Saturday, November 30, 2013

Deer, Guineas, and Dumperoo

Now I know that deer hunters in some places have a bad reputation because of a few obnoxious here in our county where hunting with dogs is allowed.  The hunters park their muddy Toyota pickup trucks, with their dog boxes on the back, up and down these country roads.  The hunters sit in their trucks with their doors wide open and talk to each other on their cb radios, waiting for a pack of dogs to run a deer out of the woods.  Often there is a deer or a dog getting hit by a passing car.

My point in telling you all this is a little story about Poppy.  Poppy "still hunts".  He goes alone into the woods, sits quietly in a tree stand or on the ground, enjoys the wildlife, and waits for a trophy buck to wander up.  He was doing just this yesterday when he heard one of the trucks crank up and head down our path.  He also heard the dogs barking in the distance and getting closer...he sat there very still, listening, when suddenly a large doe comes running right to Poppy sitting there on the ground.  The doe looked him right in the eyes!  Poppy said he waved his hand and said, "you better run"!!!  The doe took off!

Poppy was in the woods only about a quarter of a mile from our house.  I was in the yard tending the animals and also listening to the commotion...when that large doe comes running right up behind our chicken house and stops!  Perfectly still!  I think she knew where she would find safe hiding!

Update on the Guineas...

The babies have made it safely through these freezing cold nights of late.  Of course, that heat lamp hanging over their feed dish has been a life saver!  There is a drop cord run from the outlet on the side of the house all the way down to the pen near the pond!!

They have grown...and beginning to look like Guineas...

Eating chick weed found growing in the garden.   

Funny characters!  Papa Guinea is proud and stands looking into the pen most of the day...

Hope I haven't offended anyone talking about deer hunters.  We honestly do need the hunters because of the huge deer population.  Just tone it down a little!!! :)

Dumperoo tried to help with the sewing last night...

Thank you for stopping by!

Henny Penny

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I missed having the gang here this year.  This is what happens, I suppose, when even the grandchildren are about grown.  It was only Poppy and me for dinner.

Poppy got home from work around 12:00 just as I was putting the food on the table.   Quite a bit of food for the two of us! 

Pardon the pots on the table.  I like old fashioned, and collards are simply better in a cast iron pan.

The dishes are washed and the food is back on the stove, covered until supper time.  Poppy has changed into his camouflage and gone hunting.   

Mama has been on my mind today.  My Mother died on Thanksgiving day, in 2007.  I miss her every day.

Well friends, wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving.  I am on my way outside to visit the animals!  Hope to be back real soon! :)

Henny Penny

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Wedding, Mama and the Piano

I had the pleasure of attending another wedding yesterday!  That makes two in the month of November!  You know what they say about "anything that happens twice"!

This time it was Shelby's Granddaughter getting married.  She was a pretty bride with her naturally curly red hair. 

Now would you believe that I sat through the entire wedding ceremony in the church with my cell phone on!  I shudder to think about that thing ringing as the bride was saying "I do"!!!  They would probably have banned me forever!!!  I am careful always to turn off my cell phone...but not yesterday!

Talk of weddings brings back a memory of mama.  When we lived in Robbins in the 1950's, Daddy bought a piano for the house.  Shelby, Jackie, and I were all given piano lessons.  Of course, Shelby was the only one who learned to play.  You may remember the story of my piano recital from an earlier I wore the beautiful red gown! :)  Shudder again!

Anyway, mama never had a piano lesson, but she could play the piano by ear.  In the afternoon when the house was clean and lunch was over, mama would get a bath, fix her hair and lipstick, and get dressed before daddy got home from work.  She would sit down at the piano.  This is the living room where mama played and sang those old songs...

Even today, I can hear her sweet voice and remember two of the songs she played and sang...

There's an old spinning wheel in the parlor
Spinning dreams of the long long ago
Spinning dreams of an old fashioned garden
And the maid with her old fashioned beau

It seams sometimes I can hear them singing
While the organ's softly playing old black joe
There's an old spinning wheel in the parlor
Spinning dreams of the long long ago

The other song was....

