Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dear friends,

Oh my goodness! Did my "cuteness" post seem a little strange and maybe unfinished? Well, here's what happened...

I was bound and determined to post something today, especially after receiving the picture of my friend's sweet granddaughter. She was wearing the bonnet I made for her when she was just a baby and the apron I had made for her grandmother. 

Anyhow, I started my blog post early then left the computer to get the usual chores done. Somehow I managed to work for three solid hours on the bunny lot, then pulled out the mower and mowed for two hours.

Just sat down here for a minute to work on my special post and realized it was published hours ago!  Good gosh!  😕 

I thank you for the nice comments. 



A very special online friend sent me a picture of her granddaughter I've simply got to share with you...
Isn't she adorable? She and her grandma had been busy planting vegetables in big pots. Oh, and her bunny's name is "BunBun", named after my bunny. 

Here's proof, I need to be wearing those new expensive bifocal glasses of mine. Have you ever seen so much dust! Maybe I'll pull out the dust rag tomorrow.

Well, this is tomorrow! We'll see about dusting later.

This picture was taken in early March...
and I was so excited to see a little spring green.

This picture was taken last week...
Now this is green! But we still aren't having spring-like weather. Cool, Cloudy, and showers of rain! That's it! Last night around 9:00 we had an unexpected thunderstorm with lots of rain.

Remember this bird feeder I bought and posted about last year...
well, two little wrens have say it's not a feeder, it's a birdhouse... 
It took lots of moss and straw and bits of Eli's hair, and lots of work to fill in the big hole in the back. But you know those tiny little wrens, they sing the loudest and work the hardest.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Windy Days

I've been back in the much neglected, teeny tiny sewing room. It's about time!!

also opened the door to the much neglected "Henny's Bonnet Shop" and, oh my goodness! Why, the sewing room is full of little aprons and bonnets that need to be added, like these in the picture.

I'm working on several small clothespin dolls too.

My heart has just not been into sewing, so mostly I've been standing and staring out the window, wanting to garden; wanting warm sunny days; wanting this Corona virus to go away, this black cloud hanging over all of us. 

We had frost three times last week, and the 'WIND' !!

But about my little shop...since there will be no craft shows any time soon, I could at least add what I've made to the shop.

Easter has come and gone.  This little Easter Egg apron and bonnet set should have been displayed in my shop...

Guess I'm not much of a shop keeper. :)

Friday afternoon, wearing my black fitted homemade face mask and a pair of rubber gloves, I made a trip to Walmart for a handful of groceries and to pick up a prescription for Poppy.

Keeping my distance, as best I could, from other shoppers, made my way back to the gardening center...
and bought four bell pepper plants, two eggplants, 
three tomato plants, and a sweet basil. A good start for the garden. Supposedly, we have rain coming in tonight and rain again tomorrow.

Poppy made these pictures of the giant azalea...
one of the first things we planted here thirty years ago.
It has been extra pretty this spring.

That's about it for now. Sure appreciate your visit. Hopefully, I'll get all the new bonnets and girls aprons added to the shop.


Saturday, April 11, 2020

My Easter Bunny

Dear friends,

Thank you for the comments on my last post. I dearly loved every one of them and meant to come back and reply. Surely you must know, you are my best friends. Thank you!


Have you seen my adorable EASTER BUNNY...
Remember "Penny" and "Bun Bun"s son, "Chief, Son of Bun"? Don't let that bashful look fool you.

Every day around 4:00, the bunnies (all six of them, yep, six rabbits!) know it's feeding time. Besides pellets, they get a handful of kale, apple slices, and carrot pieces. When I walk into Chief's pen, he jumps to grab what's in my hand...recently his little teeth hit my finger and brought blood. Scared us both but it was an accident. He is very sweet and gentle.

Lately, I've been working on the bunny lot. The 10' x 10' lot is divided into four sections like this...
This is Penny. What do you think of her new house? It's made from the box my new mower was shipped in. Penny says it is nice and roomy and has a wood floor. The 10 x 10 lot has a top, so the cardboard will stay dry.

Anyhow, my reason for changing things around again was to give the two new white bunnies a condo of their own...

Oops, there's one missing. She must be under the house. See how these two have been digging, throwing dirt everywhere? Wish you could have seen these two bunnies when I put them in this pen. First time either rabbit had ever touched the ground. These were meat rabbits and were born and raised in a small cage. Very small! It makes me happy to watch them.

Bun Bun and Fiona share a condo. Sorry, I didn't get a good picture of them.

The playhouse/greenhouse again...
A long black snake came visiting. He saw me and crawled under the boards with the potted plants on the far right. 

and that's where our friend the frog lives. Poppy came to our rescue but the snake had disappeared. I will be watching for him! :(

This pink Azalea  in front of Poppy's shop has been absolutely beautiful...
so many blooms the limbs are sagging and ...
the sun was so bright I had to make a shadow for the color to show up.

Guess I had better get busy. Here it is bedtime again. Maybe I will dye a few Easter eggs. Just two or three. That would be fun. There will be no big dinner tomorrow, and no company. 


and Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Catching up

 Dear friends,

I've had the hardest time posting lately, in fact, these spring pictures were taken three or four days ago and you know how spring colors change every day.

Thank goodness for spring! and didn't it arrive at just the right time?

We are staying home except for going to the grocery store or to pick up prescriptions, and speaking of prescriptions, my doctor has prescribed 600 mg Ibuprofen, three times a day, for my sciatic nerve pain. The Ibuprofen has helped so much! The MRI has been postponed until things settle down a bit. 

Back to more pleasant things...

Springtime! Once things start turning green I can't bear to mow, or to cut down even the tiniest weed...
 well, not until it gets too snaky looking to walk barefoot...
there's little violets and blue bells mixed in all this grass and weeds.

It's surprising that we have any flowers left with all the wind lately! Four days straight last week the winds blew at 25 mph.

Then yesterday we had a thunderstorm with winds that actually blew half the tin roof off the chicken house. The giant snowball bush took a beating too, littering the ground with big white balls.

I'm thinking the cut-over, and no longer having a windbreak is causing a lot of this wind problem. Darn it!

around the porch the ferns are beginning to leaf out and azaleas beginning to bloom...

the wild azalea too...
and up to the garden, around the playhouse...
the red honeysuckle vine, intertwined with the chocolate vine...I love it!
Potted plants are being brought from the greenhouse, along with pots that were tucked away under the leaves in a corner of the teeny tiny garden during the cold days of winter... 
I do love bringing everything out again...and never did get around to making myself a cup of tea inside the playhouse...on the teeny tiny cook stove...hopefully, there is still time. Pretty slow-going with back problems, and there is still a little garden to be planted.

Way too many words and pictures here, but I do have a bit of good news about the "cut-over"...

Saturday morning, very early, a white van and trailer pulled over along the path. Six men got out, each one with two large canvas bags strapped to their back; the bags were filled with small pine trees.

Here's how they looked...

must have been terribly tiring. These men walked rather fast and every three wide steps would dig a shovel into the ground, drop in a young pine tree, and move on...covering this 100 acres.

Pines grow fast. Hope we are still around to see them half grown anyway.

Forgive me please for making this post too long. I will leave you with this spoiled kitty cat...
he was expecting me to scratch his fat belly, not take his picture.