Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Thank you

Dear friends,

Your kind and thoughtful words have meant so much to us. I have read and shared every comment with Poppy. Thank you.

We sure miss our little Weetie and so does Eli. He looks at us both like we should find Weetie. 

I know most all of you who read my blog love animals and have been through losing a beloved pet too. It is heartbreaking. I sure appreciate your friendship.



Thursday, April 1, 2021


If there was ever a sweeter dog than our little Weetie, I just don't know where it would be found.

Weetie lost her life last Tuesday in the most horrific accident. Somehow, and we will never understand why or how, she ran under the wheels of a big dump truck coming down our dirt path and was killed instantly. Our hearts are broken. It will take a long long time to get past this loss and this sadness. I hurt for Weetie.

This country path belonged to Weetie. She traveled  it up and down searching for her family who had moved away. Most of the families in the area had seen her and wanted her, but she chose us and we have loved her for ten wonderful years. 

Weetie was my baby. She followed my every foot step. Poppy said many times, "I've never seen a dog love anybody as much as Weetie loves you". It may have looked at times like we favored Eli, with all the pictures, but we never bragged on or made over Eli that I didn't add, "but Weetie is our best girl". 

Weetie's little stub of a tail wagged most all the time. She could be asleep and hear one of us say "she" and her tail would wag. Of course, that was because she slept with one ear up.  She was truly a sweetie pie. Poppy named her by dropping the S from Sweetie...Weetie.

Thank you for listening. I leave you with some of my favorite pictures of our little sweetheart, Weetie.



A special "thank you" to our neighbor Fred who saw it all and  absolutely took charge. Poppy was at work.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Catching up

Dearest friends,

I haven't moved away or stopped blogging, not quite anyhow. It's just that spring stopped by and carried me away.

Oh, I do believe this flowering quince is my favorite! This pretty shrub blooms whenever it darn well pleases, even in January, occasionally!

But back to my taking up with Spring and disappearing...

Oh, I have been all over the place...I've dug ditches and hauled loads of dirt from across the road. I've taken down two arbors and two overgrown vines. I've washed flower pots and scrubbled the teeny tiny greenhouse, and moved things around at the playhouse...again!

Still not exactly right, but there's more open space and room to work...

and washing flower pots! My neighbor Windy called and asked, "Mel, can I bring you some flower pots"? I was expecting a stack of black plastic but no...
she brought most of the clay pots here and look inside the greenhouse...
a good place to dry them. Some are plastic but not all...
some are heavy pottery pots. I'm tickled to death!

and the ditch :) ...

the black dot way back at the driveway is the drain pipe where for years the runoff has run down the short ditch, just past that big tree, then cut across to the left and run through the goat lot carrying the soil out the back and down the hill . Well DUH!! why not dig a ditch on past the little barn and lot, and so I did!
See the mud in the bottom left corner? That is the ditch that now passes the barn and lot. Must say, I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment. The ditch certainly doesn't look like one made by heavy equipment...but I will keep digging it out a little every day...

Oh, and the washed-away goat lot...
it is now my goal to single-handedly (is that a word) :) fill in the back side of the lot with loads of dirt and all the leaves from the back yard; two tarp loads a day!

Oh, Rosie and Heidi are loving it, especially when the sun warms the leaves...a black dot and white dot...

We had rain showers this morning, in fact, Eli, Weetie, and I were caught in one. 

I had just looked out and the clouds were moving away.  The sun had come out and the sky was showing patches of  blue, and Grandma Thomas always said, "it won't rain as long as there is enough blue in the sky to make a cat a pair of britches", so off we went. We were at the far end of the dam when the rain came.  :)

And my post wouldn't be complete with a sweet face or two...of daffodills, these just might be my favorite...
or maybe these...
or these...

but to me, the sweetest most precious face of all...

eating eggs and bananas. What a sweetie pie! He has grown so much!

You may remember this picture of  Kendall, our Great Grandson, born last July...

Oh my! This is way too much of a post. I've simply got to post more often and make them shorter. Hope you aren't thoroughly worn out and fed up. I'll try to do better. :)


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Big Picture Post!

Through the tangle of trees and vines, I saw the early morning sun shining on the east facing side of the house...coming home from our walk with Eli and Weetie.

Dear friends,

Thank you for the nice comments on my last post. Sorry for not getting back to reply to each one. One of these days! 

Oh, the sun has been shining warm and bright, and temperatures reaching 70 degrees yesterday and today...

My camera was in my pocket, for a change, so I took pictures of our walk...

and guess who tagged along with us...

going 10 miles per hour...

Can't you go any faster, asked Weetie!

Nope, and if you rush me, I won't go at all.

Need to come on. Poppy and Eli are leaving us! So we walk to the end of this road then turn around and... 

coming back to the house, we turn and go down a little path here at the end of the goat lot and that leads to the pond...

after weeks and weeks of dreary rainy weather and dark days...the sun makes it all look beautiful.

and since we pass the bunny lot on the way to the pond...
these are the three bunny condos I built using cinder blocks and tin. The bunnies seem to love them. I filled each one with lots of soft hay. 