Somebody's tall and handsome
Somebody's brave and true
Somebody's hair is very dark
And somebody's eyes are blue

Somebody came to see me
Somebody came last night
Somebody asked me to marry him
And of course I said all right

The ring is on my finger
Of course, you cannot guess
The one who placed it there
The night I told him yes

Thank you for looking at my blog.

Henny Penny

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sewing Room/Living Room

What in the world would I do without my tiny little sewing room?   "My space"!  "My place"!

To escape from the camouflage and the wild turkey tails mounted complete with feet and beards.  The deer mounts, deer antler mounts, and the ten pound Bass mounts.  The fox squirrels mounted on logs sitting amongst random antlers on top of the TV cabinet.

Stacked beside the bookcase are ammo boxes and next to the ammo boxes a camouflage container with a padded swivel top that doubles as a seat for the hunter.

Padded, zippered, camouflage gun cases hang from either side of the gun cabinet and antlers on a rope, used for rattling, hang from the corners of the gun cabinet.  A tomahawk with a leather strap hangs from a lower corner of the cabinet.

Hidden behind the fat leather chair stands the mighty crossbow and stuffed behind my Mother's old cedar chest is the crossbow case.

The house smells of freshly dug earth worms, and more often than not there is a camo face mask and bandana soaking in a little soapy water in the bathroom sink.

Friends, this is my living room I am describing here!

Today I am thankful for feminine daughters.  Daughters who tell me to be who I want to be and wear what I think is beautiful...even at my age.  I am thankful for lace and ruffles and kitty cats, for things soft and pink, and things that are lovely.  Can you tell maybe that I have just had a long, delightful, encouraging phone conversation with my Daughter, Lynn, from "A Mother's Journal".   Lynn inspires me!!!

So inspired, I begin digging out pantaloons and pieces that I have made but never had the nerve to wear.  What am I waiting get a few years older? 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

An old Canner

The old cupboard, yet again!  I love this old cupboard.  I never grow tired of waxing and dusting and admiring it!  I will always be grateful to cousin Pat and her husband Mike for giving it to me!

Pat and Mike were in New Bern the weekend of the wedding.   Guess what treasure the two of them were hauling around this time?  For me, no less!!!

Pat says the old canner is well over a hundred years old.  Fits right in here with me!  I love it! 

Hay must taste better eaten off the top of the head.  By the time I got the camera, most of the hay was gone, but what a funny sight...she had a ball of hay on her head...

The twin hens, Ruby and Rachael...

Not much to post about today.  I've been busy cleaning house.  I simply woke up in the mood to clean mama used to say,   "there's not enough room to lay a pin down around here"!  :) I surely do miss mama and her funny sayings.

Hope to be back soon.

Henny Penny

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Poppy and the Leaves

Today after lunch, Poppy sat down to watch the noon news, before going hunting.  I went outside and picked up the rake!!  Where to begin!!  The spot I raked clean last week was covered in leaves again!!! 

Poppy must have fallen asleep watching the news.  It was getting on near 2:00.  Thinking, I would drag off one more sheet load of leaves and stop for the day, I glanced up and saw Poppy coming toward me.  He was walking fast, looking rather intently at my something wrong, I ask.  He didn't answer.  He walked on past me and my rake, and threw himself into that pile of leaves!  He surely did...

He said, "actually, this is pretty comfortable".  It just looked so funny!!  I should have raked him onto that king size sheet with the leaves and pulled him to my leaf dump.

The chickens following me around finding morsels of food and bits of grass that have been covered by the leaves...

I am making a progress...I need to think of this as two hours of exercising every day.  According to the info found on line, a person weighing 150 pounds burns 242 calories an hour raking leaves!  Wow!  I should be slim and trim...

We need to keep encouraged!  Thank you for looking at my blog.

Henny Penny

Monday, November 18, 2013


Thank you to a new follower, Marty, from "Welcome Words", who writes a beautiful blog with lots of posts I am looking forward to reading.

Also thank you and welcome to Luckybunny, a new follower.

The fact that anyone reads my blog amazes me, as I am not a writer!  Never would I have dreamed anyone would follow my blog.  Thank you.  I am so excited!

You know when you see something every day, you reach a point where you no longer see it, even though it's still there.  Like these pictures of my daughters.  This is Lynn...

