Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another animal post

Our peace maker around here.

What with dentist appointments, doctor appointments, vet appointments, and baby animals everywhere I look, why there's no time for anything else.

Lately it has been a full time job taking care of animals

like this little "Punkin" taking up my time! When my son-in-law saw the new bunny's picture he said to Andee, "your mom needs to name him Punkin". So that settles my trying to pick a name from that perfect list. At least, if one day "Punkin" and "BunBun" have babies, we will have lots of names to choose from.

And good grief, that mama guinea with the eight, well now seven, babies. She is bound and determined to sleep in that cedar tree high above the chicken lot and calls her babies to do the same.

I wish you could have seen the chaos at roosting time one evening last week.  Why, it was pathetic. There were baby guineas falling. Some landing in the  chicken lot and some in the grape vines.

Late in the day an idea hit me...

Seriously, as soon as I drug out this tall ladder and opened it,  the babies began using it. It was the cutest thing. The videos are not great but will give you an idea of how sweet this was.

Every evening now the guinea crowd gathers at the foot of the ladder and the babies begin climbing up to bed. There are still two babies who absolutely can't fly. I catch them and they sleep in a cage next to "Punkin". Come morning light, I open the cage door and they join the others.

Yesterday it was a trip to the vet for Weetie. She has an eye infection. Could it be the constant rough-housing with Smokey? Always one chasing the other.

Hopefully, things will settle down a little. I've got housework to do, and gardening too. Now that we've had some rain I need to dig holes and set out some of these fruit trees that have outgrown their pots. I'm so behind with everything!

Thank you for visiting. 


By the way, for my blogging friends in Canada, my sister Shelby and husband Jimmy, along with cousin Pat and husband Mike are vacationing in Green Mountain Canada this week. Oh my, I do envy them. I really want to go to Canada...only I want go and stay!  :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A foggy morning one day last week, and a late blooming rose...

Where the heck did yesterday go! I wanted to post and at least say that Poppy and I are still together. He didn't say much about the new bunny, just looked at me like, "have you lost your mind". He did say "no" when I asked if he wanted to hold her.

Thank you all so much for the comments, for caring about these little animals, those we lost recently and those still with us. 

The names you all suggested are perfect!

Buttercup, Taffy, Peaches, Butterscotch, Cinnabun, Bella, Honeybun, Honey, Ginger, Nutmeg, Oleo, Margie, Sweet Cream.

I just can't decide which one to use. And this new ducky needs a name too. 

Does she remind you a little of a pigeon?

Thank goodness for the rain that started yesterday and is still falling today. 

We need it. The pond was getting seriously low.

Never a dull moment with a goat...

Maybe hay tastes better eaten off the top of your head. Actually the goats don't like this new $12.00 bale of Coastal hay. I thought a goat would eat anything!

And the last gathering of vegetables from the teeny tiny garden. It has been so dry. I was surprised there was anything left.

Probably should get busy now. We just may have a hamburger for supper tonight. I love a 'not too thick' hamburger patty cooked done, on a fresh roll with mustard, ketsup, a large thin slice of onion, and a couple slices of dill pickle. How do you like your hamburger? :)

Thank you for visiting. 



Thursday, September 24, 2015

I have a secret

I have a secret to tell you. That's right, and I am probably in trouble, big trouble! What you are about to see, Poppy knows nothing about...not yet, anyway.

A tiny sweet fuzzy little orange bunbun. This bunbun is adorable and likes to be held. Just what I need!

Right now she is in a cage inside BunBun's play pen. That old flower pot is her house for the time being. BunBun is so excited! 

My friend Nellie stopped by earlier, as I was painting the last board on the end of the shop. Anyhow, she brought this baby bunny, knowing good and well that I would not be able to resist.

Nellie also brought this new duck, the beige Muscovy on the left, to replace our sweet "Piper". We haven't had a Muscovy duck since our old Muscovy pair died a couple of years ago.

There is much I haven't told you...sad things. Last Saturday while I was away, a huge bird swooped down, caught and killed our sweet little black duck, Piper. I saw this bird again on Sunday morning when it came back and tried to catch a Mallard that was swimming on the pond. From the back porch, I actually saw this big bird swoop down three times and each time the female Mallard dove under the water. We don't have Eagles here, as far as I know, but this looked like an was definitely too large to be a hawk. I've seen hawks here many times.

And more bad news...five of the baby guineas are missing. Last night at the edge of dark the mama guinea decided that she and her eight babies would sleep with the old guineas way up in the cedar tree above the chicken house. Well, only two of her babies could even make it to the top of the grape vines. After several tries, she gave up and wandered off, not knowing where to sleep with her this point it was dark. She and the babies finally settled down in the ditch near an old brush pile. Thankfully, they were safe through the night.

Then another tragedy just before Poppy went out to walk Eli, he discovered one of the older white guineas seriously hurt and suffering, and it had to be put down. It was the only humane thing to do. Needless to say, my heart broke and I felt absolutely sick. When animals suffer and hurt, so do I, and sometimes there is nothing we can do. 

Back to the trouble I am in. Poppy knew that Nellie would be bringing us a duck but not a bunny. Now I've got to face him at five when he gets home...oh well, this too shall pass. 

