Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canning and listening for a train whistle

My wish for growing green beans in the teeny tiny garden this year is coming true. I picked enough beans Tuesday to can another seven jars yesterday. That gives us fourteen quarts so far...

The tomato vines are covered in tomatoes but none are ripe yet except for this small, not so pretty one. The peppers are doing great. I'm growing my first, and favorite, orange bell pepper and I just can't wait to pick one. 

The beans already need picking again. With this hot humid weather again today, and a chance of storms, plus Hurricane Arthur heading up the North Carolina Coast...well, the beans will have to hang there until late tomorrow. 

Hope watermelon is not bad for dogs. Eli loves it and apples too. Maybe he just loves anything we are eating...

Notice the spot of yogurt on the table leg? Who know what will have to be replaced in this house by the time Eli is full grown.  But he is so sweet and so smart and so worth the trouble. Bickett says he is not too sure about all that...

Do you ever have one of those day where you have lots, maybe too much to do and you just don't want to do any of it! That's me today. I'm in one of my traveling moods. Good thing there are not any railroad tracks near by, because like my Uncle Lloyd back when he would hear a train whistle blowing in the distance, I just might drop my hoe right here in the field and take off running and catch that train.

Better hang around here and get to work!



  1. Your beans look great! Don't you love seeing them all lined up?
    I love that Eli eats his watermelon from a dish! Such a cutie. Hope Arthur doesn't cause you too much trouble.

  2. I hope you don't get too much wind and rain from Arthur. I have never known anyone who gave watermelon to dogs, so I looked it up. The seeds, in large amounts, can make a dog sick and small dogs shouldn't have any of them. Grapes and raisins are poisonous for dogs, but that's about the only bad fruit. The article said they shouldn't get onions, but didn't say why. We have friends who give their dog dried sweet potatoes for a special treat. Those green beans look good. I haven't had home-canned beans since my late mother-in-law canned them. I've got a little piece of a watermelon left in the fridge. You're making me want some. My husband doesn't like it so I don't have to share. His loss.

  3. Oh greenbeans look wonderful! We have some pretty plants except the ones the ground hog has been eating. I might just right a blog about it tomorrow.
    Love you!

  4. Love the image of you leaving the gardening behind and just galloping off after the train!

  5. I plan on a runaway day tomorrow.
    Canning green beans is a lot of work. Your product looks great.
    Stuff grows fast in NC from the look of your harvest.
    Stay safe in the storm.

  6. Wow, your beans have really done well! As have you, getting them all canned. I haven't even planted any yet, I wonder if there is still time. Maybe just....
    I have many days when there is so much that needs to be done, and I seem to be busy all day, but don't actually get any of those jobs done. And it's getting worse every year:(

  7. Good looking beans! Hope you escape Arthur:)

  8. You are too industrious! Makes the rest of us slackards look bad!


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