 This is Andee...

An old double frame holding these two pictures from the early 1970's, sits on my dresser.  Every morning, when I sit in front of the mirror at that dresser, these sweet little girls are there too.  Most mornings I don't even notice, but then some mornings they catch my eye.  I pick up the pictures and think, where have the years gone?  My little Lynn with the blue eyes and freckles across her nose, and my little Andee with those dark brown mama used to say, black as little chinkapins!  

Is there anything any better in this world than feeling your child's little arms around your neck?  That's me holding Andee after a fall that hurt her mouth.  Lynn and my Mother both came running to comfort Andee too.

Oh my!  These 70's hairdo's!  It took a bunch of teasing, but it stayed in place!

This picture was taken in Smyrna, Tennessee in 1965.  Andee was only a few days old.  That is a happy smile on my face!

Any of you who read Lynn's blog, "A Mothers Journal" will know how much she loves flowers and dresses and purses.   Well it started at a young age...

Remember the old saying or poem, "A son is a son til he takes a wife.  A daughter is a daughter all of her life"?  I would love to have had a son too, but daughters are really special.  

Thank you for stopping by.

Henny Penny

Saturday, November 16, 2013


How exciting to have two new followers.

First..."The Reindeer Keeper".   Her posts bring back memories of my childhood, and teenage years...reminding me of things I had forgotten.  Remembering those days is a favorite pastime of mine anyway, so I am enjoying reading all her great posts, and keeping up with "The Reindeer Keeper"!

Also, "The Maple Syrup Mob".  Reading about their lives with their thirteen rescue cats.  Such sweet stories.  And since Poppy and I have rescued two cats...well I enjoy their stories and pictures.

Thank you both!

Poppy is hunting again this morning.  It's a good thing we were not counting on a turkey, or deer meat for the freezer this year.  This has not been a profitable hunting season. 

Just caught the hunter coming in for lunch.  I said, stop there, I need a picture for my blog!

For Poppy, simply being in the woods with the wildlife, and the peace and quiet makes it all worthwhile.  Lots of interesting stories come from sitting quietly in the woods dressed in camouflage.   I've heard about the covey of Quail that came walking up the dead, fallen tree he was sitting on without the birds even seeing him.  And the hawk that flew straight toward his face then turned abruptly when it got close.  Of course, there have been lots of deer stories.

Mama used to laugh and tell us about the time she and daddy went squirrel hunting together.  This was many years ago, way before it became so fashionable for women to hunt.  I am sure mama didn't wear a cute pink camouflage outfit.  Daddy bought each of them a Remington 22 rifle.  Daddy called his rifle the old silver side.  Daddy was known for being a great shot.  He could shoot a sweet gum ball from the top of a sweet gum tree.  Sweet gum trees grow pretty darn tall. 

Mama said the two of them were sitting quietly on the ground, leaning against a tree, holding their guns...when a squirrel came down the very tree they were leaning against.  Mama thought the squirrel was after her.  She jumped up screaming and threw her gun...daddy was yelling shoot it!!

Mama was always afraid of animals.  Even the pet squirrel we had growing up.  Mama was hanging clothes on the line one day and that squirrel, glad to see her, jumped from a tree and clung to her shoulder.  Talk about being frightened and mad...well, we all heard about it...for a while!

A very young Mama and Daddy...

 Thank you for stopping by.

Henny Penny


Friday, November 15, 2013

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

Just like every year before!  Yesterday and today, I spent two hours each day raking, and yet hardly made a dent in the leaves.

With every king size sheet load of leaves I tug and drag and haul away, I wonder if I will be able to do this yet another year.  Raking leaves is a favorite job of mine, but a very tiring job!  Hard on the legs!!

These pictures do not even include the back yard, and down to the pond!  

Makes me appreciate my blogging friends so much.  This is the first time ever, that I have been able to show anybody all my leaves. :)  Every year I rake and grumble and complain to myself that Poppy has no idea all the hard work required to rake up this many leaves.  So, thank you, blogging friends!!

The babies made through the two coldest nights so far.  In fact, all five are lively and seem to be healthy.  Can you see the baby peeping out from it's mother's wing...

