Saturday, August 31, 2019

That grape arbor, again...and a gift

Rare for me to post on a Saturday but I'm so darn proud of the grape arbor. 

Yesterday I worked for hours on the arbor, then cranked the old push mower and mowed grass for two hours.

I stood some tools against the porch wire, rooted a few cutting that had been in a bucket of water and placed them along side the tools, emptied the compost pot and chicken scrap pan,washed them out and left them to dry in the sun. 

Then, walking away, I thought to myself, that's looks kinda neat...

About that grape arbor...

Poppy said from the very beginning, "this is your big idea. I am staying out of it". But guess what, he sawed the tops off the cedar trees for me this morning. It would have taken me a week to get the job done...standing on the ladder and using a hand saw.

I had cut most all the limbs off the three cedar trees using one of those expandable tree limb cutters with a saw on one end.

Poppy also helped me get the wire tightened from post to post.  That was hard to do!

I've brought several bucket loads of rich soil from the goat lot, chicken lot, and compost bin. Doesn't look like much here, but the holes are deep. I plan to fill in the entire area with rich soil and mulch. 

Time flies, doesn't it! Here it is bedtime, but I want to show you a nice surprise that came in the mail...

Apron patterns. These came from a really sweet blogging friend, Pam,  at the red brick house on the right...or... Pam sews too, and makes beautiful aprons. She has a neat blog too.

and look at this one...

I LOVE apron patterns! Thank you so much Pam! Shelby and I are doing a craft event here in Louisburg on October 5th. Would love to get one or two of these new ones made.

Could go on and on, but better say goodnight. Next thing I know, Poppy will be ready for bed.

Thank you friends.


Note to Angela...Thank you for the tip on clipping a dryer sheet to the Rose of Sharon bushes. After finishing the grape arbor, I clipped three dryer sheets to the wire to keep deer from running into the new wire. Thank you!

Monday, August 26, 2019

My Brilliant Idea

Dear friends,

Let me apologize for making my "brilliant idea"  sound like, well, a brilliant idea when really it's not that great. Sorry for keeping you in suspense. 

So, here's that brilliant idea... 😌

There are three cedar trees, all the same size, growing side by side at the edge of the pond just behind the dam. 

These trees have the woods behind them and the wide open pond area in front, causing the limbs to grow straight out across the dam reaching toward the sun.

We are constantly having to cut these cedar limbs so we can mow the dam and walk without having to duck under them.

So we decided, once the weather cools off, we will cut down all three trees. That's when the idea hit me! 


We have tried for years to grow grapes, and other fruits too. Years ago we set out a row of Muscadine vines at the edge of the yard, along the path to the chicken lot...

The vines grew and grew and covered the fence...
Oh, I loved how the vines created a covered pathway, but every year we got only a handful of puny little grapes. You can probably guess the reason why.  NOT ENOUGH SUN!

So, very sadly, I pulled all this down; vines, posts, wire, everything!

From the kitchen window we could see the little red chicken house again, and we could see clearly all the way to the woods. It's was amazing...

The new arbor will be built on these three cedar trees, with lots of sunshine!
I've cut off most the limbs. Now Poppy needs to cut off the tops with the chainsaw. Then add the wire and plant the vines. That's it!

I felt like a murderer chopping down those old grapevines but, from those old vines, I have rooted several new grapevines in pots. I have given some away and sold some at craft events and still have plenty left.

Also felt like a murderer chopping on the cedar trees, but at least we will put them to good use. 

I worked on this spot for an hour this morning, cleaning and clearing from around the trees.

Thank you for putting up with my nonsense. 


A little note to asked about the Rose of Sharon. Well the deer will not leave them alone. The little bushes try hard to bloom but the deer keep eating the leaves off. I have decided to replace each Rose of Sharon with a Beauty Berry bush.  Have done four or five so far. Will post a picture soon. Thank you Pilar.

A little note also to Linda and Carla about the new home for the lilies. Well, I'm thinking about it. I've put a few in the back flower bed with the iris, and I am digging a new bed along the path in back. Thank you. :)

Friday, August 23, 2019

Stuff here on Henny Penny Lane

Here I am, dragging back again after all this time. I've missed you all so much. Where do the days go, anyhow?

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately...and I just haven't been able to get my thoughts together for a post.

Wish you could hear the rain pouring down right now. Sounds like another gully-washer. There's lightning and thunder too and we are under a severe thunderstorm warning.

Oh! Could be the rain is sounding a little different because of the new tin roof. That's right, a brand new roof...and tin!

I'll show you first, the cabin with the old shingled roof...

and, a different angle, but the new tin roof...
Actually, these are called metal roofs now, but I like a tin roof. Log cabins need a tin roof. 

These new metal roofs come in all colors now. We decided to go with brown. I walked all around the house trying to get a good picture to show you, but the brown color just doesn't stand out that much. Maybe that's a good thing.

Oh gosh, I've started all kinds of projects around here, and in the midst of this hot sticky humid weather! 

