Friday, February 27, 2015

After the big snow

Poppy said, you better put this picture of you and Eli on your sure don't mind posting awful pictures of me, still in my pajamas...

We were resting after a rough day in the big snow. Actually, I wasn't sleeping. My thinking was if I closed my eyes, I wouldn't be in the picture. :)

Somebody else had a busy day in the snow. This little rascal caught a mouse. Had I caught them in time I would have saved the little mouse...but it was too late. Poppy was mighty proud...

A Rufous Sided Tohee in the snowy tree. What a name...

And now, I had a little springtime today. The mailman stopped by with a package too large for the mail box. It was addressed to me. A surprise from Andee. The card read, "Dear Mom, just a little something for spring. It's right around the corner".  Inside the package was two cute bunny rabbit towels. Don't these look just like Easter...and spring?

We have 45 degrees and sunshine today but this snow is melting very slowly. Mr. Snowman is still standing, but facing the sun. I did notice that his eyes and mouth have fallen off.

Better get busy. I was going to allow myself thirty minutes here at the computer...this day is about gone!  I do appreciate your friendship so much.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

We've got SNOW!


We have snow! Real snow! Nope, this is not the usual light dusting and it's not sleet and freezing rain...this is about eight inches of beautiful white fluffy snow. It was probably 1957 the last time I built a snowman. I could not resist. Built by Henny Penny herself...

A couple of Tylenol should help my back. :)  

and, snow pictures. Lots of snow pictures...

Poppy, still in pajamas...

Eli had a blast...

The ducks came up to meet me early this morning...hungry!

Sorry, one more closeup of Mr. Snowman. I'm proud of this snowman and actually had fun building it. 

You are all probably saying, wow snow :(   Seriously, I'm ready for spring. We just haven't seen snow this pretty in a long time. 

Thank you for sharing my fun in the snow. 


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow! Plans cancelled!

Post started yesterday 2/24

It's snowing here today! "Why am I not surprised"! Lately every time Shelby and I plan to get together, something happens and we have to postpone. We had planned to go down home today, well not exactly down home, but down to Sanford. Our Dad was born and raised there. Sanford is about an hour drive from Raleigh...going south . Daddy had seven brothers and two sisters. We have lots of relatives there.

Mama and Daddy many years ago...

Shelby and I were going to the cemetery where Daddy is buried. Back in 1942, the year I was born, Daddy had to buy a burial see, I had a twin sister who died hours after we were born.  Back then, at Shallow Well Church in Sanford, you could not buy just one burial plot, you had to buy five, so Daddy bought five. A bit of information Shelby found out yesterday. Only two of the plots have been used, one for Daddy and one for the baby. Shelby and I were hoping to find the baby's grave and put a marker on it, and visit Daddy's grave.  Then we were to find out about the three remaining plots.

I'm back...

Shelby and I hated to cancel our plans but the snow fell all day long yesterday. Maybe next week. I could sure use  a day away...a break from the routine...a change of scenery!

Poppy was off work yesterday too and since it was cold and snowing he and Eli lounged around...

                      wanna play?

                      you going to sleep?

                                this is boring!

                      Could you move over a little?

We've had a little sunshine this morning but now but the clouds are beginning to build. We could get 4 to 6  inches of snow tonight and tomorrow! I know one thing!!! Spring can't get here fast enough!

Suppose I had better get back to the housework...the washer just stopped. Thank you, if you've managed to stay this long.  :)


Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's still icy NC

As soon as Poppy was out the door and on his way to work, I got the feed together along with a couple of buckets of water and went out to take care of the animals. It worries me to think they may be thirsty and everything is frozen. 

The problem here is not deep snow but hard packed ice. It's treacherous walking. 

The temperature had warmed up to 16 this morning and it is supposed to be around 32 by noon.  Then we could see 42 with some rain by later in the day. I'll take the rain, by cracky!

It is very unusual for snow and ice to stay around this long and this has been here since last Tuesday. Even a few icicles still hanging around...

