Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Lilies and Poppies

Thank you dear friends for your friendship and your kindness.  Don't know why I've had such a hard time blogging lately. We've sure missed having Bickett underfoot and in charge here. 

Could these big red lilies have bloomed just for Bickett? I think so.

After all, I was expecting Stargazer lilies. Seriously, didn't I post about looking forward to the Stargazer lilies blooming this summer?

Anyhow, we've got these tall lanky red lilies swaying in the breeze above the birdbath, looking a little odd and out of balance,

not exactly what I had in mind here. 

 large and in charge

good grief, here's a poppy and a lily.

Speaking of Poppy, Friday morning we had to quickly clear another little spot in the woods not far from the greenhouse and garden...

 and not too far from the playhouse...

when Lowes called and said there had been a cancellation and the builder could be here in one hour to put up the building.  

Did we ever do some scampering around. Two trees needed to be cut down and moved, and the spot leveled a bit, then raked clean. We finished up just before the truck backed into the driveway.

We got the building painted over the weekend and now all that's needed is the ramp built. This building will hold Poppy's new four-wheeler and the riding lawn mower. I know, wouldn't this have made the cutest playhouse! painted pink, maybe. :)

found this pretty yellow lily in bloom up at the garden.

Oh well! Guess this is it for now. Hope to be back soon...and I've simply got to show you how the teeny tiny garden has grown. 


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Saying good-bye to Bickett

Bickett passed away some time during the night last night after being sick since April 17th. 

You may remember my post recently about Bickett getting a rabies shot and how the vet felt it necessary to sedate him before examining, and giving him the vaccine. Well, Bickett never recovered. My heart is broken.

I have loved this kitty since that October morning in 2005 when I stopped my car in the middle of an intersection in downtown Louisburg and picked him up out of the street. 

Just a tiny baby he was, and way too young to be on his own.

Bringing this kitty home made me very happy. Bickett grew into a big beautiful cat and daily kept us entertained with his antics.

Bickett enjoyed being underfoot, and honestly, I believe he deliberately would plop down right in Poppy's way.   Many times Poppy has said, Bickett, can't you find somewhere else to lay"? 

I'm going to miss my buddy at night in the sewing room. Bickett seemed to like my Bluegrass music. We listened together while I sewed.

Guess we will never know what happened or what caused Bickett to not recover from his visit to the vet. I carried a big healthy cat to get a rabies shot, and three days later he is dying...wasting away to nothing. Poppy and I both are very disappointed in these folks at the animal hospital who supposedly cared for our Bickett.

Bickett was buried this morning in our little pet cemetery in a shady spot near the goat lot. 


Thursday, June 7, 2018

One hell of a logger!

Now about my tree cutting, and about my being "one hell of a logger". I really am, you know. :) I am kidding, of course, but my daddy always told us, "you can do any thing you set your mind to", and I wanted some trees cut! 

Would you just take a look at the nice wide clear space here along side the goat lot? All this area was enclosed with bushy trees. In fact, the big tree in the center is the hickory tree the snake was on.

I really did cut more than twenty trees and without the use of a chain saw. These are the tools I used...

But you see, most all the trees were slender, but very tall, so when each tree fell, I tugged, and tugged, and pulled it from the tangle of other tall trees then used the pruner to clip off all the limbs, 

making it easy to throw the whole thing down the steep bank. Hard to imagine how deep this gully is, now that it is filled with limbs and trees.

Some of the trees were more than just saplings.

this is where I stopped and shows a little of the undergrowth and brush.

Many little stumps left. Why, this was a thicket and impossible to walk through, or see through. There are probably twenty more small trees to be cut in this one spot...but I'm making progress. Letting in more light and air!

Okay, I'm done talking about tree cutting and my logging skills. I appreciate the comments so much, and Red's comment made me smile, and got me to thinking I should explain more. 

Oh, and believe it or not, I have new followers. Thank you so much! At least, I hope you are still here after another boring tree post.


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Good gracious, how time flies. This is the first time in two days I've been on the computer.

Oh friends, that cold front came through Sunday night, just like our weatherman said it would, and we woke up Monday morning to lower humidity, lower temperature, and with the sun shining.

At 8:30 am, I pushed aside my 50 item "to-do" list, got the tree trimmer, the saw, and the pruners, and went to work behind the chicken lot and goat lot cutting tree limbs and sawing down trees.  

Over the years hundreds of little trees have come up in the edge of the woods surrounding our property, all competing for sun and space, and without our noticing have grown and grown, enclosing our little 5 acres. It is beginning to feel like living in the rain forest.

