Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rosie comes back inside

Let me tell you about our night. I expected to worry. There was no way around it. 

At bedtime, I got my coat and a light and started out to the barn one last time to make sure Rosie was okay. Well her pitiful crying could be heard as soon as I opened the front door. It broke my heart. She had come out of the barn and was standing at the fence alone in the cold dark night.

I didn't walk, I ran to pick her up. Of all the snuggling and cuddling...she could not get close enough...rubbing her little cold nose on my neck and nuzzling my ear.

We came inside and heated a bottle of milk. She was hungry. She snuggled in my arms for a quite some time. I then brought the carrier back in, fixed her bed, put her inside with her stuffed dog, and she went fast asleep. Not another peep was heard.

The picture is from this morning when Poppy and I were making some changes to the teeny tiny barn. We put a door on the enclosed part of the barn. Tonight Rosie will sleep in the carrier with a warm bed and her stuffed dog...just like she had in here with us...except the carrier will be in the barn with Asa. I also plan to feed her a bottle of warm milk at 10:00, before we all go to sleep.

Just had to show you this little video. Poppy was fixing the latch on the least he was trying to fix the latch...

Thank you for stopping by. I promise not to go on and on about this. :)


Okay, I have tried twice and the video will not load...and it is so cute! Guess I'll try again tomorrow. :(

Friday, January 29, 2016

Rosie moves to the barn...

It was warmer today and the sun was shinning. It was wonderful.

Wanted to let you know, this little sweetie has a name, it's "Rosie" .  The name popped into my head in the middle of the night. 

This morning there was an email from Robbie and Debbie. Remember the girls from the farm where Rosie was born? Their place is called, "Two Girls in the Garden".  Anyhow, they told me that Rosie would be fine staying in the barn with Asa.

so we moved her today. Asa loves the new baby! I've worked outside most of the day and watched them.  Probably won't sleep any tonight though...worrying about Rosie.

We could see them from the kitchen window.  At the edge of dark, I warmed her bottle of milk and fed her.   

Eli is just glad to have his chair back. 

That's about it for news tonight. Guess I need get all the animal's beds ready. Thank you for visiting.


P.S.   Thank you to my newest follower, Vintage Clutter. Thank you all too for the nice comments...sorry for not replying. I appreciate you very much.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

About that wrench....

Mama used to say, "I know one thing! I have simply got to"... do this or that. There was always something mama felt like had to be done, bless her heart. I miss mama.

what now!
Well, I know one thing! I have simply got to put a post on my blog this morning! 

Adopting a month old, bottle fed, baby goat has really thrown a wrench into the works here.

But enjoyable...let me tell you...this is such a sweetie pie!

For the most part she lives in the big pet carrier that Shelby and Jimmy gave me. After feeding her, she runs laps around the living room and kitchen, jumping up and over chairs and tables, while I laugh and play with her. She runs to me and when I bend over to pick her up, she jumps up to meet me, nuzzling her little nose under my chin and nibbling at my ear.

Oops! Excuse me! Sorry!
Sweetness! Absolute sweetness! So, after playing, she goes back into her carrier, without so much as a whimper. She seems totally content to lay there and watch.

just wanted to ask, did you say we are friends, or not?
Sometimes I tell her she looks like a miniature black Angus cow. Other times, she reminds me of a little donkey. 

When the sun warmed the lot and the teeny tiny barn yesterday, we ventured outside. Asa watched.

and watched...

and watched.

Poppy brought home a bale of hay. That empty hay rack looks dangerous! The baby could jump and get her head or leg caught.  I packed the new hay tight, all the way to the bottom...and still worry. I don't dare leave her alone, not yet.

Another thing I have simply got to do is give this baby a name. Today, I will name her today!

Need to get busy...honestly, where do the days go? Hope to be back soon. Thank you for looking in.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Figuring out who's boss

Another cold windy morning...

here on the teeny tiny farm...

on Henny Penny Lane...and here's another little animal tale...animals are funny, aren't they? and intelligent!

Before Shae died, she ruled the goat lot. Shae was the dominate goat and from day one, was the leader. (sounds like we had a herd but it was just the two).  It was Shae who ate the biggest part of the food, and no matter which pan Asa tried to eat from, Shae pushed her away. Shae stood guard under the hay rack.  She was a little pig, a sweet but bossy little pig and she was over weight, while Asa was trim and fit. 

Shae RIP, Asa in back
Asa was humble, never pushy, but she did take her anger out on Mr. Rooster, who also lives in the goat lot. The teeny tiny goat lot has been Mr. Rooster's home since someone pulled into our driveway late one night, several years ago, and threw him over the fence, then sped away. What a surprise, finding a big orange rooster in with our two goats!