Thank you for looking at my blog.

Henny Penny 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The dogs and a shaggy me

Hope I still have a few readers.  Sorry, I got a little carried away with my memories of Robbins and talked way too long. 

Shelby and me dancing the shag at the wedding...

Shelby was a beautiful "mother of the bride".  I looked a bit shaggy!  Just right for dancing the "shag"!

Poppy went hunting this morning instead of working at the deer processing plant.  He left walking, bundled up in his thermals, hunting clothes, heavy coat, etc., carrying a camo chair and his gun.  It is a cold 23 degrees.   I was outside also, on my way to the pen down near the pond to check on the baby Guineas.  I was carrying a bucket of feed and a jug of warm water.  I got almost to the pen and and saw two dogs, part Pit Bull, that had escaped from their pen, running toward me. I love dogs, but I  am afraid of these two.

These dogs live in a pen across the woods, they get no attention, and have gotten loose before. Last time they killed a neighbor's duck. I dropped everything and got inside the pen with the Guineas...screaming "DAN, DAN, DAN"!!!  as loud as I could scream.  My screams frightened the dogs away.  I waited until the dogs were out of sight and then started to the house and met Dan (Poppy) half running, half limping, shouting "are you alright"!!  Yes, I said, two dog were running after me...Poppy looked mad...he said "well I fell and just about killed myself and almost tore my gun up trying to get here...I heard you screaming"! 

Everything is good now.  Poppy went back into the woods.  The baby guineas made it through the freezing cold night with their mother.  Again, all is well that ends well!!! 

Thank you!

Henny Penny

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Wedding Trip

The wedding!  The view from our hotel window Sunday morning in New Bern.

The bride and her Dad...

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed being at my Niece's wedding.  Who doesn't love a wedding!!  Maybe I don't get out enough...guess that would be the understatement of the year!!!  The whole event...the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids, the prettiest little flower girl and handsome young ring bearer, the dresses, the flowers, the reception, the food, the music, the dancing...I was simply overwhelmed by it all.  Truly, I need to get out more!!!

Poppy and I rarely go anywhere.  Poppy's vacation days are reserved for the various hunting seasons.  We happen to be in the throws of deer season now...the third phase of deer season!   First is bow season in September, then black powder season, and now regular gun season.  Late February, we begin preparing for turkey season.

No complaints.  Poppy is a hardworking man.  Even on his days off, he is up early going to work at a deer processing plant about three miles from our house.  He processes deer that the hunters bring in.  Many of the deer killed are donated to "Hunters for the Hungry", which helps feed the homeless.  He puts in six hours there, comes in for lunch, then goes hunting.  The extra money he earns there usually goes for something special.  Big note here!!!  Yesterday, Poppy said,  "I guess this year I will use the money to get me some new glasses and you a donkey"!  That's what I heard alright!! :0

Back to the wedding!  I should have lots of great pictures to post!  But, no, not me.  I get really self-conscious trying to take the focus is on me.  I relate to the comedian that used to say, he didn't like going to football games because when the players got in a huddle, he thought they were talking about him! Seriously!!  Was that comedian Rodney Dangerfield??

I did get a good shot of Lynn, and this was by accident!  I turned quickly to get the bride and groom as they entered the reception and, well...

The drive to New Bern with Lynn was nice.   We talked and we laughed.  We shared a hotel room.  We drove home together.  Haven't had that much time with Lynn in quite a while.  To add to my joy...Andee, Todd, and Madison were there! 

There were many nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends at the wedding that I haven't seen is a long time.  And listen,  I didn't do much dancing, mostly because I didn't have a dance partner, but, Shelby and I got out on the dance floor and danced the "Shag" to some great beach music.  If you don't know about the is the swing dance of the South.  It began at Myrtle Beach, SC...Sorry I don't have a picture of this!

More views from our room...

Thank you for stopping by...

Henny Penny   

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Memories

Posting last Friday about growing up in Robbins in the 1950's really got my emotions stirred up.  I went to bed thinking about my childhood and at 3:00 Saturday morning was wide awake trying to remember every detail of all the stores in downtown Robbins...knowing I had a wedding to attend in New Bern later in the day.

