Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A quick visit

Spider flower, one of my favorites.

Don't know where the hours have gone today! I haven't slowed down since my feet hit the floor at 5:15 this morning. Of course, going to the grocery store used up the best part of the day.

Poppy got off work at 12:00 and pulled into the driveway just as I was bringing in the last heavy bag of groceries, in the pouring rain, I might add.

Ducky Lucky waddled up from the pond to bath in the drinking water. Now why would she choose a bowl over the pond?

We did get quite a bit of rain today. Don't you love the sound of rain? I do.

Our little makeshift grooming table is working out fine. Had no idea how much I would enjoy caring for rabbits. Maybe it's just that Bun Bun is such a cutie pie. 

and speaking of cutie pies, Dumperoo is pretty cute too.

Appreciate your stopping by. Hopefully, I will be back here tomorrow.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Who would post about cleaning a shop??

Now that Poppy has retired from his full time job, and working part time, and off every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, well, I am finding less time to blog, but more time to get some big jobs done around the house.

Jobs like cleaning out the shop! What a mess, and you should have seen it last week! Poppy said to me, "I wish you would start cleaning out the shop, maybe that would get me in the mood to get in there and clean too".  So, after squeezing my way through the shop door, I carried out five big barrel deer feeders and three deer tree stands and made room for them under the shed...where those things should have been stored in the first place! Now we can at least walk in the shop! It worked! When Friday got here, Poppy could hardly wait to get started.

That's Dale Earnhardt, Jr. standing in front of a dozen more Nascar driver stand-ups. There must be ten or more large chests of Nascar, along with baseball and basketball collectibles packed away in here that Poppy is putting up for sale, plus we are planning to have a big yard sale, soon!

a tangled mess of fishing rods,

but we are getting there...

Okay, I'm sure you have seen enough shop pictures, but one more...

Remember Poppy's brother Joe who passed away about three years ago? Joe was a carpet designer. A few years before Joe died, he designed and made this rug using a picture he had drawn himself of a buffalo in snow. He gave the rug to Poppy for Christmas that year. 

Okay, I will be surprised if you are still reading. :) Maybe my next post will be beautiful! Time to get busy.

One more thing...thank you for the comments about taking osteoporosis bone building medications. I have decided to stay away from them all, at least for now.  Once that injection is in my body, there is no changing my mind. I'm taking vitamin D3 and Calcium Citrate with magnesium, drinking whole milk, and trying to eat healthy. :)

Hope to be back here soon.


Friday, June 24, 2016

It's always something!

Yesterday was my scheduled appointment with, not the orthopedic specialist, but this time the osteoporosis specialist. 

My back is much better, thanks to the the steroid injection some weeks ago. Sure wish that injection could have cured my osteoporosis too. 

This new doctor has suggested I take the Prolia injection twice a year for Osteoporosis. Like all the Osteoporosis bone building drugs, the side effects are horrible. I just hate having to make these decisions.

Thanks to a little squirrel who buried a seed in this potted white beauty berry bush, we have a sunflower. 

Wondering too if anybody knows what this is. It has a pretty white bloom that looks a lot like bridal's wreath spirea, but smells absolutely horrible. It has lots of berries this year for the first time. The berries turn almost black when ripe.

It's been a while since I've posted anything about the old cupboard my cousin Patty gave me a few years ago. I love this old cupboard, more than any piece of furniture we have.

Since Patty gave me the old cupboard, I've cleaned and dusted and polished it many times, thinking it was getting the best of care. Well, guess what? Those teeny tiny bee-like bugs have been drilling and eating away at the old wood. 

Something had to be done, and quick. We searched on line, then Poppy ordered a product called Tim-bor. I mixed a 1.5 pound bag of this Tim-bor powder to one gallon of water and with a paint brush saturated the entire cupboard. This product soaks into the wood and kills those tiny insects and protects the old wood from insects for several years.

Yikes, when the cupboard dried, it looked and felt like chalk. Then I opened the can of Tung oil, and wow!

It looks more beautiful than before and this is only the first coat. In 24 hours another coat can be applied.  I was seriously worried sick about the cupboard.

and now, my kitty cat picture of the day...

This Bickett makes me laugh. He gets is some of the strangest positions to sleep. Looks like he needs his face washed.

Better go put all the animals to bed for the night. Thank you for visiting. Don't know why I've had such a hard time posting lately. Hope to be right back with something more interesting.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Crossing the bridge to a special graduation

A quick stop to let you know I'm still here. Good grief! where do the days go! 

We were in Yorktown Virginia last weekend to see this little sweetie pie graduate from high school.  Yes, our granddaughter Madison. Why it seems like just yesterday that she was the cutest thing around. We were out by the pond cooking hot dogs when she posed for this picture.

and look at her now.

I am not the best picture taker...was Andee sitting down or getting up? Sweet old Bell knew something was going on.

