Friday, February 23, 2024

Blogging again!

Dearest friends,

Yay!  Picked up the computer today and guess what? Pictures will load, and open, and will actually load onto my blog post. 

Shoot, here it is bedtime. I just had to start a know, see how it feels. :) 

Gosh, I've missed so much...where do I begin? We've had some pretty days lately...still a little chilly and always windy, but the outside (and this row of tools) calls to me.,,

Have you ever seen such a clean neat shelter??  I did that last week. :) The tarp covers an old chest type freezer where I store hay. It works! After finishing up here I moved to Randall Rabbit's lot...

The fact that I was raking and moving things around didn't seem to bother him. You see, I'm fixing and cleaning up for a new bunny rabbit. Randall will be so excited! She is a beautiful black Flemish Giant/Rex mix. Randall really needs a friend. Rabbits need other rabbits. Hope we can bring her home early next week.

In other news, Shelby and I were vendors at a craft show on February 10th. Oh, it was supposed to be a grand event. Set up in a building on main street, all pretty and decorated for Valentine's day. "Free hot chocolate", "sip and shop", the flyer read

Quite a load of bonnets, aprons, and boho bags I carried, even made two Valentine aprons and two Valentine bonnets. Here's one set...

Shelby and I met in town and began the task of unloading and hauling in heavy tables, clothes racks, and box after box of jams and jellies. All set up and ready for the customers.

New bonnets made before the event...

and new boho bags...

Oh, and I had made a bunch of little pot holders, made for cast iron pans. I carried a heavy cast iron pan with me and piled the pot holders inside and then stuck one on the handle. It was cute!

Well, it was one of those days...customers strolled past me like I was invisible. I sold three little pot holders and made a whopping $9.00. Shelby did much better, but still no where near what she usually sells. Oh well, disappointing, but never a wasted day when Shelby and I can spend it together.

Okay, hope I haven't bored you too much. Will take me a while. Thank you for stopping by. 

Love, Henny

Thursday, February 1, 2024

A little chicken note from Henny Penny...

 Hey dear friends! 

Yes, just a note to let you know what's going on. Twice, I've tried to put a post on my dear old blog, which seem to be slipping away from me, and twice, have had nothing but problems. 

Just this morning, I explained to the Computer Guy that I have been loading and then using the pictures for my blog since 2013, so I don't think it's just me screwing up. Things seem different since the new hard drive was installed.

Anyhow, tomorrow morning the Computer Guy will check out our computer once again. 

Hope to return soon. Lots of love from all us folks and animals down Henny Penny Lane.

Love, Henny