Walking the sidewalks to town on Saturday with twenty five cents allowance in my pocket was my excitement...except for my dolls!

Leaving our house I walked down the hill past the mill then crossed the street to get on the sidewalk.  The sidewalk carried me past houses all the way up to Haithcock's store.  Many times I spent my twenty cents lunch money in Haithcock's buying packs of Kool aid.  I liked to pour the Kool aid in my hand and eat it by sticking my tongue to the tart powder.  Across the street from Haithcock's was Robbins Grammar School and next to Haithcock's was Mr. Brady's house, Principal of the school.   Mrs. Brady was my fifth grade teacher and their daughter, Mary Ann was in my grade.

The grammer school was on the corner, so at this point I crossed the street and continued on to town past the tall brick Methodist church on my left.  I have memories of mama going up those brick steps to church one Sunday morning...tall and slim and beautiful, with her short, dark hair, wearing a fitted red suit with a fur collar.  She wore black high heel shoes and a dressy red hat that had a black feather on the side. 

  Seems like then I passed a small cafe and a service station and then Parks grocery store.  Mr. Parks, his wife, and their teenage son worked there.  I remember the white aprons they wore and Mr. Parks was the butcher.

Next was a drug store...the one that gave you a free ice cream soda....if you had a slip of paper written by Dr. Vanore, because he had given you a shot!!!  This also was the drug store where Shelby carried the film to get her pictures developed.  Shelby had a camera, her very own camera!  Wish there were more of her pictures from the 1950's!

I may be wrong about the exact order of the stores, but Dr. Alexander's office, Kinlaw's Cleaners,  and Ray's clothing store was somewhere along there.  Mama went to Ray's when we needed nice clothes for special occasions.   Like our trip to Charlottesville, Virginia.  Daddy got a job offer there and was invited up for the weekend.  He took the family and what a special trip this was!  We all got new outfits and the drive through the mountains to Charlottesville was exciting.  We stopped along the way to look at the sights.  Shelby took pictures of course.   My new dress with the black velvet tie belt, came from Ray's.

We stayed in a hotel in Charlottesville.  At least I think it was a hotel...I remember the lovely mahogany bed and dresser in a small room, and the white bedspread.  The room had a long window with a view of downtown, which impressed me so because of the steep hills, the streets, and the shops on either side of the street .  Mama and us children waited in the room for Daddy.  Oh, and how vividly I remember the beautiful hotel dining room where we had dinner that evening.  So many many beautiful tables with white linen cloths and large folded napkins.  Men waiters with trays.  Beautiful silverware and crystal glasses.   Funny, I remember when our dinner was served, the first thing Jackie ate from his plate was the Parsley...and mama telling him he should not have done that...that the green leaves were to make the plate pretty!  I probably ate my parsley too!  I always managed to do something embarrassing!  Then Jackie wanted ice cream with a cherry on top...which Daddy asked the waiter to bring !!!

Back to Robbins...rounding the Lee's dime store with all the wooden bins.  I loved Lee's!  Lee's is where I bought my first little blue metal tube of lipstick for fifteen cents.  The main attraction in Lee's was the candy counter in the center front part of the store.  You could buy a scoop of warm roasted nuts for a nickle.  I can still smell those roasted nuts.  The nuts turned slowly on a tray under a light which lent a red glow to the counter.  

On down the street was the theater where I got into trouble with daddy one Saturday for sitting through the movie, Cinderella too many times...not realizing night time had come upon us.  I remember the night all of us, the whole family went to see the movie, "Joan of Arc".  It was good, but the cartoon was great.  Jackie and I begged daddy to stay a little longer to see if they were going to show another cartoon.  Seems like those news reels took forever...but the cartoon was short!

Down a ways, and maybe the last store on that side of the street  was Cheeks Western Auto.  On second thought, seems like Dr. Vanore and Dr. Brady both had offices along there...with blinds in the windows!  I have never liked blinds!  Western Auto was the store where I bought my roller skates...the kind you wore over your shoes and tightened with a key. 