Here's one...

Remember all the lilies I planted around the birdbath and was so excited to see them bloom, especially the stargazer lilies.

Well, the big tall red lilies were beautiful but the stargazer lilies were so weak and spindly, they could hardly support the puny little blossom.

After digging everything out I realized what poor soil was there.

After a trip to town I emptied bag after bag of Miracle Grow Garden Soil, set our four knock-out rose bushes I had rooted, and filled in with pine bark mulch. 

Hate to tell Poppy but I need several more bags. I sure do. Heck, I just might turn the whole front yard into flower beds. That would be fun. wouldn't it?

Then just today I came up with a brilliant idea. Seriously! Got started on it right after feeding the animals this morning, but look, here it is going on ten O'clock. Poppy will be coming this way soon, sleepy and yawning, and ready for bed.

Thank goodness, it's a post...such as it is. So, I will be back soon to tell you what else I am working on. It's brilliant! :) 

I will be visiting and catching up. Hope we are still friends. :)


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Eli's 'after' picture and other things

Thank you so much for the comments on my last post. 

Thank you to Sue, a new follower. 

A morning glory volunteered and climbed the garden fence...
a skimpy looking little vine, but I'll take it. 

Just about every summer I plant a morning glory seed but never see one grow.  

This blue bird box has attracted more than a vine this summer...
Back in early spring we were tickled to see a pair of blue birds going in and out, busy building. Wasn't long before the little female moved in.

Early one morning when Poppy was walking Eli, he spotted a five foot black snake wrapped around the pole with it's head right at the entrance to the box. Poppy's quick action saved that little family.

As soon as the Blue Bird family moved out, a big spider moved in. I guess he can stay, for a while, or at least until next spring. Hopefully he will eat plenty of insects from the garden. We have sure had a bug infested garden this year!

Oh, but look at these...

The driveway and the goat lot were full of these Eastern Yellow Swallowtails. I was making myself dizzy trying to get a picture of them's almost impossible! I took picture after picture and captured only 2 or 3 butterflies. But then...
some of them lit on the ground.

and as promised, here is that 'after' picture of Eli...
Oh my goodness, he smells so good and feels like a big plush comforter...

When I ask if Eli was a good boy, the groomers say he is the best! We love the girls at The Animal House!

our walk around the pond

Oh, look what Weetie got in the mail...
Poppy ordered her a brand new bed, Weetie says it just perfect.

and I have a little cat know how cats enjoy teasing us...

Poppy yelled, "Mel, hurry! Come look at Smokey"! Well, there was smokey, way up on the roof of Poppy's shop, meowing like he needed help. We dragged the tall ladder over to the shop and I climbed up. Of course, Smokey stayed just out of my reach, staring at me. 

We decided to leave the ladder, which was almost as tall as the shop and Smokey could come down by himself. So, as I started down the ladder, Smokey ambles over to the edge of the roof,  jumps to the nearest tree and beats me to the ground.  

Cats delight in making us look foolish, don't you think so? :)

Here it bedtime, and too late to sew tonight. I've made a new skirt for the sewing table, but I'll show you next time. 

Thank you for visiting.


PS: Granny Marigold, the bunnies are fine. I need to do a post about them. "Chief, Son of Bun" is a digger, and has dug a tunnel in his part of the lot. :)

Monday, August 5, 2019

Hey! From all the animals and me too!

Mokey and me, well, the others too, thought we'd better check in and say we're still alive and kicking....

mostly, I'm busy sewing while Mokey kicks around under the bed in the sewing room...

Oh, Woo Woo and Weetie are fine too...

Oops! That was Eli and Weetie.

and Poppy and Eli too...

Poppy always says, "Eli looks so comfortable, I would love to snuggle up and sleep with him".

Bet you've never seen Eli looking so dirty. If we can make it to Thursday, he has an appointment with the groomer. I promise to come back with an 'after' picture. :)

Doesn't look quite as dirty here...
where Poppy was trying to hide his bear, stuffed there between them. It's no wonder the furniture stays worn out.

That old foot stool has taken a beating over the years. Remember this one from 2014...

Do you dream crazy dreams? I do. In a dream last night I was carrying Smokey in my arms like a baby. I was wearing a skirt and high heel shoes and felt myself falling. We hit the ground but neither of us were hurt, but then I could not get back up on my feet because of the high heels and Smokey being too heavy. Wonder why I didn't kick my shoes off and lighten my load by putting Smokey down?? Dreams!

Smokey or Mokey, as we call him, loves for me to carry him around like a baby, like in this old picture...
He is such a sweetie pie.

Woo Woo, on the other hand...
 LOVES to lay in my lap but will not let me walk while holding him. He also loves to lay on my fabric and cutting board.  Aren't cats strange?? 

Well, my plan was to do a little post to say we are still here, but I've turned this into an animal post. 

Oh, a special thank you to a new follower, Judy. Thank you!