Anyhow, Mr. Rooster made himself right at home with the goats and seemed to appreciate the cute little barn, complete with a roosting pole and even an old hen's nest on the wall that he could sleep in on cold nights. But Asa is thinking, "this fellow is new in town. He better not think he's gonna move in here and take over, I'll be his boss", and she did boss Mr. Rooster!

Many an evening I have watched Mr. Rooster trying to fly up on the roost while Asa would laugh and butt him right out of the teeny tiny barn. Mr. Rooster found himself with a problem.

Now here's the rest of the story...since Shae has passed away, bless her heart, Asa and Mr. Rooster have become best friends. Neither of them like walking on this icy snow covered ground. They have stayed side by side inside the little barn, talking and keeping each other company, since this bad weather started. I've not heard one cross word between them.

It won't be long before the baby can join the others...then we'll see who's boss.

Better go! I've got a big pan of cornbread in the oven...doubled the recipe. The last of the birdseed was finished early this morning. Most of the cornbread will be the for the birds...and a piece for me. Do you like cornbread and milk? Even better, cornbread and buttermilk. It's easy! Crumble a piece of cornbread into a glass and cover it with with a spoon. Seriously, there is nothing better! Well, maybe a thing or two.

Thank you for listening whilst I go on and on about stuff. 


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hunting and searching

It's cold outside!

You know something! I am not worth two cents when it's snowing outside, not even two cents! As mama used to say, it's just hunt and search for something to eat and stand at the window looking out". 

Why there were dozens of things I could have done while snowed in here for two days. Oh, I've washed a bedspread and vacuumed the living room floor and well, let's see...played with the baby goat.

Speaking of baby goat, I simply cannot call her "baby goat" like I called my other two goats. This baby needs a name, a real special name. Do you have any suggestions? Lynn came up with "Dottie", because of her two white spots, Andee likes "Binky", and Andee and I were joking about calling her "YoYo", because of her tireless jumping up and down. I would love to hear the names you all think would suit her.

Please pardon the mess here...blankets pulled off on the floor, magazines scattered...this is not my usual style. 

Sweet Eli watches the baby. We tell Eli, this is his baby goat. Both Eli and Weetie seem fine with her. It's the cats who are acting weird. They don't want to be in the same room with this funny acting little black animal. I suppose we will all adjust. Especially once the sun comes back and the temperatures warm up a little!

Guess I had better get back to work... Thank you putting up with me as you do.


Friday, January 22, 2016

A Goat Farm!!!

What should I talk about today...the winter storm that is all around us and what miserable weather we are having, or how dangerous it is to be out on the roads today? When Poppy left for work at 6:30 this morning, the roads were dry but that's not the case now. Hopefully he will get home safe. 

Seems there is seriously bad winter weather everywhere today.  Yesterday however, was good here, and I have something really fun and special to share with you.

As Lynn would say, be still my heart! Do you know how much I love hay! Bales of hay in the warm sunshine! Bales of soft warm hay in the sunshine covered in sweet baby goats! See the little black goat in the middle?

Shelby called a few days ago to tell me about some baby goats...lots of baby goats. For those of you who are new to my blog, Shelby is my sister. Come to see me Thursday, Shelby said, and we will go see the goats. In fact, the girls have a special little female goat, born the first of January. They have been bottling feeding her and she is spoiled rotten. She sleeps in the bathtub at night but lately has been getting out of the tub and jumping in the bed.

The couple who own this farm sell at the same farmer's market where Shelby and Jimmy sell their goods. In fact , they set up next to Shelby and Jimmy. 

So here we are at the farm...except for me

This is Robbie and Debbie who own the farm, and that is Shelby in the center. Shelby needs a baby goat too, don't you think? Why that baby slept in her arms most of the time we were there.

All the goats were friendly and lovable...chickens were too.

At one point several of the goats wandered down the path toward the main road. It was cute watching them all following Robbie back home...I picked up the camera a little too late to catch all the goats.

and now, the rest of the story...

No, this is not a baby donkey...much too small, but that face! She has the sweetest little donkey looking face.

and here...jumping on the living room furniture...from chair to couch to coffee table and back. Spoiled rotten, she is! But look at that face!

Poppy had just said to me, Mel, it will be looking like a barn in here soon...when she hopped from the box to the foot stool to Poppy's lap and nudged him under his chin. He loved it! Today is Poppy's birthday, by the way. Oops, and I got the baby goat!

Right now she is in a large pet carrier with soft hay...the carrier sits in the dining room by the front door. I worried that she would cry all night but she didn't. She had her last bottle of milk for the day. I put an old soft sheet over the hay, added a small stuffed animal and covered the carrier with a quilt. Once the lights were out she went to sleep and slept until 7:45 this morning. Good thing too. I was exhausted!

Looks like I've got a full time job for a few weeks...or months! Did I mention that she is spoiled rotten? :)

Guess my time at the computer is up. I hear that sweet little cry. She sounds like a squeaky toy. Time for a bottle. Hope to be back real soon.