Janet from "my miniature donkeys" asked about the salads Poppy and I have on Friday nights. It's sure nothing special. Just a combination we both enjoy. Ingredients are...

Lettuce, shredded carrots, onions, chopped boiled eggs, Craisins, walnuts, cut up grilled chicken breast, and croutons. Poppy likes French dressing. For me...olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, oregano, parsley, salt and pepper. I also love grape tomatoes and cucumber in my salad. Poppy doesn't care for those.

Better get busy. Lots to do today and I want to meet the lady with the TV/VCR.

Thank you for visiting and please do come back.


PS  I know that our cold weather is nothing compared to what most of you are dealing with. We don't normally see this kind of cold for such an extended period!

Friday, February 20, 2015

A man and his dog...and his dog's teddybear

Had to laugh. Just who is this big dog loyal to. His master or his teddy bear? Poppy looks like he is not sure either. Poppy looks tired after his first day back to work.

I've been shopping for a big colorful ball to throw over into the goat lot for Eli to play with. So far I haven't found a ball that looks sturdy enough. This cheap Frisbee lasted about five minutes. As soon as it was out of the shopping bag and tossed into the living room  Eli bit two holes in it...

This is Friday night, salad night, and Poppy's night to work til 7:00. Everything is ready and in the frig for the salads.

By the way...I may soon be watching Jane Eyre and those other VCR movies. Look at this nice little TV/VCR listed for sale on Craigslist. If nothing happens, I plan to pick it up tomorrow. It supposedly is in excellent condition and does look to be...

It has Henny Penny written all over it! Perfect for the sewing room. 

This cold cold weather needs go away. My hands are so very rough and dry and chapped. Why, the chickens feet don't look as dry and cracked as my hands do right now.

Hope we all have some warm sunny days soon. I also hope to be back soon.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Happy Room

So far so good with the frozen pond. Look who is sleeping comfortably on the bed next to the computer...

Late yesterday I looked out the bedroom window and saw two hungry ducks waddling across the frozen pond toward home. However, early this morning both were back in the same cold, shady, frozen spot across the pond. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's a young gray tom cat scaring them away.

I've been busy in the little sewing room, my happy room, working on bonnets, but I've also finished an apron and bonnet set...

It's hard to get motivated lately. February has always been a depressing month for me. Lots of times just going in the sewing room changes my mood. Old fashioned things make me happy... 

These VCR movies were in a thrift shop in Henderson for five dollars...for the set! I'm watching Craigslist for a small TV/VCR for the sewing room. These are my favorite type movies. Why I've watched Jane Eyre ten times or more. Jane Eyre is a VCR movie too so I haven't been able to watch it for quite some time now. How perfect would that be...watching Jane Eyre while stitching up a bonnet.

The sewing machine sits in front of this window with a bit of a view of the front yard. There used to be a big rose bush that bloomed just outside the window...I've set out another one that hopefully will bloom this summer

and the bed in the sewing room sits by this window where Bickett enjoys the late afternoon sun...

Better finish up here. Poppy is waiting for the computer. I promised not to be here too long. Thank you for visiting. Hope to be back soon.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Worrying about the animals

Poppy and the animals are napping. Yay! The doctor said Poppy is doing great. He will probably go back to work tomorrow.

If only we can get past this ice and freezing cold weather...I will be so thankful. Now there are folks all around with tons more snow and much colder temperatures than we have, so I am not complaining. Here's the problem. Rarely do we get several days in a row of temperatures below freezing. I'm worrying myself to death over the poor animals...

The pond is frozen!! The two ducks are sitting on the frozen pond out of my reach and they won't come to me. Is this normal? This is day three, for goodness sake! Will they starve? Once during a snow storm we had Guineas stay up in a tree for four days. It was their first time seeing snow.

Then there's Smokey. Smokey is an outside cat and as much as I want him to stay inside, he stands at the door meowing, wanting out. Twice I've caught him playing on the frozen pond, batting an acorn around, like a little Hockey player. This little fellow has got to stay inside. I never knew a pond could be so dangerous. I never new that a cat would walk on a frozen pond. And just how thick is the ice on the pond?

