Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Out the Front door and to the left

Did I tell you we decided to leave our new front door white? Well, we did.  Just couldn't bear to put paint on such a pretty, clean, white door. 

Do you ever look for a four leaf clover? I was out the front door and on my way to the shop when I saw  a little patch of clover. Stopped to take a look and right there on top, sure enough, was a four leaf clover!

Made me think of Mama. She could hardly pass a patch of clover without stopping to look. She used to say, "Melba is the luckiest at finding a four leaf clover of anybody I've ever seen". Mama may have been right, I found two more the same day...

oh, and and I left the four leaf clover growing near Poppy's shop, for him to find, although he didn't show much interest when I told him. 

Many little things bring back memories of Mama especially in the springtime...

All it took was the first warm day of spring and mama would say, "wouldn't you love to ride up to Berlie's and pick violets". Aunt Berlie knew a spot across the dirt road from her house where not only violets grew but pretty little blue lilies.

The violets and lilies at Aunt Berlie's house were much prettier.  A lot like these...
The grass was tall and dark and cool to walk in and filled with  leaves like hearts and purple violets. Patches of blue lilies grew along side the violets.

wanted to show you too, how pretty this wild azalea has been this spring...

Several years ago when this wild azalea was just a tiny sprout, I dug it from the woods above the pond...

I was so afraid it would not survive, taken from its natural environment, so over the years I have given it lots of tender care. Hope it lives many more years.

Well enough about plants and stuff. I have a very very special picture to share, well, maybe two or three special pictures...

This is Andee and Auggie. Sure you all know Andee is my youngest daughter...and Auggie! Oh my goodness! Auggie! is their new black Lab puppy. He is a solid black bundle of joy, with big feet...

Funny, Auggie and our new Ellie are about the same age, four months old. But wait...

you've got to meet Bruno too. Bruno is Andee and Todd's older dog. Bruno and our big Eli are the same age.  Bruno is a sweetie pie too and loves a ball better than any dog I've ever seen. Bruno has his own ball game and if you are going to play ball with him, you better figure it out. 

Here's Bruno's throw the ball as hard and as far away as you can. Bruno takes off like a streak of lightning, grabs the ball then hides somewhere in the yard and waits for you to find him and the ball, then do it all again. He is so funny!

Oh gosh! Here it is bedtime again...and so soon. Sure wish there were a few more hours in the day. Oh, got one more picture to show you. You're probably thinking, sure hope its not that snowball bush again....

But look, I was on the back porch and noticed how the whole end of the porch is shaded with snowballs. Kind of pretty, I think. Oh, the big snowball on the left is Eli. :)

Thank you for stopping by,


Friday, April 23, 2021

Flowers, Frost, and Dogs in the Kitchen

Dear friends,

Can you believe the cold windy weather that traveled across the United States these last few days! Thank goodness, it left North Carolina today! 

My pictures were taken before the cold weather arrived...

So, where did the butterflies go? There were so many...

The white Azaleas have been especially beautiful this spring. 

It was a cold blustry 32 degrees this morning, with a big frost, so I am a little afraid to look outside.

and wouldn't you know, the little yard here in the woods was beginning to look half way pretty.

The yellow water Iris around miss duck were opening...

I do believe all the Azaleas have been the prettiest ever this spring.

I started this post early this morning, now here it is close to bedtime. Made the mistake of starting up the mower today and couldn't stop. But anyhow, the flowers and trees look okay, so far. Don't know how long it takes for tender plants to show cold damage. 

Maybe this will be the last of the winter weather. Let's hope so! I need to plant a little something in the garden.

Oh, there is a surprise hidden amongst the showballs. Do you see it?

It is the tiniest little bird house ever! Built for a hummingbird. This was a gift to Poppy from Andee. Would a hummingbird really build in a cute little wooden house?

and before I go...

Here's me trying to clean up the kitchen after supper. Can just imagine how crowded we'll be when Ellie is full grown. :)

I think she may be my girl. She sure is a sweetie pie...and so is Eli. 

Well now it is bedtime and I hear foot steps. Better end this and round up the dogs and cats. Sure appreciate your visiting.