What I don't understand about men...some men. Why would they care about something this small. For sure, it will be me feeding and caring for it. Why, Poppy could bring home a buffalo and I would be happy. In fact, I would probably volunteer to feed and take care of it for him. But, that's just me.

Good gosh! Time is flying! Better check on the baby bunny. And I need a sweet little buttery name. Any suggestions? Thank you for listening.



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fun in Wake Forest

Wake Forest, NC
Dear friends,

Sorry to have been gone so long. Isn't it always something!! Last night I sat here at the computer for over an hour trying to start a post...with a blank mind. I'm beginning to worry. Seriously!

Thinking about Poppy, who never had any sinus problems, yet having had sinus surgery less than a year ago because of a sinus infection that would not clear up...and considering my recent unusual dentist visit, not because of a tooth ache, but because all my teeth ached and learning from the x-rays that day in the dentist chair that I had a serious sinus infection...and now having gone through surgery myself.

Then remembering back a few months when we discovered the hot water leak under the house that had gone on for two month, got me to thinking..."MOLD"! Could it be?Anyhow, we have used dehumidifiers and treated for mold and mildew but still probably need to call in a professional and have things checked out. Always something!

On a happier note, the birthday outing with Lynn and Andee was just the best day ever! Andee drove from Virginia, picked me up and we met Lynn in Wake Forest.

The little shops on main street are busy on a Saturday morning.

Lots of antique shops and fun places to look.

We must have spent an hour or more in the Goodwill store looking and laughing,

then left Lynn's car parked and Andee did the driving to

the Mellow Mushroom for lunch. 

The day passed way too fast, as they always do.

I am so far behind with everything right now. Think I'll burn that dad-blamed "to do" list, write down somewhere in big letters, "I AM RETIRED", then do what needs to be done, when I can, and stop worrying!

With that said, I am on my way out the door to finish cleaning and painting the outside of the shop. The front is finished. Painted dark brown. I'll have pictures! :)

Hope you haven't totally deleted me yet. Hopefully, I will get it together and be back here soon. Thank you. 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

In the woods with Poppy

Friends, I have not had a minute to post anything! As you know Poppy is on vacation. At the moment he is taking a quick nap in his chair in front of the TV, so here I am.

and in the woods is where we were early this morning. Poppy's deer feeder had stopped throwing out corn. He needed my help so I agreed.  About all I did was help hold the barrel of corn while Poppy strapped it to the tree. It took a good hour. 

Keeping an eye out for a bear, I walked into what felt like a clothesline strung from tree to tree...I backed up and saw this thing. Can you imagine getting this spider tangled up in your hair! Shiver! I should have saved this picture for my Halloween post.

Poppy has cleared out a neat little path through the woods, just wide enough for the four wheeler.

Friends, I do not like deer season. I worry myself sick over the poor deer. Thank goodness, Poppy does not shoot every deer that walks past. He enjoys the stillness of the woods and watching the wildlife as much as anything. He waits for that trophy buck to wander past...and most of the time that does not happen. 

The Guinea family visited with Jewel and her chicks today.

At the end of the day we are all pretty worn out.

Oh, Shelby and I really enjoyed Tuesday. It was so good to spend the day with her. We did find a few neat things at the thrift shops.

Thank you for visiting. Hope to be back soon.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Kitty Cat and the Fish

Smokey, the little homeless, hungry, thrown away kitty who followed the guineas home one day about a year ago.

This was last October. It took some time to convince him that we loved him and he could live here. He hid under Poppy's shop for a week or more.

Trying to catch the leaves last fall.

And now practically runs things around here. 

Stretched out on my side of the bed.

Poppy was deer hunting late so I carried Smokey, Eli, and Weetie for their usual last walk of the day. While we were out, we brought BunBun in, checked on all the babies, gave the goats some hay, and let the rooster in the goat lot for the night. 

I brought along a slice of bread and we stopped at the pond to watch the fish.

The catfish are actually friendly. 

Okay, Poppy needs the computer so I will finish up here. :)

Oh, and for my birthday today...the weather turned much cooler. Today was simply beautiful . I mowed the back yard. Most enjoyable day I've had in a while! Poppy gave me a sweet card with money hidden inside. Andee and Lynn both called to say Happy Birthday. Shelby and I are meeting in Wake Forest tomorrow to go to some thrift stores, and eat lunch together and I am so looking forward to that. I mean, that money is burning a hole in my pocket.

Hope to be back soon. Thank you for visiting. 


Friday, September 11, 2015

Out and about with Eli

Seriously friends, this will be a quick post to say good morning and that all the babies are alive and well. Why I've already boiled a pot of eggs for an hour and fifteen minutes. I'm surprised they didn't explode. I simply must get my mind on what needs to be done in the house today, before I do so real damage.

Eli loves going with me to check on the animals.

But stops along the way to stir up a bull frog or two

that scares us half to death when it jumps!

Poppy says Eli is just like me, from being with me all the time, "scared of everything". We're not scared, why I think we're pretty brave.