Graduation was held at Busch Gardens. Todd, Madison, and Andee.

just before all of them threw their caps into the air,, darn it, I missed it!

is this a happy face or what! 

Poppy and I were so glad to be at her graduation. Proud as we were, that trip to Yorktown meant, waaay up ahead at the end of this long bridge...

we would reach the tunnel and travel under water for a few miles, not my favorite thing to do. 

Here we go...scary stuff!

and can you imagine...

This is how it really looks! The Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel.

Hope you haven't completely crossed me off your list. I'll be back to visit and catch up. Didn't mean to stay away so long.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

A filthy post

I can't possibly begin this post with a picture of what I want to talk about. It is way too filthy!

I should be ashamed to post something this dirty.

It's the ceiling fan on that high ceiling in the living room. I'm fixing to climb a ladder and clean it.

Filthy! and this is the very ceiling fan that Poppy looks at and says, "I don't see any dust". Well, he IS waiting for a call from the eye place saying his new glasses are ready.

Tell me how this much dirt and dust collects on an object that spins. This fan runs almost non-stop. 

Mama would have disowned me.

a late afternoon picture taken when the sun was low and shining through the trees onto this pink rose bush. It was so bright, you can hardly tell the roses are pink.

Thank you for looking in. Oh, and here's how that ceiling fan looks now...

and I didn't get dizzy or fall off the ladder or any of that stuff. Think Poppy will notice?


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Henny Penny Lane

On the last leg of our late afternoon walk around the pond, then up past the garden, and down the road past the house...

and past the teeny tiny goat barn, where we turn around and come back home.

Look! I've found a container, a big container, to hold potting soil up at the new potting bench...

Oops! without the kitty cat, of course. It's an old granite ware tub, part of an old wringer washer. My daughter Andee and her friend Dawn found it in an old barn that was being torn down and thought of me.

For now I've set a bucket of soil inside the tub. It will take a lot of potting soil to fill this tub, plus I need to find something to use for a cover...don't want rain turning it into a black muddy mess.

See the vine in the dark green pot on the bench with the clay pots? You know, I was looking for a vine that would grow in the shade and lo and behold found the Creeping Charlie vine that had taken root in one of my potted's that for luck? 

Looks like I am not the only one having fun up at the teeny tiny garden with the new potting bench.

Can you see me now?

It was mighty boring around here before sweet Smokey arrived. No matter what I'm working on in the yard, he stays right with me, playing hide and seek and jumping out to scare me. He follows me around like a dog.

That's about it for the news on Henny Penny Lane today...but wait, finally, a half way decent picture of Rosie goat...

with, of course, something to eat in her mouth. Rosie is obsessed with food. She eats continuously. No more putting a bale of hay in the hay rack. She would stand right there and eat until the entire bale was gone. Her little belly feels like a basketball.

Rosie is still a sweetie pie and when I sit down in the goat lot she is all over me...jumping into my lap and nibbling at my ears and neck.

Hope to be back soon...


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Just things around the teeny tiny farm

Guineas really are strange creatures. We have found two nests right here in the yard. The first nest had 27 eggs. We sold the fertile eggs for $5.00 a dozen. Two days later we happened upon this nest hidden under an Azalea. We gathered 24 eggs and left 17 in the nest so the guinea hens will keep coming back here to lay..

Usually when a nest has 30 or more eggs, one of the female guineas starts setting, and boy does she put her life on the line to do so. During the day a male guinea stays close by to protect and keep her company. Come sunset, all the guineas except her, fly up in the big cedar tree over the chicken lot, leaving the little female all alone to sit through the dark of night, with wandering possums, raccoons, skunks, and foxes.

Why just last week, early morning around 6:30, Poppy left for work and just up the dirt road started seeing guinea feathers. Hundreds of guinea feathers. He got out of the truck and tracked the feathers to a nest in the deep grass along the edge of the road. The poor guinea had put up quite a fight but was gone. Had we known she was there, we would have brought her and the eggs home. The nests are hard to find.

Down behind the chicken lot is the darkest, richest I got the little pink wheelbarrow dirty again. Also tried out the new potting bench and re-potted eighteen Rose of Sharon plants.

Trouble is, I caught myself bending over the wheelbarrow to fill the pots with soil. How does one use a potting bench? Maybe as a place to to put everything? Anyhow, it was fun and the little plants look much happier.

There is one beautiful yellow, and I do mean yellow! lily blooming in a pot at the teeny tiny garden...

Digging a new flower bed in full sun to grow flowers, lots of flowers, is weighing heavy on my mind. I won't rest now until that is done!

From our late afternoon, after supper, walk around the pond with Eli and Weetie...

and the cool patch of wild ferns that grow at the head of the pond.

Thank you now for visiting today. I'll end this with a kitty cat picture. One of Bickett that Poppy took. Seems every time Poppy walks past Bickett, when he is on this stool, one of them tries to pick a fight...

Poppy says it's Bickett. Pardon the dust. The weather has been much too pretty these last few days to stay inside and dust.