Thursday, August 5, 2021

Mr. Sunshine moves to the garden

Oh, wanted to say, I did go back and reply to comments on my last post from those of you without blogs.  :)

Mr. Sunshine kept falling off the shed door so Poppy said, here, do something with this. So I did and Mr Sunshine really brightens up the little garden gate...

In fact, he smiles to me all the way to the front porch. See him through the trees way up there...

He seems happier there and it makes me happy to see him there. 

Here's what I gathered from the teeny tiny garden this morning...bad tomato and all...

not that it's any great amount or the most beautiful vegetables, but the variety of colors and shapes were kind of pretty. It was a heavy load for sure...the bottom of the basket holds okra, green beans, and a big yellow squash.

These black iron gate sections came from the bunny lot...

Didn't know what to do with them so I enclosed a small section behind the playhouse. All the pots here have azaleas growing in them, and I've planted three azaleas across the back of the playhouse wooden fence.

Well, actually, I planted two more azaleas after taking the picture.  :) Isn't it fun to get out and create new special little places? That's what keeps me going. I love it!

Here it is Thursday morning. Don't know why I can't just finish up a little post in one day. :(

Anyhow, went up to the garden this morning and picked almost a peck of peppers that I hope to pickle later... :) 

Way back in the 50s (again) Mama used to pickle hot peppers and carrots. I went online and found a recipe that sounds a lot like what she made. Think I'll try it.

I will leave you with a picture of old Moke Moke with a foot propped up...

Poppy tells him he needs to stay off our new coffee table but Smokey ignores him.

Hope to be back real soon...




  1. I just love how comfy Smokey is with his foot on a crockery pot. Too bad Poppy. Your veggies are coming on great.
    And the idea of have many more azaleas would be lovely. Hope they all take well. I will let you keep your pickled
    peppers, though. Lynn and Precious

  2. A perfect place for Mr happy sun. :) I'd like some of those hot peppers!! Yes, it is fun to create those little special places!

  3. I like those sections of iron gates from the bunny hutch. You created a very nice little area enclosed by them. I have never tried to grow azaleas. I wonder just how fussy they are about watering. If we're going to have more summers with drought I better quite choosing thirsty plants.
    Your garden is doing so well. I love the assortment of different produce that you get.

  4. I like seeing all of your garden produce. Our picking s are skimpy this year bur the tomatoes are coming on, a few cucumbers, some green beans, a few Zucchini, and some lovely basil. It is time for Caprese salad.

  5. Isn't that just like a cat-----ignoring all our rules and regulations with flagrant disregard.

  6. Your teeny weeny garden is very productive. there's nothing better than food fresh from the soil

  7. Oh love that smokey! Cats aren't the best at following directions, are they? Wow....all your goodies from the garden look just terrific and delicious! Hope your pickling recipe turns out great! I love that smiley Mr. Sunshine and how you can see him from a long ways away smiling at you! Everything always looks so nice at your place. You make pretty things happen in every corner! That's a talent, Henny! Take good care now....poppy too!

  8. I can see a face in that "bad" tomato! It looks like a scarecrow, telling you fall is coming! That's a good bounty; my poor garden didn't do anything. I got only 7 cherry tomatoes total. And all the squash has rotten so far once it gets about 2 inches long. Phooey! Your gardens are so pretty and unique. Very special places indeed. I agree, Mr. Sunshine likes his new place, surveying it all. Like Alexander the Great, he is saying, "All I survey, I command."

  9. Mr Sunshine looks lovely..
    And..we certainly need ALL the sunshine
    we can get now~a~days..Rain and sun over
    here all this week..managed to get out
    and cut the privet hedge at least! :).

    The tomatoes look lovely to..even the
    bad one, just cut the bad bits off and
    fry it..waste not..want not..!

    HaHa! Bless!x Smokey and his table....
    Never mind Smokey, l'm sure there's
    another table you can lie on and rest
    your leg..maybe two of them! :O).

    Home ALL day to~day, l'm washing the
    covers on the three seater settee, and
    the kitchen floor needs a wash to..bit
    overcast outside, rain latter..! :O(.
    ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

  10. Hi Henny,
    Hope your Recipe for Pickles turns out like your Mother's. Smokey always looks so content and sure of himself. Best Wishes. KEV. (Sydney-Australia).

  11. Turtles love tomatoes, so bad ones are dropped on the ground in front of the compost heap for them.

  12. Smokey's foot is hilarious...goes to show the laziness of these cats, mine are the same way! :) I loved your pick a pack of peppers that you will pickle!!! Love Mr. Sunshine!! :)

  13. I love the way Mr Smiley shines through the trees at you. Ooooh! You’ve got a lot of hot peppers there! I bet you wore gloves to pick them. Smoky’s big old back foot is so funny.

  14. Oh, I think the garden gate needed Mr. Sunshine! Just perfect now! I also think moving the wire rabbit panels to the playhouse area is a great idea. It is my delight to create new little spaces. I could make several meals of those pretty garden vegetables, preferably with a few slices of bacon! I loved this post, Henny!

  15. I love that Mr. Smile Sunshine. :-)
    And Smokey's foot.. oh, that was a good laugh! Thank you!!
    Love, Carla

  16. Love seeing pics of your property... and critters!

  17. Mr. Sunshine looks like he likes his new home! I love your teeny tiny place. Wish mine looked as sweet!

    Grace & Peace,Pam

  18. Mr. Sunshine is so cheerful and happy! Thanks for showing us a picture of Smokey, I always love to see that sweet baby.

  19. The vegetables from your garden look delicious. Mr. Sunshine looks great. Love the photo of the cute cat.

  20. Oh Moke Moke is adorable! I love it that he propped his foot up! Your garden is wonderful! It's like a secret garden in some ways.

  21. Perfect place for Mr. Sunshine. It looks great right there.

  22. Mr. Sunshine looks very happy with his new spot. And it's so nice that you can see him smiling back at you there. All your produce looks wonderful. Nothing beats home grown. Love your bunny fencing idea. I love the idea of creating little rooms in the yard. Kind of like a secret garden. Happy Sunday to you and yours!

  23. I just adore that picture of Smokey with his foot on the vase! He is a gorgeous cat. Your gardens always look so pretty.

  24. Smokey knows he is the boss! Your bounty from the garden is fabulous, we are having a good tomato summer this year too, don't think anything else is doing well though. Love the Mr. Sunshine,doesn't he make you feel better just looking at him. What a wonderful garden! Terry

  25. That was a nice walk through your farm, it's wonderful that the sun shines on you every day ... have fun cooking with your vegetables. I picked tomatoes for breakfast today - red and yellow - I eat them as they are with cheese and homemade bread... and a nice big cup of coffee with it.
    Many greetings to you. Viola


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