Friday, February 21, 2020

It did snow!!!

Friends, thank you for the comments on yesterday's post...I did reply to those who don't have blogs.

Now I know you folks who have lived with snow since sometime last fall, have no desire to look at snow pictures but...

these are some pretty serious snow pictures. :) 
especially for this area of North Carolina... and how about this Carolina blue sky!
usually a winter storm here means ice on the trees and power lines...
what we had here were beautiful soft white snow blossoms covering the trees...
Then very early this morning, before any of the neighbors were even up, Poppy, Eli, Weetie, Smokey, and I ventured out...
My gosh! No wonder the power went out at the edge of dark last night and was out until 3:43 this morning. I know the exact time it came on because was lying awake listening to the generator run. 
We started on our usual walk up to the highway. Eli was in heaven...

and that  black dot you see lagging behind is Smokey...
 "Come on Smoke". This is where I picked him up and carried in my arms for a ways, warming his little feet.

Snowfall across the new cut over...

and cutest of all...
oh wait, here it is...
Smokey! and I feel terrible that not one picture shows our little Weetie.

"Miss Independent", our little Weetie. In and out every path and trail along the way. We always make sure us still with us though. 

Hope you will forgive me for posting this many snow pictures. Believe me, I want spring!!! Give me warm weather over cold any time!!!

Thank you for putting up with all this,


I promise, no more! :)

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Birds, Birds, Birds, and a bunny

Have you heard! We may get 1 to 3 inches of snow!

Well, at least watching the snow fall will be prettier than watching the rain fall, and a good change at that!

Poppy works at Food Lion today and he was dreading it. Mention snow around here and folks go crazy. As Poppy walked out the door this morning he said, "I will be home at 2:00, even if the meat case is completely blown out"!

There have been lots of Finches at the bird feeders lately. In fact, so many, there was no room for the Cardinals. 

I pulled out this old feeder that holds Thistle seed...
and boy did they come! Wouldn't it be pretty if these gold finches were gold now.

Took lots of scrubbing to get this old feeder clean, but it was worth it. Now the Finches will probably eat us out of house and home. Thistle seed is expensive!

Hens with wet muddy feet! I had just filled all the nests with fresh clean hay when I heard cackling and shuffling around...
Boy! This nest is not for you! Maybe he was checking it out for the hens, but he went from nest to nest clucking and carrying on.

and the bun buns...
still have these two white bunnies. Haven't been able to find them a good home. Actually I want to move them in with my other bunnies...give them a little condo of their own, if only we would get another dry sunny day. (but don't tell Poppy) and friend, this is it! I can not take in another rabbit!! Period!

Better get busy. With Poppy away, this is vacuuming day! :(  Can't wait to show you our changes in the living room...our hunting lodge!!


Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Good Grief! I've almost missed Valentine's Day! 

Here it is 9:05 and bed time.

Poppy brought me roses yesterday. It was a surprise...

 Dumper thought the roses were for him...

I didn't get Poppy anything. I feel terrible. 

So, mostly I wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day but also to tell you there were no storms yesterday...just rain...lots of rain. Thankful for that. Thankful for the sunshine today too!


we got a cute card from Cousin Pat...It said "Hogs and Kisses" 
Thank you Patty

Thursday, February 13, 2020

It's Raining Again

Poppy is working today. I am home alone. 

It's raining, as usual. That's okay but around lunch time friends, the weather people say we could have severe storms. Severe Storms!

Duck number two enjoying the rain
Storms scare me! Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that. Oh, I've posted a few stories about running from storms. I kept a mental list of places to hide.

. Hospital waiting room
. Library
. Goodwill Store
. Dollar General Store 

The hardest part was timing it right...How to get in the car and get into town and in my safe place before any lightning or thunder arrived. We're about seven miles outside of town.

Felt safest in the hospital waiting room. One time, in Goodwill, I must have looked at every blouse on every rack, while waiting for a storm to pass.

