Thursday, July 23, 2020

This and That

Hey again dear blogging friends.

I know, I'm back way too soon. Guess I'm just needing someone to talk to.

Usually a walk through the garden, teeny tiny as it is, lifts my spirits. There's always something special inside a garden. Wait til you see what it was this morning!

So when we walked past the garden this morning, I noticed an orange colored sunflower and went back later to get a picture.

Little did I know, there would be a little sunflower face looking back at me...
 Isn't she pretty? 

I'm not having much luck with peppers again this year but the sunflowers are sure spreading happiness down Henny Penny Lane.

Actually, it was these bees making the funny faces...

Such a pretty orange color, and here too...
sure glad for all the bees. 

Mrs. Duck Duck and Wilder the Wabbit...we passed along the way...


Oh, seve
ral months ago, in a thrift store, I picked up this soap dish, thinking it would be perfect to hang over the old sink up at the garden... 
trouble is, I never got around to finding an old sink. 

So, yesterday Poppy put a screw in the side of the house over the outside faucet and hung my little soap dish.


Way back in April I started work on a handful of little clothespin dolls. You may remember...
well, it took me a while...

but here they are...

Certainly not the cutest ones I've made. With no craft shows going on now, it's hard to get interested in sewing.

Sure appreciate your visit. 


PS... We got rain this afternoon! Can't tell you how thankful I am. It has been so hot and dry. On Monday it was 101 degrees here, and in the high 90's all week...miserable! and dry!


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Poppy goes to the dump, and A SPECIAL NOTE

Been a while since I've posted pictures of big sweet Eli...
Sometimes we wonder what life was like before Eli arrived. He certainly fills up every inch of space in our teeny tiny house, and in our hearts too, but not to worry...

so does little Weetie. Weetie just doesn't take up as much space...

Anyhow, it is so blame hot these days, I try to get things done in the teeny tiny garden as early as possible...
This is such a meager amount of produce, but I thought it looked kinda pretty in the basket.

Actually, all of sudden the kitchen counter is covered in tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash,
and the bean vines are hanging full of  yard long beans. I'll be the first to admit, "cooking is not my cup of tea" but...
I've been cutting these long green beans into short pieces and stir frying them in olive oil, red pepper flakes,
garlic, and a little onion, and it makes a really good dish!

Funny how it seems to take that first tomato forever to ripen on the vine, then all of a sudden you're bringing in more than you can use.

and look, the zinnias have started blooming...

Zinnias and Sunflowers! Don't you just love them? They add so much to a teeny tiny garden.

I ran out to get a picture of Poppy before he pulled out of the driveway, carrying our old microwave oven to it's final resting place...
We brought this microwave oven with us when we moved into the cabin in 1989. It's been a good one.

Well, I will end this with a wabbit or two...
"Chief, Son of Bun" enjoying an afternoon treat, and "Pinky Lee", next door, too. The two white rescue rabbits seem very happy, and are both getting fat. 

We had to squeeze two more condos into the 10' x 10'  rabbit lot, but that's okay. We have happy rabbits. :)

Oh, and a special note to Crystal.

I was looking at my "comments awaiting moderation" and there was a very nice comment from Crystal, dated June 15th that was never published. Crystal found my blog two years ago from Granny Marigold's blog, and that was her first comment to me. Please forgive me Crystal. Hope you will visit my blog again. Thank you very much for the information on harvesting and using horseradish. I don't understand why some comments are't published??


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Finally! A post, such as it is!

Oh, dear friends, I need help! Since June 30th I have started post after post and haven't been able to finish even one of them. Feels like my brain has packed up and moved out. 

Maybe if I start with the big sunflower in the teeny tiny garden, instead of the hawk story...

This morning, I counted 19 sunflowers on this one plant, it still towers above the 8' garden fence...

By the way, do you like the new Blogger? There are some things about it that drive me crazy! For one, how do you remove a photo from your post? Used to, you would click on the photo and had the option to 'remove'. Now, the only way, is to back space until the photo disappears.  Today, I'm having problems loading pictures. I want the old blogger back!

Could be, this hot dry weather is affecting my brain. Seriously, we need rain terribly bad. Why, there have been thunderstorms and rain showers all around us, but not here.

Smokey says, "shoot, it feels good out here"! Well, Smokey, you need to wander up to the garden. Dry as a bone! and just when the big tomatoes hanging on the vines are beginning to ripen. I was out with the water hose at 8:30 last night, watering the garden. 

and speaking of water, would you look how the water in the muddy little pond has changed...
why, you wouldn't know it was the same pond! Sure wish it would look this way all winter.

AND THE HAWK STORY. Since the middle of spring, we have been fortunate enough to have a pair of Red-tailed Hawks, nest and raise young, in a tall oak tree on the hill above the pond...
Red-tailed Hawk's Nest
just to the right of the big mimosa tree...
When we first saw this pair of Red-tailed Hawks under the mimosa tree, we didn't realize they were a mating pair. Oh, they soared high above the pond, circling and screeching and then coming down to sit in the tree, or on the ground under the tree. 

The hawks have been with us daily for weeks now; courting, building the nest, the female sitting on eggs, the male hunting and bringing food to the nest, and then two baby hawks. 

The screeching was continuous and became louder as we realized there were four hawks now...two nestlings!

From the very beginning, the mimosa tree seemed to be the central meeting place. We don't know what happened, but the screeching of two nestlings changed to one. It became obvious that only one baby hawk had survived. When the one fledgling began to leave the nest, it was to that bottom limb of the mimosa...
and call that loud continuous screeching, for food. The adult was never far away. Many times we saw one of the adults bring a mouse or other small animal and light under the tree and the young hawk would jump down to the ground to eat. It was amazing to watch.

Here's a picture of the young hawk waiting for food...
Sorry the picture is fuzzy. I was sitting on the back porch.

Oh, if only there were more pictures to show you. I do have a little video; it's not the best, but you can hear the baby in the mimosa tree calling for food, and if you watch closely, near the end, you can see him fly from a bottom limb to a higher limb. 

One funny story...Poppy was standing on the dam fishing one day when one of the adult hawks flew right over his his head carrying a mouse, dangling from his claws. That was when the two babies were still in the nest. Poppy could see the movement and excitement in the nest over the mouse.  Poor mouse. :(

Guess I've gone on long enough. Thank you for looking in, if you're still here. 

Gosh, I am so far behind, but I look forward to visiting you all and catching up. Sometimes I think it's this virus, and troubles in the world that's got me down. Hope things get back to normal soon. Never thought I would see the day that everyone wears a mask. 


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