We could get more snow this evening, with tomorrow morning bringing the coldest temperatures yet! I'm beginning to think that the animals in this part of the country are as clueless as the people, when it comes to dealing with ice and snow and such. We're not accustomed to this stuff!

Right now the sun is shining and a little of this mess is melting. Guess I need to get back outside and check on everything.

Thank you for visiting. Please come back. I do appreciate your friendship.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kitty cats make me happy

What's happened to me! My blog has simply gone to the dogs. How do you pull yourself out of a slump? I'm really struggling here.

Maybe a kitty post will help..

This little fellow cheers me up, always! 

And sweet Dumperoo.

And again.

and sweet Bickett. He doesn't have a black eye, really. Lots of times Bickett's eyes look pink. He has certainly had his share of medical problems over the years.

I finally gave up on trying to sew last night. Sometimes there is a little too much help in the sewing room.

and that's Eli's teddy bear stuffed under the ironing board too. What we need around here is a few animals in the house. :)

The snow was pretty when it started to fall yesterday but it quickly turned to sleet and freezing rain.  At least it brought the Cardinals back...that's a good thing.

Poppy sees his doctor tomorrow. His appointment was cancelled today because of the icy roads. He may go back to work Thursday. 

Hope you will come back. Hope to be back soon myself...and in better spirits! I've missed you all.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Old Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Mother loved valentines. She loved those sweet old fashioned ones. I can see her now, laughing as she opened and read the valentines that Lynn and Andee and I picked out especially for her. For many years mama kept a valentine tucked away in her Bible. It was one that Andee, when she was very young, had sent to grandma. Many times we have been at mama's when she would pull out that valentine and show it to Andee.


In grammar school, Valentines Day was one of my very favorite days. Covering a cardboard box with red construction paper and pasting on the pretty pink and red hearts. Then a slot was cut in the top of the box so we all could mail our valentines to the class.

It was quite a job picking out just the right card for every classmate...and then that really special card for that cute boy in the class.


So, I got to the computer bright and early this morning to wish you all a happy Valentine's Day. Have to be pretty fast to beat Poppy. :) Speaking of Poppy, he is doing fine although not feeling as good as he did the first couple of days after the surgery which seems odd. He goes back to see the doctor on Tuesday.

Oh, something else to tell you...about a vintage valentine. We were having a yard sale a few years back. I had gathered up a box of old books to sell, some very old, bought at a thrift store. A lady picked up one of the books dated in the 1920's and was flipping through it and found an old valentine. A beautiful love note was written on the back. The lady that found the valentine said how much she loved old valentines and she would love to have that one. I said okay and she walked away with a treasure. My treasure! 

Thank you for visiting. Hope to catch up with reading all my favorite blogs today. 


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gifts of cotton and straw

Is there anything any more fun the getting a surprise package in the mail? That's just what happened to me this week. This pretty white cotton lacy blouse sent from my cousin Pat. In the package too was a big delicious 'get well' candy bar for Poppy. Patty is always doing things like this. She is very thoughtful...unlike me...who forgets birthdays and special occasions. Thank you Patty.

Lately it seems like I've had to put my blog on the back burner. There is always something needing to be done around here and nine times out of ten I'm the one doing it..

We were warned by the weather people this morning to get any outside work done before noon. That this afternoon the wind would be brutal and the temperatures drop drastically.

After getting the usual morning housework done I drove in to town for a few groceries and to pick up a bale of hay. The goats will eat this coastal hay but I actually got it to make warm beds for all the animals. Smokey is a big help!

Friends, I have spread some pine straw!! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined having this much pine straw...all mine! To use all around the yard! Here's the latest pile...I may have to store what's left of this huge pile under the shed to use later. Our neighbor Fred has raked all these loads of straw from his yard. Talk about work!

Gosh, here it is 10:00. Where does time go? 

I seriously hope things will brighten up around here and my posting will improve. Thank you for coming back. :)