different! Keeper does that too.. I tell you he and Eli could be brothers! They so look like each other. I hope Poppy has a speedy recovery!

  5. Eli just knew there was something wrong there with the goat.
    Sorry to hear about your very cold weather. That's cold for us here in the Northeast! And I'm also sorry because when I visit you I feel as though I'm also visiting a warmer land. Not so much now!

  6. Poor Eli, such a good dog to alert you to problems developing.

  7. Don't feel bad, Eli. Goats are ALWAYS trouble ;-).

  8. Goats are so much fun! I hope Poppys surgery goes well on Monday...mens always need haircuts for the darndest reasons:)

  9. Such a fun post with your animal friends. that frozen pond looks cold, but i like the sunshine.

  10. Love the pics of the animal, especially the rooster being bold! x

  11. I can see how Eli might have been a bit concerned about the goat and called you out there to investigate. What a funny sight!

    Hope Poppy's surgery goes smoothly and the recuperation is quick. The haircut might be needed so that he looks sharp for all those pretty nurses. You might want to keep a close eye on him!

    17 does sound cold for you but sunshine always helps (psychologically anyway.). We have a warm weekend here (up around 50! Yea!) so I am out to try to neaten up the potting shed---quite a challenge there.

  12. I imagine I would bark at a goat with hay on his head too. I hope your weather warms up a bit soon- that's just too cold to even go out in! BRR.

  13. I am starting to sense spring in the air at your farm! It feels like spring on Our Tiny Farm, too. (or is that just very wishful thinking?)

  14. Maybe Eli was laughing! Mr Goat did look pretty funny. Wow, 17 is cold for you. Hope it warms up soon.

  15. Eli and the goat with hay on it's head was so cute and funny! Loved seeing those!

    Hope it warms up soon for you!


  16. Poor Eli, haha. The goat did indeed look strange. Glad that's all it was!
    Stay warm and have a blessed Sunday!

  17. Hope Poppys surgery goes well. Poor Eli being scared by a silly goat, made me smile.

  18. I will echo everyone's good wishes for Poppy! You will be treating him well as usual during his mending. Since I don't think those goats are for milking, they must be for entertainment!


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