Jewel is a hot tempered little red hen, but she is also a good mama...another reason for naming her Jewel.

This is a raggedy old pen but it's safe. It's completely covered in wire, including the top, then rabbit wire added to the outside...snake proof. (Thank you for asking, Farm Buddy). I built the pen by myself several years ago...can you tell? :)

I appreciate the nice comments on my last couple of posts about the babies. Oh Connie, Henry is the perfect name for that last baby. Thank you!

I'll be back soon. Oh good gosh! Poppy's vacation starts tomorrow...nine days. 


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Busy with Babies

Another day of getting absolutely nothing done! I don't know where the days go. Good gosh! Everything in the house needs dusting, the carpet needs shampooing, both bathrooms and the hallway need a new coat of paint, and there are cobwebs on the deer antlers again. 

Could it be there are too many cute, needy little animals around, taking up my time? Probably! Anyhow, I'm tickled to tell you that all eight baby chicks are doing fine...

It's hard to tell now which was the weak baby. And Red, maybe I am having trouble with my numbers! Could it be age related? :)  All I know is there were six chicks on the porch and one chick left behind in the little dog house, and now there's a total of eight chicks in the pen. 

and more babies on the teeny tiny farm.

These little sweetie pie guineas are about two weeks old.  Every morning I am amazed to see the mama guinea show up with all thirteen of her babies. Baby guineas in the wild rarely survive.

Joking about numbers reminds me of my Daddy. He was going to help me with my homework one evening many many years ago. Fractions! He was going to help me understand fractions. Well, I clearly remember Daddy, after working with me for a while, getting up from the table, shaking his head, and walking out of the room. He must have thought it was useless.

Guess I had better get busy. The buzzer just sounded on the clothes least that's done. Thank you for visiting. Please come back.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It's that little Jewel again!

Oh my goodness! Let me tell you about yesterday! 

I went to town...Walmart, Food Lion, then stopped at Town & Country Supply for a small bag of starter chick feed...just had a feeling. Look what was on the front porch when I got home...

"Far Side", I think it was you who said you hoped she would have about six babies this time, that would keep her busy. Well, six it was, at first anyway.

I had been home two hours or the groceries put away, fixed up a cage to put the mama and baby chicks in, fiddled around with the raggedy old cage, and just enjoying watching the babies, when Weetie started sniffing around the doghouse where the babies were hatched. I looked in and there was another tiny baby, standing all alone amongst the broken egg shells. 

I'm hoping this last baby will survive. It was weak and not eating. I tried to give it a drop or two of sugar water. Little newborn animals die so easily without the warmth of their mother. It was still alive this morning and tucked up under it's mama's wing.

Looking down into the cage. I added dirt and grass, food and water to trick her into bringing the babies in, then I covered the cage opening. This morning I plan to move them to a pen outside. 

Better get busy. The wheelbarrow is parked at the front steps. Hope I can load the cage and the little red hen family and get them moved. Guess I'll be mopping the front porch again. Couldn't wait to show you what little Jewel has done now!

Hope to be back soon. :)


P.S. An update to this post...This is wild! I've moved the chicks to the new lot and there are eight chicks. Eight!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Andee

My youngest daughter turns 50 today! Happy Birthday Andee!


Gosh, the years go by so fast. Seems like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms. Andee was born while we were stationed at Smyrna Air Force Base in Smyrna Tennessee. We lived on base and yep, and that was our big yellow Cadillac parked out front.

Andee always woke up smiling, always. She is pretty much that way now. An early riser who looks forward to getting up every morning...

Andee was a very sweet, good-natured child who

has loved dogs her whole life!

Andee was born six days before my birthday so we're planning a day together to celebrate soon, the three of us, Andee, Lynn, and me. We need a day to laugh and talk and eat! For me, that is the finest gift there is.

Okay, I'm getting busy now. Once the house is straight, there's groceries to buy, AGAIN! So, it's off to Walmart with a stop at Food Lion, Poppy's second home, for most of the groceries.

Thank you to a new follower, Jayne M at Tiny Toadstool Cottage. It still amazes me that anyone would follow my blog. I appreciate you all so much!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wildflowers along the path

Many of the wild flowers that bloom in the fall are yellow. I love them! The masses of Goldenrods growing along our dirt path are not in bloom yet. A big pot of Goldenrods for the table on the front porch. That's what I am waiting for.

Poppy and I were out and about early this morning. My plan, you know, was to shop for some fall decorations. Shoot! couldn't find anything. Most of the artificial stuff looks too, well, artificial for a log cabin. We did manage to ride home with a bag of fall colored candy corn but my Advil had worn off and the last thing I wanted was sugar on my hurting teeth.

Jimmy, from the little driver's license agency/seed and feed store, where I hang a few aprons and bonnets, was in Food Lion yesterday. He pulled thirty dollars from his pocket for Poppy to bring home to me. Some sweet lady had bought a bonnet and apron. Food Lion has for sale, large pots of fall colored mums, two for ten dollars. Think I'll buy two and a pumpkin. That would be a good start, don't you think?

Just wouldn't be complete without these two.

Poppy just cut the TV off so I will get a move on. Hope to be back soon. :)