Soggy front yard
The scariest, but funniest, time was when I dashed into the Dollar General store during a storm. Even I laughed, later. My timing was off and I arrived at the store just as the storm hit! I jumped out of my car, and ran for the door through the rain, thunder and lighting. Just as I reached the door, a gush of wind blew both front doors open, and friends, all I could see were colored plastic kiddie pools, beach balls, flip flops, and hula hoops going air born and filling the parking lot. But you know what? Somehow, I made it through all the plastic flying around, the clerks and the customers and found my way to the back of the store. Bet those folks thought I was in a mighty big hurry to shop.

Guineas are terrible at finding a safe place in a storm

Soggy back yard
Ducky Lucky swimming in the muddy water
Daffodils blooming too early
and now they're saying the temperature will drop to 24 degrees early Saturday morning. 

The little pear tree, I was so in hopes would grow a pear this year, is about to bloom. Guess that settles that for another year. 

It is getting close to lunch time now, but I'm staying put! Thank you for listening. Eli and Weetie, and the cats, might need me, so I won't run and hide this time. :) 

Oh, I was looking for pictures earlier and came across one you've just got to see...

This was along about the time little Smokey began trusting us enough to stay. You know, someone had thrown him out and he followed the guineas home. He was alone and hungry for days before finding us.  Eli took little Smokey under his wing. I sure love that little fellow, well, big fellow now.

Thank you so much, well, maybe you're still here. 

Thank you to a new follower too. Hope I haven't scared you away. 



Monday, February 10, 2020

Ducky Lucky, and a special gift

Poppy said early this morning, "the Duck must be waiting for you"...
Oh, she is. She knows there is laying mash for the hens in the bucket, so while I'm getting hay for the goats, she eats the laying mash.

Laying mash is very dry so after eating, she must hurry down to the pond as fast as her little flat feet will carry her, for a drink.

Poppy says all these animals are spoiled and too fat, and it's my fault. :(

We certainly did get the wind and rain as that line of storms rolled through last Thursday. A little over 3 1/2" of rain fell on Thursday, and then terribly high winds blew all day Friday.

I tried to tell Smokey it was too wet and windy to be outside but he said not to worry...
there's a dry spot just under the edge of the house.

Oh, speaking of the wind reminds a comment on my last post, Victoria asked, "what direction is all the treeless space from us"? Not good! It's North! We now really feel that cold north wind. 

Isn't it fun to get a surprise package in the mail?? Well, I did get one.

Connie over at was doing some cleaning out...a big sort, I believe she called it, when she came across this cute little apron...

it is simply adorable...

looks old fashioned, doesn't it? It looks simple enough that I might can make a pattern like it. It is so cute! but that's not all...

little scrubby pads that she makes. These things are wonderful! I've had one for a while that Connie made. Poppy is always borrowing it to use on things like the car...because it won't scratch. Now he can keep the old one. :)

and like I told Connie, the little card with the Lady Slipper is a gift in itself...
Connie paints these Lady Slippers and makes her own cards. She is so talented.

Better get up from here and get busy! Started this post it is Monday morning and lots to do. 

Thank you for visiting.


Thank you so much, Connie.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Mostly weather

Henny Penny Lane...looking a little different with less trees and more sky... 

Dear friends,

I'm hoping you are still my dear friends. 

Tell me, do you ever feel like you've let your life get completely out of whack? 

At 2:30 this morning I was lying awake planning my day...worrying about all the crap that needs to be checked off my "to do" list, and all the junk foods that I will not eat, and how to get through the predicted storms the weather people have warned us about for days is that day!!   😟

Anyhow, we are still pretty amazed at this  wide open space where the trees once stood...

Skies are not so bright today. In fact, it was pouring rain at 4:15 this morning.

Such strange weather! We were walking Eli and Weetie this cold frosty morning two or three days ago...

today it's warm and raining again.

Poppy's glove makes a good toy...

a little too big for me, says Weetie...

Has the weather been strange this winter where you are?

and this was Monday morning, looking out the living room window...
Red sky in the morning, Sailor take warning? Is that how it goes?

Sure appreciate your visiting. Appreciate the new followers too. Thank you! Hope to be back here soon.


Hey, I've made a late resolution..."to do better at posting and visiting". Just got to!