Oh, backing up a bit, can you find the snake in the first picture? It's in there! Here's another...

this was a big snake...and brave. It was getting on up in the day, 2:30 maybe when I turned to see this big snake coming toward me. Too tired to run; by this time I had cut down probably 20 trees, seriously, I watched as he slithered up into one of the last two trees to be cut.

Hanging upside down he watched me work

Here's a not so great little video to show you the length of this snake...watch as his tail (on the right) unfolds...

When I had finished cutting down the tree next to him, he moved over to the big Hickory tree...

hung there for a while, then moved to a cedar tree inside the goat lot. That's when I put the camera down and got the yard rake. I figured he was making his way to the chicken house to gather the eggs. He fell from the cedar tree and landed with a plop on the ground, then crawled across the lot and down the hill into the woods...probably tired of being watched.

I did cut down the tree the snake was in then dragged myself to the house.

This morning at 8:30 I was getting my hair permed, again! Oh my, you should see the curls! Poppy said, "and you paid sixty-five dollars for that!" He laughs every time he looks at me.  He enjoys picking at me! That's okay! He who laughs last laughs best! :)


Oops! Here it is Wednesday morning!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Termite feast!

Good gosh, is it ever hot and humid today! Not complaining! The sun is shining!! I've just come in to cool off, eat a popsicle, and load the termite pictures. :) Sound like an exciting life, doesn't it?

Guineas drying off yesterday after yet another shower of rain. Anyhow...

I had cut back a big overgrown button bush, which, by the way, almost beat me to death, and was dragging the limbs down the path to the woods when I spotted a cloud of what looked to be billions of small winged insects taking flight!

There were supposed to be flying insects in this picture.

it was so silvery and pretty, all the tiny little fluttering wings in the air. So, I ran to the house for my camera, then ran back to the woods, but the silvery cloud was gone... then I saw this...

Termites! Hatching out of an old pine log and flying away. Where the heck are the guineas, and where are all those frogs and lizards when you need them. "Here guinea, guinea, guinea", I called...

and they came running! Surprised me too!

I left them to enjoy their feast!

Well, I didn't get any scaffolding built for the chickens but I did find a big fallen tree limb...  

and dragged it into the lot. Most of the hens flew up on the limb, but, of course, by the time I got the camera out all had jumped down...

except for one.

The weather forecast for next week sounds absolutely wonderful. Lower humidity, lower temperatures, and sunshine!!! Things should dry out, even the poor chicken's feet. 

That's about it for now. I'm going back into the heat, this time, up to the garden to finish the little wattle fence. Such as it is! :)

Thank you friends.


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Dear friends,

So, this pretty much shows you how the entire month of May has been out here on Henny Penny Lane. Seriously! Oh, we've had a day of sunshine here and there, but very few. Never in my life!!

Been seriously thinking about building, (an ark, is what I should say), but no, I was thinking of some kind of scaffolding for the chickens to walk on.

Something that that will lift them above the mud and gunk. Can't even do that until the rain lets up. 

Eli had an appointment with the vet today.

This wet weather must be good for the ferns that grow around the rain barrel at the end of the porch. Glad something is enjoying all this rain and humidity!

Thank you for your friendship.


Friday, May 25, 2018

A little gardening

Haven't had much to post about lately, and hate to keep talking about the weather.

These surprise lilies have been simply beautiful...

Surprise, because I had no idea what the color would be. I bought them last year after Mother's Day. The blooms had fallen off and Lowes had reduced them to $3.00.

Like most folks, I've been busy in the teeny tiny garden. It's looking kinda pretty, but doesn't show that way in a picture. Not yet anyhow.

See, it's a little skimpy looking. I've built four tee pees; one each for crookneck squash, cucumbers, zucchini, and pole beans, and did get around to building the little wattle fence for the green beans. 

There are also two eggplants, four tomato plants, two pepper plants, short row of okra, onions, and leeks. When all is big and healthy, I will take another picture. 

just a little view of the garden from the outside.

Have you ever seen so much yarrow! Last summer I bought a pot of yarrow and put it in the herb garden...it bloomed a little and never came back. This, however, is wild yarrow and has taken over part of the front yard. After mowing down lots of it, I decided to leave this patch and watch it bloom. What is yarrow good for anyway?

Guess I'll get up from here. Poppy had to work a few hours today, but will be home shortly. 

I'm simply beat, friends. I've mowed the back forty, :) (wish we had a back forty), I've potted up several plants, hauled several wheelbarrow loads of leaf mulch to put between the garden rows, cleaned out four bunny boxes and added fresh hay,  and let's see...there's more, but I'll stop here and go find something to cook for supper. Thank you, if you are still here.