There was something wrong with those skates... I don't remember exactly what, but daddy told me to carry the skates back and tell Mr. Cheek.  As bashful as I was, I walked to town, walked into Western Auto, found Mr. Cheek and told him about my skates.  He looked at the skates and said to me in a voice that sounded to me like a storm overhead, "I can't take these back.  You have already worn them.  The wheels are scuffed up".  I said a little tiny voice okay  and walked the three miles back to the front of the store.  It took a while for me to recover from this...I didn't like the Cheeks anymore,  any of them  (this was a 10 year old Henny Penny. All is forgotten now).  However, a small incident a few days later in the school library helped me a little.  All was quiet in the library.  Hal Cheek, Mr. Cheek's son was leaning back in his of those heavy stocky square yellowish colored wood chairs that fits under those library tables...well the legs slipped and he fell over backwards.  I hope he wasn't too embarrassed.

Next, crossing the railroad tracks, which I never had reason to go that far, was Kennedy's Funeral Home, then up on the hill, Elise High School.  Crossing the street and walking to town on the other side was Muse's store.  They sold clothes and fabric.  That's where mama bought the green plaid fabric for me.  I was supposed to make a jumper in "Home Economics" class.  I have no memory of a jumper!

Then the Post Office...where we always dreaded daddy stopping to pick up the mail.  Especially if we had all been somewhere and were in the car together.  Without fail, daddy would run up with someone he knew and would talk and talk and talk, while we waited and waited and waited!

Next was another drug store.  Cheek's shoe store was along there too.  Mr. Cheek's daughter worked there and she had the longest fingernail on one of her her little fingers that I had ever seen on anyone!  A really pretty fingernail.  I always wanted to ask her about it!  

Oh my....then there was the hardware store!  I believe the owner of this store was the Mayor of Robbins at that time.  This hardware store is where we bought our little colored biddies for Easter.  We each had our own baby chick to feed and care for, and watch grow up.  They had all colors, red, green, blue, purple...poor chicks!  It's good that stores can no longer do these things.  How many of those chicks were carried home by children who let them starve or die from the cold, or be killed by a cat. 

Again, a few of my memories.  If I have posted any wrong information, or have offended anyone by anything I have written in this post, I truly apologize and will remove it from this blog.  I love Robbins and the people who live there.  I would love to go back and live my childhood all over again.

Henny Penny


Friday, November 8, 2013

Growing up in Robbins

Dear sweet Robbins has been on my mind today.  There was no finer place to be in the 1950's than in the little town of Robbins, NC!  

Oh, how I loved the house we lived in next to the ball park.  And the people who lived near us; not only on our block, but in all the houses across the sidewalks from around our block.

On our right was Dr. and Mrs. Alexander and their daughter Becky.  Dr. Alexander was the dentist in Robbins.  His office was in one of the old buildings downtown...up stairs.  I clearly remember that office with the pale green and yellow equipment...the porcelain bowl with water running in to wash away the spit and blood as it swirled around.  Really scary stuff!  Mrs. Patrick was his nurse.  Her job was to hold you down in the chair so you couldn't move.  At least that's what I thought was her job.   Horrors!  I can remember screaming from the time we walked in until I was safe, back in the car with mama.  Mama used to say she could hear us screaming...and she had gone to wait in the car, hoping not to hear us screaming.  The pain was not as bad as the fear we had.  I had heard it said that Dr. Alexander was an old Army dentist!  I assumed that was something to fear!

In this picture I am holding my baby brother Randall, and my little friend is Becky...the dentist's daughter.  I was having a birthday party for my Saucy Walker doll.  I babysat Becky once in a while when her parents went out.  Of course, our houses were very close together.  I'm sure mama was looking out for the both of us.  One year for my birthday Mrs. Alexander bought me a special gift.  Becky came running over to tell me so.  She said she could not tell me what the gift was, but she said, "it runs, you wear it on your arm and it has Cinderella on it".

Across the street there were small white after the other all around the block.  My very best friend Becky Brown lived in one of those houses.  

There were so many kids our ages, and we all walked the sidewalks to school, and back home every day.  The Steeds, the Gilmores,  the  Kennedys, the Freemans, and the Patricks, to name just a few.