Seeing as how this is a big picture's another kinda neat one...

from the living room I noticed a Cardinal looking in the window. The flag was blowing behind him.

Maybe this second picture is better. Couldn't decide. I love it! Our State bird, the American flag!

It's bed time...I hear feet coming this way...Eli's and Poppy's. Better go. 


Shoot, I had the most adorable pictures of our little Great Grandson Kendall. Will post later.

Friday, March 5, 2021

No rain this week!

Sure appreciate all the comments on that last post...and for letting me know how you feel about the font with the crazy print. It did look a little like large chicken scratch. :)

The sun has been out this week and friends, it has been wonderful. The slick mud in the chicken lot has dried up and the standing water in  the front yard is gone. 

While I hauled dirt from across the road to build up the front yard, Poppy did some patching on the shop. He also gave Mr. Sun a fresh coat of paint...

Best I can figure, bringing two or three wheelbarrow loads of dirt and dumping them in the front yard every day for a month or maybe two...would be the same as buying a truck load of soil. 

What a shame, there are no pictures to show all my hard work this week. Besides hauling dirt, I've cleaned out and remodeled four bunny pens...moving large cinder blocks from the goat lot down to the bunny lot to build a row of condos. :) 

Oh, Poppy finally helped me move the long legged tower!

Doesn't it look better! But now the arbor and vine are out of whack. So moving that is my next project.

Also built a new table top for the potting bench. Gosh, I've got so many projects started.

Do you like the new tassels on my old swing? Actually, the rope on the swing had drawn up, making the seat too high, so we cut the rope and added another piece to each side. Then I scrubbed the wood seat with clorox had turned completely green with algae...

Poppy tried the swing first to make sure the knots would hold...he doesn't have me.  Then it was my turn. 

A swing always reminds me of the poem, The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson. I love that poem!

Eli brought his bear out for a little sun...

and moved him from place to place...

Guess you see that muddy pond in the background. :(  Rain, Rain, Rain. We sure needed this break from the rain.

Had no idea I would get a little post done tonight...but here it is...such as it is! Better get my teeth brushed...the bed will sure feel good tonight. I'll probably dream about carrying cinder blocks all night. Take care!



Tuesday, March 2, 2021


Look at this wild and crazy print! Do you like it? I do! Would it drive you crazy if I use this font?  Just let me know. :)

Dear friends,

Just had to post a little something tonight to let you know everything is okay and I'm still around. The days are so busy, and aren't the days short?

We've actually had a day or two of sunshine mixed in lately...

and like me, the chickens search out the sunniest spots...that's me standing in the door way; well, my shadow.

This little red hen surely found plenty to eat under the leaves...just look at her craw...

actually, it's called her crop, but we here in the south call it the craw.

Poppy and I got our second Covid vaccine last Tuesday, the 23rd. Glad that's over! Getting the vaccine was much easier this traffic jams! 

Speaking of Poppy; there was a little empty wall space (imagine that!) in the living room near the big old TV cabinet, that needed I pulled out this old picture...
recognize these folks? :) I should be ashamed! That's Poppy and me, back in the 1980's. We were at Myrtle beach. Anyhow, I also pulled the old black leather horse bridle and reins from our collection on the back porch...

pulled up this old chair and pillow, and hung Poppy's cowboy hat on the back of the chair. I like the look! Pay no mind to the dust, or the cowboy standing there. 

Oh, here I am just getting wound up and Poppy is ready for bed. Well, it is getting late, 9:30! Whew! It's a post! Such as it is! 

Got a lot of visiting and catching up to do and I hope to be right back here posting again real soon. Oh, Heidi is well and such a sweetie pie. 


Thursday, February 18, 2021

Yesterday I saw my shadow...wonder what that could mean?

The sunshine was wonderful and I was all over the place...

first in the back yard where the sun had dried and warmed the leaves, I raked up a tarp load and emptied them in the chicken lot. Hens were tickled to death to have warm dry leaves to walk on and scratch in....

up at the garden, all by myself, I tried moving the long legged tower. Had to give up on that idea. Poppy said he would help me...just not now. :(

So, back in the goat lot...I opened the door to Heidi's little stall and out she stepped, strong and ready to face Rosie. It was sweet to watch, and funny too...

Rosie ran in circles and did flips in the air and little Heidi put her head down and butted horns with her. Not once did Rosie push Heidi down. I think they were feeling well again and happy to be out and together.

But, all that was yesterday.  This is today...

I am in no way complaining...there are lots of folks around the country who would gladly take our 32 degrees with rain, and ice. 

By late afternoon it had warmed up to 33.4 degrees and the ice began melting from the trees. Still my biggest worry is a tree falling on the house...

Remember this tree? Not the one with the birdhouse; but the tree with the weeping branches in back...

we call it the red bird tree...

this was a few years ago, before the timber was cut in the background.

Well, I guess this about does it. Sounds pretty quiet in the living room. Poppy and all the animals may be asleep, so I'll end this here. Hoping for warm sunny days for all of us. Take care.