Friday, January 28, 2022



Wabbit twacks?

It wasn't a big snow we got last weekend, but a pretty snow. It made the little playhouse look very cold. I've simply got to find that old cast iron wood stove I've dreamed of forever! 

Actually what I need is a little building from Lowes. A little place of my own, with a roof over my head.  No walls and no roof gets awfully cold, you know. :)

But that's okay.  Guess what was delivered today?? New panels for the teeny tiny greenhouse...something I really really need. Couldn't get them all at once.

Would you believe, you can buy the entire greenhouse package cheaper than you can buy the new panels? Isn't that crazy? We ordered the ten top panels and the three back panels first. For now the sides and the front door sections are in good shape.

Want to see who enjoyed the snow most...Miss Ellie

and, of course, Mr. Eli

We did take their leashes off and let them run in the snow. They loved it...

Let me tell you, I ducked behind a tree when I saw Ellie rounding the corner at this break-neck speed. Visions of broken bones popped into my head.  

Got enough problems going on now anyhow. Saw a spine specialist yesterday. I have arthritis and a pinched nerve in my neck. One day last week, in the new OrthoNC emergency facility, the doctor put me on one week of Prednisone which immediately took away my pain and let me get a night's sleep, for the first time in two weeks.  Enough about what ails me. :)

I need my gloves! Poppy was telling Eli. Eli's fun game is pulling off your gloves and running with them. 

I've been trying to finish this post for two days. Here it is the end of another week and the weatherman is calling for more snow overnight, tonight. Dear me! How long until spring!

I'll end this with these pretty birds...

I did open a large tarp and spread it on the ground and covered it with birdseed. It was fun watching from the kitchen window as all kinds of birds seemed to drop from the sky, covering the tarp.

Sure appreciate your visiting. Hope to be back soon.


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Goodbye to Dumperoo

We said goodbye to our sweet, frail little Dumperoo last Tuesday. Dumper was always a sickly sort of kitty. He had good times and bad times. He recently went through a bad time and just didn't get any better. 

It was fourteen years ago that Poppy came home from our local convenience site and said to me, "there was a little Tabby kitten sitting near the dumpster, he looked up at me and meowed". 

"Oh Dan, let's go back and get him" I said. We did go back and there he was, sitting in the same spot. We brought him home. That's were he got the awful name of "Dumpster Kimball".

We mostly called him "Woo Woo" , "Dumperoo", or "Dumper". He was such a sweet kitty and was always in my lap, any time I found a minute to sit.  Rest in peace sweet Dumper. We sure miss you. 

Thank you dear friends for visiting. 

Love, Henny


Monday, January 17, 2022

Warming by the Fire

Hey friends,

This has been one long, dark, gloomy, messy, day. We've had it all today, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and high winds. It ain't fitten fer man nor beast.

Around lunch time, tired of walking from window to window, feeling cold amd miserable, I marched out to the back porch, gathered an armload of wood and started a fire in the fireplace...

Oh my gosh, the popping and crackling of the fire immediately lifted my spirits and warmed my heart. Kept me busy at first bringing in firewood but once there were lots of hot coals the big logs burned long and steady...

and of course, put everybody in the house to sleep...

Poppy brought in his share of firewood too before giving in to the warmth of the fire...

Ellie stole my end of the couch but that's okay. I could watch the fire better from the other end...

Eli snuggled down in his chair.

Now I'm not much for watching movies but seeing as how the lure of the fire kept me bound in the living room, I found myself interested in an old black and white Western from the early 1950s; Westward The Women. I watched the entire movie, getting up only to throw another log on the fire. It was good!

Gunsmoke with Matt Dillon is my favorite Western, followed by The Riffleman, and I love Death Valley Days; stories told by the Old Ranger. Remember 20 Mule Team Borax? I like Wagon Train too. Guess you can tell we pay for the Western Channels. I don't sit and watch them all but can't help but hear them as the TV stays on when Poppy is home.

Well, I didn't finish this post yesterday and here it is near the close of another day. Sure appreciate your stopping by. 


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A little sewing and a great big bird

Dearest friends,

Well, I didn't mean to post, then take off and be gone so long, and I had big plans for doing better, didn't I?

One reason for my slackness is this shoulder pain! Oh it's awful! Keeps me awake at night, making me feel like a zombie the next day. Hopefully, this too shall pass.

Been doing a little sewing. Back before Christmas when Shelby and I did that last minute Christmas Craft Show, a lady stopped by our booth to look at my bonnets...

She studied them a bit, tried on a couple, and finally did buy one. We might could do business together, she said, I am into Holistics. Have you ever thought about updating your fabrics a little and then advertising the bonnets as "Gardening Sun Bonnets?" Pretty bright colored fabrics with maybe sun flowers would be perfect, she said. 

Shelby spoke up and said, well, I think she should make gardening aprons to match the sun bonnets. Well I came home with a head full of ideas!

Haven't been fabric shopping yet, but did find this colorful piece tucked away in the sewing room closet. It's so spring! See the butterflies? It has lots of butterflies. I've cut out a bonnet and an apron. :) 

Have made a few of these little aprons with 4 big pockets across the front...

Couldn't these be gardening aprons?? Anyhow, have not heard from the lady. I am not much of a business person anyway. Sure did appreciate the compliment and the new ideas. 

Want to show you a picture or two from Poppy's game camera, taken near the pond during deer season...

Isn't it simply beautiful! This is a Great Blue Heron, right? 

Guess I'd better get busy. Sure appreciate your stopping by. Hope to be back soon.


Sunday, January 2, 2022

Playing around the greenhouse again

Hey friends,

We've got lots of rain coming in tonight and again tomorrow, 1 to 3 inches with a possible thunderstorm followed by a cold front and maybe snow flurries. How's that for a weather report? 

Freezing cold weather will be hard to take after such a warm December. Why, at least two days recently it reached 76 and 77 degrees! 

and that's why I've been in and out of the teeny tiny greenhouse so much lately...

Doing more playing than planting since the greenhouse is not heated. Been thinking about hanging the heat lamp, the one used for raising baby chicks.  Wouldn't that work? The little milk house heater near the front door works great but uses way too much electricity. 

Went to empty the compost yesterday and found the prettiest little cabbage plant growing, all warm and cozy inside the compost bin...

It had sprouted from a cabbage stalk.  Just couldn't leave it so I dug it up and moved it to the greenhouse.  Hope it lives.

Just for fun, let me show you the playhouse...

looking a little bare as I've moved many things into the greenhouse, but! Finally! a use for the long legged tower! The little sign reads, "Old Motor Grader Road Museum"...

As I said, "just for fun". I absolutely love playing with things like this. Poppy says, "why don't you get things fixed like you want them and leave it alone".  Well, what fun would that be?

Let me show you what I spotted just across the road from the greenhouse and garden...

Yep, that's Poppy, looking out over the cut-over. Yesterday was the last day of deer hunting season for the year 2021 and I am so thankful! Hopefully, now, things will settle down around here...

Early one morning a few days before Christmas, Poppy left to go  hunting. A few minutes later he called me and said, look out the window at the sky...

it was a beautiful sunrise...

sorry for the reflection of the lamps.

Ellie says goodnight everybody...

and a goodnight from me too. Thank you for visiting.