Friday, December 31, 2021

Christmas Angel, and Happy New Year!

Here it is New Year's Eve! Just doesn't seem possible. Look, I'm not prepared...I still have a little bit of Christmas stuff to talk about...

I was in the Safe Space thrift store a week or so before Christmas and saw the prettiest angel. I took her off a top shelf for a closer look...she was priced at $10.00...I sat her back on the shelf.

Well, the Thursday before Christmas I was back in the little thrift shop and noticed the sign on the door read, "all Christmas items 75% off". To my surprise, the angel was still there...

This time she came home with me and I paid only $2.50. Isn't she pretty?

I moved her from place to place before deciding she looked best on the table in the hallway...

Have you taken down all your Christmas decorations? We haven't! Normally, I take down and put away everything the day after Christmas but not this year. Sunday is supposed to cold and rainy. Hopefully, I will get it all done then. Looks like Eli is still waiting for Santa...

Anyhow, it's New Year's Eve out here in the woods. Poppy is watching, well, it was Gunsmoke, but now it's some old Western...probably with John Wayne or Audie Murphy. I did a little sewing tonight...almost finished two aprons but left it to do this post. We live very exciting lives out here. :)  Good grief! It's 9:34, bedtime!

Really just wanted to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Not making any resolutions but I sure do want to post a little more often in 2022. I appreciate you, my blogging friends, so much! 

I've been playing in the teeny tiny greehouse these warm December days and have a few pictures. I hope to be back soon.





Saturday, December 18, 2021

The Christmas Deer

Been a few years since we put up any Christmas lights in the yard but this year just feels different. We needed something that would light up the dark nights here in the woods. We hung a star in the old well cover...

I like it, but you know how one thing leads to know what would be pretty way out here?? A lighted deer I told Poppy.

So we have patiently waited to see a delivery truck arrive. We were given a delivery date of December 10th through 13th. 

Late yesterday,  a beat up pickup truck carring a load of hunting dogs pulled into our driveway! Poppy's first response? "D...! that looks like a dog hunter. What the h... is he doing in our yard"? 

You see, out here, dog hunters are hated by still hunters. Anyhow, A man gets out of the truck, pulls out a large box and asks, is this such and such address? Yes, Poppy answered. Well, said the man, this package  belongs to you. It was delivered to our hunting club about 6 miles from here and we don't even have an address there. The driver just sat the package out at the road. 

We thanked the man over and over for bringing us the package. I mean, they could have kept it and we never would have  known. Especially nice of the club since Poppy is pretty well known out here because of his quest to do away with all dog hunting. 

"Kinda throws a new light on the dog hunters, doesn't it, Poppy?"

I said to the man in the truck, you know what's in that box, a deer. He laughed. 


Poppy went to work immediately setting up our new Christmas deer...

It may be a touch too fancy and the red cloth makes it look more like a camel, but that's okay, I wanted a deer and got one.

On my last post, Carla, from "The River" asked if we have holly trees. We surely do. Lots and lots of Holly trees and most years, are covered in pretty red berries...

It's so sad that this year there is not even one holly berry to be found. Not one! I love the holly tree! Thank you Carla.

I asked Smokey if he would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and he rolled over...

and said, "Yikes! Am I on camera"!

A Merry Christmas to you all!


Monday, December 13, 2021

Christmas Post, such as it is :(

Dearest Friends,

Eleven days until Christmas and I haven't posted the first thing about decorating or shopping or any of the fun things.

But, I have now put up a few Christmas decorations...

Yep, out to the shop and picked out a few favorites and placed them on the mantle...

then brought in the same little old Christmas tree and like the mantle, picked out and hung just a few favorite ornaments...

For some unknown reason I am hooked on Western and kinda wanted a Western look for the tree and surroundings. Wonder if this feeling comes from living day in and day out with Matt Dillon and Gunsmoke? :( I actually dreamed about Matt recently.

I added another string of lights to the tree and didn't do a very good job of hiding the cord.

and this old old wreath I pulled from the shop too...Oh, I have carried this wreath to many a yard sale only to bring it back home and hang it in the shop...

so I added a few sprigs of holly and cedar, a pine cone or two, the bells, a ribbon and it looks okay, maybe. At least the artificial look is covered. 

Oh, my new lightweight battery powered leaf blower has arrived. As soon as the battery was charged, I gave it a try and soon had the front yard cleaned, again! I love it!!

and I did hang the big Santa poster...just can't get a good picture because of the glare...

tomorrow I'm taking it down and figuring out some way to fit it better into the frame and reduce the glare.

Well, I'm going now to write a few Christmas cards. Hope to be back soon but one never knows. Want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for putting up with me. I love and appreciate all my blogging friends. Thank you!



Oh, and let me show you this big red barn!

Is this a beauty or what! It's located about five miles from our place. I watched with envy as this barn was being built. I wonder if it really is a barn or if it was built for a home? Okay, lots of love!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A Big Thank You

Dearest friends,

In case you've forgotten, it's me, Henny, posting from our raggedy little farm here on Henny Penny Lane.

I am so ashamed of myself! I keep going back and reading your comments on my last post...wonderful comments...sweet little fairy tales, and comments about the "wish bone", and cutting up a chicken to fry, and lots of good helpful stuff about a broken wrist and how to make it well again. Thank you all so very much. 

Here it is December and we are ankle deep in leaves...

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago so all the have now fallen to the ground.

I am overwhelmed with leaves. One day last week for more than three hours, I raked leaves and hauled them away on a big tarp, dumping them in the garden or in the goat lot...

the next day a cold front came through with winds gusting to 25 less than half a day, the little front yard was once again covered in leaves.

I marched in the house and announced to Poppy that something had to be done...raking leaves is hard work! I think we need a light weight battery powered leaf blower. One that I can use! So friends, a little blue hand held leaf blower is on it's way!

We have three leaf blowers in the shed, but two are electric which means I have to drag a big 100' heavy duty drop cord along with me, and the other is a very old gas powered leaf blower Poppy bought 30 years ago. It is big and heavy and loud!

Here it is December and I should be talking of Christmas and pretty decorations...not leaves. 

Yesterday was my first full hour of physical therapy. It was okay. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I plan to go back to my last post and read your comments again and again. I appreciate you all so much. I also plan to come back soon in more of a Christmas spirit. Maybe I'll hang the big Santa poster on the front porch first.