Poppy just made it home safe. It is sleeting at the moment. Oh, and Shelby and Jimmy left home at 3:30 this morning, driving to Florida. They got ahead of the bad weather coming this way. Lucky folks! Cousin Pat and her husband Mike are meeting them there. 

Oh again, a special thank you to my new followers. Sometimes I forget to say it, but I appreciate your friendship so much!


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Is there rough weather coming?

The sky was red this morning. By the time I got the camera and opened the back door, the red had faded some.

Poppy had to be at work at 6:00 this morning. The clock was set to alarm at 4:30...actually it was 4:16 when I shut the alarm off and crawled out of bed. Good thing I love getting up early! By 4:45 I had carried Eli and Weetie out, fed the cats, put the coffee on, washed my hair, brushed my teeth and washed my face...I then fixed myself that first good hot cup of coffee and sat down for ten minutes to see the weather report before packing Poppy's lunch and seeing him out the front door.

you know what they say about "red sky in the morning". Can you tell the pond is frozen. Friends, I am ready for spring, or maybe a move to Florida. Once upon a time the cold didn't hurt like it does now! As my grandson John used to say when he was small, "I wonder why"?

Out and about on these cold frosty mornings, I feel so lucky to have a big guard dog like Eli. Does he look fierce or what!

Wish you could see the commotion when Eli walks inside the goat lot carrying this teddy bear. You see, the rooster sleeps inside the little goat barn and is still inside the lot when Eli and I get there. The rooster and several of the hens are the same color as Eli's bear...I suppose to the rooster it looks like Eli is carrying a dead chicken, and he just might be next.

All the bowls and containers holding water for the animals were frozen this morning.

I'm out very early these cold mornings, giving them all fresh water to drink.

I've had a heck of a time writing this post...and that would be fine if the post had turned out great...but actually, it's hardly worth publishing. Darn it!!

Henny :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

The fastest snow storm!

This snow storm blew through yesterday...

and blew through it did! The snow fell for two, maybe three hours then ended and melted right away. That pretty much describes snow storms here in North Carolina. These back country roads were white with was beginning to look serious here for a short while!

Why, there was hardly time to get the corn popped and the fudge made before the snow was out of here.

Snow always makes me think about mama. Anytime it snowed, she was the first to pick up the phone and call everybody. I can hear her now saying, "Melba, is it snowing there?" Mama loved to stand at a window, watching the snow fall and worrying. Among other things, she worried about the little birds getting enough to eat when the ground was covered with snow. Many a time, mama baked pans of cornbread to crumble up for the birds.

Now, this morning, not even a trace of snow. The sun is shining, and it's very cold and windy. The tops of these tall trees are swaying back and forth!

A good day to keep busy inside...

or curl up somewhere and sleep.

I'm getting busy now. I've simply got to! Hopefully I will be back soon with something interesting. :)


Friday, January 15, 2016

Getting it done...

That 27 degree temperature yesterday warmed up to a  high of about 58, with sunshine! I simply HAD to get outside and move some pine straw and rake a few leaves.

got a lot done too, and it felt so good! I love having pretty warm pine straw spread along the front of the goat lot and down the path to the chicken house...keeps your feet nice and clean these rainy days.

Added some straw here too...

I had to leave the yard work early and get half way cleaned up to go to the grocery store at 3:30 when Poppy got home.  I've been without a car all week as "the little old lady" has been in the shop. You see, she is a 1998 model. She needed new door handles, a little paint touch up here and there, and a good cleaning.  That meant driving Poppy's truck. I'm telling you, I went to town in the finest big silver Toyota Tacoma on the road today. Clean as a pen, sitting up high with wide tires, dual exhaust, and all the extras a man could want. I felt mighty proud sitting at stop lights looking down at people's heads with the deep-throated rumble of that dual exhaust..

Anyhow, supposedly, we have rain coming in around lunch time today, so I bundled up and went outside at 8:00 this morning and worked until 10:00. A rumble of thunder was mentioned in the forecast too along with the slightest chance of snow on Sunday. All kinds of ups and downs here.

I finished another apron...

and a bonnet...not too sure I like the fabric or maybe it's the pink ric-rac on the apron.

I found this pretty little can at the thrift store for only fifty cents...

why, the safety pins that were inside are worth fifty cents.

and while I am standing here at the desk...the sweetest little porcelain baby doll, a gift from Andee when they were stationed in Germany several years ago. 

Not much of a post here. I seem to have a blank mind today, but thinking good enough to know that I need to get up from here and get busy. I put off vacuuming and washing a load of clothes this morning, to work outside. It is really dark and gloomy looking here now, like the bottom could fall out at any time. :(

Hope to be back real soon.