Monday, April 23, 2018

So, what's blooming now?

Will you run away if I tell you I've been in the yard taking pictures again? Please don't. I will get over this. Just give me a little time. :)

Spring is absolutely my favorite time of the year. Wish I had five acres of pure clover, so I could sit there in the middle of the beautiful green.

Guess my being so proud of what's growing here is all the years of hard work; the dreaming, and wishing, and planning, and then clearing yet one more spot in the woods to plant one more flower, and make one more path.

A lot of the plants were started from cuttings, rooted from other plants. That's why there are so many of the same in the yard. But that's okay.

Like these yellow water iris that have started 1996 when the pond was built, Poppy and I went to Lowes and bought one, just one, water iris and now the pond is surrounded by them.

Oh my gosh! My dream was to have a little log cabin in the woods. You may remember the old bluegrass song, The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane?

Well, we finally got our cabin in the woods. Hey, and in the lane...Henny Penny Lane. Who would have thought! 

and besides that, we got two silly goats!

Heidi says, "want a bite of my hay"? She is a sweetie pie and would share it with you.

You've seen the big pink azaleas, but now the pale pink ones have started to bloom, so...

pardon me for showing you again! I will get over this!

We are supposed to have rain coming in this afternoon, and then lots of rain tomorrow. I rushed home from the dentist office this morning, after getting a tooth filled, and set out four tomato plants and then got a row of green beans planted. Not much, but it's a starts and makes me happy. 

Gosh, reckon I will know how to act this week. Poppy is working five days! Five days! Well thank you, if you're still here. I wouldn't blame you if you're not. 


Wednesday, April 18, 2018


More yard pictures...imagine that! But you know what? I just have to show somebody!

I was thinking today how no one ever comes to visit in the springtime when the trees are in bloom and the ground is covered in violets, and Ajuga, and blue bells. Nope, most of our company comes to visit around Thanksgiving or Christmas when the yard is covered in brown wet leaves and the trees are bare and cold.

So, thank you for looking in again.

I'll admit the yard is a little snaky looking, as mama used to say, but oh wow! it's spring at last and I'm not ready to mow it all under just yet.

Right now, even the grass and weeds are pretty! I'll take it all!

 and here's that snowball bush, again...

with a bumble bee hovering overhead?

The guineas saw something interesting up there too!

and in spite of the strange weather we've had for the last three months, the azaleas have really come out.

Bickett wanted you to know that he had a very unpleasant day at the vet's office yesterday. You see, since he is a biting kitty cat, Dr. Davis had to sedate him...and while he was sleeping, he got a bad old rabies shot, got his back toenails trimmed, a complete checkup, and got the hair shaved from his back.

Lately, Bickett has had a bad case of matted hair and dandruff on his back. Dr. Davis said mostly it comes from his being overweight which makes it hard for him to groom himself properly. He weighs fifteen and a half pounds. So, Mr. Bee needs to lose three pounds. :) 

He has done nothing but sleep today. Maybe by tomorrow he will feel better. 

Oh my goodness, I'm out of time and I had more to talk about. Hopefully, there will be tomorrow.


Friday, April 13, 2018

about the few blossoms around here

Well, I'm back. Should have waited and titled this post..."still blogging". We've had a little spring-like weather and I've had the crazies again.  

The snowball bush has come through all this crazy weather and in a few days should be hanging in big white balls.

Oh my, spring arrives and all kinds of ideas pop into my head. Why yesterday while watering the new row of little Rose of Sharon trees, kind of hard to see...

I happened upon the perfect spot for a flower bed so, dropped everything and went to work on that, but don't have a picture yet.

Remember last year when I bought this Lilac bush that had been reduced? It's been in the little greenhouse through the winter. I simply cannot decide where to plant it.

Anyhow, it's blooming and oh my goodness, it smells just wonderful! I had no idea!

Also blooming in the greenhouse is this pretty wild red honeysuckle. Poppy broke off a small piece last summer from a vine in the woods and said, why don't you try rooting this. 

and this poor determined little tulip has bloomed for two weeks...closing up at night and...

faithfully opening up the next morning. Poor thing. Who knew there were tulips around. It's been years since I planted tulips. 

Not much of a post here, so thank you if you've stayed this long. Hopefully, I will be back soon with more exciting things to talk about.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Still blogging!

Still a little dull and ragged looking around here, but surely spring will settle in soon.

These up and down temperatures don't do a lot to help the plants. Why yesterday we went from 46 degrees early morning to 76 late afternoon...that little patch of Iris has been frozen and thawed several times since February. Most unusual weather!

This old sweetie pie called us out to the porch...hurry, hurry, he barked, you won't believe who's back...

It's "Wilder"! I know it's Wilder! He remembers me.

Well, it sure does look like Wilder, and seeing how he is out during daylight hours and not afraid of your big bark, I'd say it is Wilder.

Thought I would take a minute to say, yes, I am still blogging.  :)

Poppy went in to work at 6:00 this morning, so I am visiting early and then must get busy. Lots of cleaning today, especially dusting. The pollen looks to be about half an inch thick on everything, and we have company coming for lunch tomorrow.  

Can't help but worry about guests with all the cat hair, dog hair, and pollen. I've just washed a big washer load containing all the table cloths, scarves, pillow covers...anything that could be pulled off and washed.

I do appreciate your visit. Better get busy. Hope to be back here real soon.