Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Hello Dear friends...

You know what? As usual lately, I was about ready to end my blog but checked in and saw all the comments from all my best friends and even noticed a new follower. How could I say goodbye! You make me happy! Thank you!

Saturday was an extra special day. Got to see both my daughters...

Andee was home from West Virginia so the three of us met in Wake Forest. Guess you know that's Andee on the left and Lynn on the right. 

We don't get to see enough of each other and when we are together the days go by way too fast. 

In other news, I've been wanting to make something new and different to sell at craft shows and the farmer's market. What do you think about Boho Bags?? 

Most fun is picking colors for the lining.

Not sure Bonnets, Aprons, and Boho Bags go together. :) Actually, this is my favorite type bag to carry...lightweight and will stay put on your shoulder. Have made only three so far. 

Speaking of bags, I was in the check-out line at Walmart. When I reached in my bag to get my checkbook, the man in line behind me said, "you're the only woman I've seen who carries a lightweight pocketbook. My wife's pocketbook is so big and heavy, she could kill someone with it".  Actually, the bag I carry is a little smaller than these I'm making. Would love to find a pattern like mine.

Anyhow, it's August! Not my favorite month for sure. It was 98 hot and sticky degrees here today. No fun being outside. I've always preached, once the Fourth of July is past, also is passed the fun of spring and summer, and I start looking forward to fall. 

Miss Ellie says it feels good to just stay inside on the raggedy old, pieced together, couch...

Ellie seems to feel good again, almost back to her old self. It has taken some time to get her medications just right with this Addison's Disease. We have to go in for bloodwork every few weeks. She is such a sweetie pie.

Eli appreciates being inside too on these hot humid days...

in his very own chair, I might add :( One of these days we may get a new living room suite. He's our big boy...our guard dog. 

Are you feeding the hummingbirds this summer?

We have two feeders up, one at the kitchen window and one at a living room window. It is amazing how much sugar water these tiny birds drink. I boil sugar water every single day and fill both feeders every single day! It's almost a full time job but worth the trouble. :)

Started this post last I will end here this morning. Today is line dancing day...Yay!! 

Someone had asked if I ever got my cowboy boots from Amazon...well, yes, but they didn't fit just right so I returned them. I did buy myself a pair, locally, and danced in them before the summer got so hot. Will take some dancing pictures soon. :)

Love, Henny

Get well soon, Diane