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Big Eli...A Pretty Girl...A Beautiful Lady

Dearest friends,

Here it is time to plant a garden, and our whole five acres needs mowing! The yard is covered in knee high weeds and grass, mixed in with Ajuga and tiny little blue Quaker Ladies, all in full bloom...that I can't bear to mow down. Every where I look there is a major job waiting...and I feel like a run down clock that needs winding. 

There is also lots to post about...lots to tell you! So, I will begin with Eli...

Eli is grieving over Weetie. He has such a sad look in his eyes, and has been so quiet, like it's no longer fun to bark and run from porch to porch chasing boogers away. We have shown him extra attention but he looks at us like something is not right. We talked about and wondered if another dog would help Eli...

First, I'm sure you all know that our little Weetie can never, never, be replaced. We miss her more with each passing day. I think sometimes it takes a while for the shock of death to pass before reality and missing one, sets in and has it ever!  We miss her so much!

Friends, almost like it was meant to be, we got an opportunity to get a four month old, Female, Great White Pyrenees puppy. On Easter Sunday we drove to a farm in Lexington to get her...

We brought "Ellie" home to Eli...

Eli has not shown any great excitement over Ellie, but in time I think her will love her and appreciate her.

In fact, a couple of times I've caught Eli looking at Ellie with his tail wagging, when they were together in the goat lot. He didn't know we were watching. 

How could he not fall in love with such a pretty little girl! She is adorable!

She is definitely a cutie pie, and smart too! Been a while since we tried house training a puppy...I think maybe we've forgotten how it's done. Whew!

Well, how about going from a cutie pie to a beautiful lady...

Most of you know my sweet daughter Lynn, and that she makes journals.  Hope you don't mind my bragging a little.

One of Lynn's journals, Poetic Rust, was selected for publication in the spring 2021 issue of Art Journaling magazine by Stampington. 

Lynn has been journaling regularly since her early 20s. In the past few years she's begun to make her own journals and has incorporated more art journaling. You can visit Lynn at  

I have not seen the magazine yet. Of course, there is no such thing as buying that type magazine in our little town of Louisburg. 

Like I said...weeds and Ajuga...

weeds and little blue Quaker Ladies. We need to mow!

and I just can't let spring pass with showing the giant snowball bush...

The blooms are just beginning to open here, and on the pink Azaleas too, so I'll be back with another picture. 

Thank you so much for visiting, for putting up with me, and for your friendship. 


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Thank you

Dear friends,

Your kind and thoughtful words have meant so much to us. I have read and shared every comment with Poppy. Thank you.

We sure miss our little Weetie and so does Eli. He looks at us both like we should find Weetie. 

I know most all of you who read my blog love animals and have been through losing a beloved pet too. It is heartbreaking. I sure appreciate your friendship.



Thursday, April 1, 2021


If there was ever a sweeter dog than our little Weetie, I just don't know where it would be found.

Weetie lost her life last Tuesday in the most horrific accident. Somehow, and we will never understand why or how, she ran under the wheels of a big dump truck coming down our dirt path and was killed instantly. Our hearts are broken. It will take a long long time to get past this loss and this sadness. I hurt for Weetie.

This country path belonged to Weetie. She traveled  it up and down searching for her family who had moved away. Most of the families in the area had seen her and wanted her, but she chose us and we have loved her for ten wonderful years. 

Weetie was my baby. She followed my every foot step. Poppy said many times, "I've never seen a dog love anybody as much as Weetie loves you". It may have looked at times like we favored Eli, with all the pictures, but we never bragged on or made over Eli that I didn't add, "but Weetie is our best girl". 

Weetie's little stub of a tail wagged most all the time. She could be asleep and hear one of us say "she" and her tail would wag. Of course, that was because she slept with one ear up.  She was truly a sweetie pie. Poppy named her by dropping the S from Sweetie...Weetie.

Thank you for listening. I leave you with some of my favorite pictures of our little sweetheart, Weetie.



A special "thank you" to our neighbor Fred who saw it all and  absolutely took charge. Poppy was at work.