Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Been Decorating, such as it is.

Dear friends,

It was the first part of last week, during those  three days of rain that I went to Ace Hardware and finally bought that gallon of paint.

The color is Legionaire Tan. Oh, I've been threatening to paint the bathroom and the little hall for months now.

You may remember this from 2017...Yuk!

Wonder what struck me to turn the bathroom into a barn? I'm thinking maybe it was Matt Dillon, and maybe too much Gunsmoke! But here we are, and I love it!
Anyhow, now my big beautiful Palomino horse has a stall.
and the tan wall has a border...

yep, old barns. I'm pretty much out of style all the time anyway. 
Okay, I wanted to show you the opposite wall with the mules but the room is so small I could back up only so far.

And wait, that's not all. The toilet seat!
Poppy yelled for me to come to the computer. Look! he said. Didn't take long for it to arrive. Our finishing touch. :)

I'm thinking there is only a handful of folks who would actually like this barn decor, so don't feel bad. 

Anyhow after the bathroom tour I'm sure you could use a breath of fresh air...

See the tiny black dot across the road...
That is Smokey! Good thing we live on a country dirt path where folks drive slow. He is so funny...there's lots to see out there...turtles, little snakes, frogs, bunnies...all cross the road and Smokey doesn't miss a thing.

and the purple clematis.

I've built two wattle fences in the teeny tiny garden. Things are beginning to grow. Can't wait to do a garden post. 

Sure will surprise me if you're still here. :)


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Garden

Hey friends,

Well, after days and days of blustry winds and cooler than normal temperatures...the beauty and warmth of spring moved in...

and actually stayed several days, even long enough to get the teeny tiny garden planted...

as mama would say, "such as it is".   But it's a start.  Today, we have 59 degrees and steady rain...and this is supposed to stick around all week. 

This is my one horseradish plant. It grew in last year's garden but the girls I bought it from said not to harvest the root until the second year. Probably won't know what to do with the root anyway. 

and speaking of last year's garden...

do you remember the beautiful Leek that grew and grew? Well, it is no longer. Even the little bag of saved seeds have been misplaced. I loved that Leek!  Last year's garden was full of surprises and extra  special.
I've simply got to find another Leek plant. Lowes doesn't have them this year.

Anyhow, back to this year's garden...the teeny tiny row of red russian kale is looking good, however, I did see three pretty little blue butterflies dancing above the row which is probably not a good thing. 

Oh, and back to this picture. The old birdbath is cracked and no longer holds water. So, using the pretty white flower pot Andee gave me last Christmas, and the large antique bowl I found at Goodwill, put together with a verbena plant and a frog and some rocks, well, it's kinda pretty, I think. 

Not much to talk about lately except yard work, the garden, or back pain. So, I will finish up here with the garden Bee House...
not much difference except Poppy drilled holes in the ends of the sticks and I've added some big pieces of pine bark.
Still want to fill the large glass jar with bamboo pieces but haven't been able to find any.
I'm good at over-doing things...and may scare the bees away with the bark roof.

Hope I haven't bored you to the point of never coming back. Oh, and the back pain...I have an MRI scheduled for Friday. Hopefully, this will show if something has changed, causing more pain. :(

Thank you for visiting.



Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Another Rose, and a Bee House

I was expecting Mother's Day to be quiet and, well, a little lonely and depressing. 

Then Saturday afternoon, Andee called and asked, "mom, can we do a drive-by tomorrow for Mother's Day. We won't come in."   Of course! I was tickled to death! 

Then Poppy said, why don't you pick up some lunch on the way and I will pay.  Anything will be fine, and we will sit outside and eat. So we did. It was so good to see them both!

Andee and Todd brought me the beautiful rose in the picture.  It's yellow, pale pink, and dark pink too. I love it!

I've started a new project for the the way, that dot you can see going up the dirt road is Poppy riding his brand new John Deere mower to the mail box...
didn't realize he was in the picture until now.

Anyhow, I've been hearing and seeing a lot lately about Solitary (mason) bees and how to build a house for them in your garden.

and you know how I am...get an idea in my head and then simply can't wait to get started. Oh, I've already lost sleep over these bees, dreaming and planning all during the night while the rest of the world sleeps. 

Most surprising is the fact the I found everything I needed to build this bee house in my stash of junk boards and pieces of old wood down near the bunny lot.

Poppy's back with the mail and a big turkey feather and says tell ya'll "hey". Said he found the feather along the way.

So back to the bee house...I've found some really neat ideas online but one of the cutest and the one I tried to model my bee house after is by Jerri Landers at She has such a beautiful place!

It's not finished yet. All those sticks piled on the left side need holes drilled in them and the wide mouth glass jar will hold pieces of bamboo...
Also picked up small pieces of cut firewood, and large pieces of pine bark. I love, love, love doing things like this!

Tomorrow Poppy and I are going to Lowes in Henderson to get a few things we need. Wearing our mask and keeping our distance, of course.

Turkey season ended last Saturday, thank the Lord! Now we can concentrate on getting some things done around here...before next deer season comes in again! No turkey this time, by the way. :)

Here it is Wednesday morning...was too tired to finish this last night. Will say bye for now and hope to be back soon. We're going to Lowes!! Yay!!


Friday, May 8, 2020

Mama and Roses

My Mother's Day post...a little early

Not much to post about these days. Well, the roses are blooming, that's something, and Sunday is Mother's Day, that's big. 

Have I ever mentioned that my Mother's name was Jewel?  Yes, and she truly was a jewel. 
Mama loved roses. Once upon a time, back in the early 1990's, before mama gave up her little home and moved in with my sister...

we went shopping for rose bushes, mama and me. My plan was to dig up a bed in her back yard and make her a rose garden. A beautiful rose garden. Well, all I accomplished that day was to make more work for mama in the coming days. 

My digging, chopping, and planting would have made a good teaching video on "How not to build a rose garden".  Anyhow, that was long ago and my intentions were good...that poorly built rose garden has long since been bulldozed over.

Oh Willie, the pink roses, pink wheelbarrow, and little Weetie in that first picture reminded me of you. Hope you like it.

This is a skimpy little rose but hangs heavy with blooms.

I do believe pink roses are my favorite. Mama loved yellow roses.  Wonder why I've never bought a yellow rose? That will be my next purchase!

maybe these knock-out roses are country roses, you know kinda like The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse. :)

move the camera a little to the left...
and there's a country cat drinking water.

and this poor struggling white rose surrounded by weeds has a few pretty blooms. The little yellow flowers are called Golden Star and grow wild here. 

Mama was always saying the funniest things...

When we first bought this piece of property, we would come out on weekends and work; clearing trees and honeysuckle vines, etc. One Sunday we were coming out to burn a pile of brush, which bothered mama. She said to me...

"Melba, I'd be ashamed to go out there and burn brush on Sunday. You know that's how the man got put in the moon; burning brush on Sunday".

Happy Mother's Day!