The Steeds had three children, Jimmy, Billy, and Jane.  Jimmy and I were in the same grade.  When I think of Jimmy, I remember the time he took my fudgesicle from me and slapped my face with it...I liked Jimmy! :)   It was Mrs. Steed who made my beautiful red gown to wear in the piano recital.  That would be the recital where I walked onto the stage, sat down at the piano, and did not know the first key to hit.  I didn't know we actually had to play a piece in front of the audience.  My excitement was over wearing the red dress.

The Freemans had two daughters, Peggy and Carolyn.  They had a pet rooster they had raised from a colored Easter biddie (chick).  I was afraid to walk completely around the block because, if that rooster saw you, he would chase you.  I was as scared of that rooster as I was a German Shepherd dog!

The Gilmores had a son my age named Ronnie...Ronnie looked like Wally, from "Leave it to Beaver".  He was soooo cute!  All the girls liked him.  I had a party when I turned 13 and all those cute boys came.  Ronnie gave me a cedar jewelry chest.  We played spin the bottle and I got to walk around the block with Larry Kennedy.  Thank goodness roosters don't come out at night!

At the very top of the hill in a nice big house lived Doctor Vanore.  It was in maybe 1950 or 1951 that I became sick.  Dr. Vanore thought it might be Polio.  He came to the house every day to check on me.  I remember him having me get out of bed and walk around the room.  Turned out not to be Polio and I got well, thankfully.  Anytime Dr. Vanore gave you a shot, he also gave you a slip of paper to get a free ice cream soda at the drug store downtown.  My, have times changed!

Shelby and I are planning a day together soon.  Our plan is to drive to Robbins and look for all these places we remember.  No doubt, everything has changed, but I really want to go back.  We may even park and walk on the old sidewalks...if still there.

Thank you for listening.  I could probably write a book about growing up in the 1950's in favorite subject!

Henny Penny


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Busy Day

Funny, I had titled this post "Monday Morning", and here it is Tuesday night.   

What a day this has been!  I went in to town, bought hay and goat feed, carried aprons and bonnets to the feed and seed store to sell, delivered 4 dozen eggs to a friend in Wake Forest, left Wake Forest and drove 30 miles to Henderson to pick up prescriptions and buy a gift...then headed toward home.

I was in a hurry because I worry so about the baby guineas...feeling the need to check on them every hour or so.  As soon as I got home I did indeed check and there was a baby, cold and wedged between the fence and a piece of 4 x 4 post, cold and near death.  How in the world they manage to stray that far from the warmth and safety of their mother is beyond me! 

It was meant for me to get home when I did!  I used the warm cloths and sugar water again.  This baby survived too.  It breaks my heart to think how long it lay there, cold and needing help.  Anyway, all is well now.

I am enjoying reading other blogs so much that I hardly have  the time to write a decent post of my own!  :)  I love the donkey stories and pictures, the dogs, the beautiful fall pictures, the walks in the woods, the delicious foods and recipes...persimmon pudding, old photographs, sewing, crafting, the cats and the funny stories, and the altered couture...that you all post about!

Terry, since you requested it, and because you are so nice......Here I am, "swinging" out over the goat lot! :)  No wonder I fell out backwards...look how much hangs over!  Pardon the lovely shoes, my crocs that sit at the front door.

The craft fair was held last Saturday.  The car was packed and I was on my way at 5:15 a.m.  Shelby and Jimmy leave for the market at 6:30 on Saturdays so I needed to be there on time.

Don't Shelby and Jimmy look like people you would love?  Well, they are.  I heard it several times at the market from the vendors and the customers.  It was a fun day!

They sell dozens and dozens of large dark brown eggs.  They also sell baked goods, jams and jellies, and sometimes produce.  There are many flavors of jam on display here, and for sampling.  Sorry there's no picture of my booth.  You can see a bit of a Christmas apron hanging.  I sold a few bonnets and aprons and one doll.   Made a bit of spending money and enjoyed the day.

Looks like Poppy and I will be getting even more sun and light into our place.  The folks who own the property across from us have been thinning out...clearing rows, making room for the smaller pines to grow.  Poppy says this will give him more places to hunt next deer season.

Thanks for visiting.  

Henny Penny