Sunday, August 6, 2017

I love reds and pinks, and little mice!

See the little red transferware pitcher there in the center? I love it!

Poppy and I returned home Friday to find a package on the front porch, addressed to me.

It was from the sweetest blogging friend, Dianna, up in West Virginia. Dianna's blog is "Forgiven".

Dianna said she remembered my mentioning that I like the red transferware. Dianna collects the blue, so when the little red pitcher turned up in a box from an auction she and her husband had been to, well, she thought of me, and I am so tickled that she did!! Thank you Dianna! You make me want to be a better person. 

While I'm on a roll with reds...and pinks...

this little pink checked apron has been half finished and taking up room at the sewing machine. Thinking it would get me motivated to start on other aprons, I buckled down and finished it. The pink checks look a little old fashioned, don't you think?

m'lady needs a new dress for modeling the aprons...
is this prettier?

Yesterday I started out the front door to take a picture of my new car (yes!!!) and dropped the camera. It hit on the brick pavement and cracked open just a tiny bit, the pictures are now a little fuzzy. :(  Guess Poppy will be on Amazon looking at cameras tonight.

Oh my gosh! Did you catch that,  "new car"?

a brand new Nissan Rogue!!!
I don't know how to act!! Seriously, I don't!! After driving mama's little 1998 Corolla for several years, and friends, you know what mama said about that Corolla..."it didn't come with anything but a set of seats".  This new car even has a clock! :-)

One more thing to tell you...Some of you may remember about a year ago, September 2016, when I rescued a little mouse that was caught in a piece of wire.  My post about it was called "mouse rescue". I thought, never again in my life time would I have to rescue a mouse, but it has happened again, except this time at the bunny's pen. 

Thank goodness for blogging friends, because I could never tell Poppy that I rescued another mouse. You can see how I had to clip the wire. Poor little mouse, just like before, this one tried to go through the half inch square wire and got stuck, only this mouse turned and tried to go back through another hole. He was stuck twice. My heart felt like it would break. 

image from Wikipedia

I ran to the house and got my work basket which held the wire cutters, scissors, and pliers. Carefully, I had to squeeze the tip of the wire cutters between the fat little body and the wire and then snip. Then with the needle nose pliers, I bent the tiny pieces of wire up and away, freeing the mouse. He scurried away under a board and I walked to the house with my nerves shot, but happy.

Thank you, if you've managed to read all this. :)


We were at Urgent Care early this morning. Poppy woke up feeling mighty bad, running a fever, coughing, sneezing and very hoarse. The doctor says he has an upper respiratory infection.  


  1. Oh Henny, I hope Poppy gets better soon. And that was sweet of you to save the little mouse. I was trying to imagine how it was stuck, but just couldn't see it. I'm sure glad you let him go tho. Bless you for that. Congrats on the new car! What a wonderful surprise to receive the red ware. Lucky, Lucky you!

  2. You are a sweetheart, Henny. :) I love the apron and the new dress on the model. :) Poor Poppy...hope he is feeling much better soon. This is the time of year for those things to start. I am so so happy for you with the new car! It is so pretty! I know you are going to enjoy driving it. xx

  3. Hope your hubby is better soon, when they're sick we worry so much. Glad you rescued the mouse, what a kind heart you have. You deserve the beautiful New car and the pitcher.

  4. Aww, sending healing wishes to Poppy, there seems to be a lot of Upper Respiratory Infections going around right now :(
    I love your new car, it's the same as my granddaughter's and she gets great gas mileage. Congratulations. it is well-deserved.
    Poor little mouse, I would have done the same, much to the dismay of my husband.
    Love, the little apron, such sweet, gentle colors.
    The little pitcher is gorgeous, how kind of Debbie, and she knows it will be loved dearly.

  5. Nice car!! We looked at them when we bought our Buick earlier this year. Service is a big thing for us, Buick service is 15 miles away, Nissan 92 miles that was the clincher. Our daughter has a Rogue and loves it! Cute apron and Henny you are the only person I know who would rescue a mouse:) :)

  6. Hope Poppy is feeling better soon! :)

  7. I'm so sorry to hear Poppy is sick. Isn't is always a weekend when someone suddenly gets sick. Thank goodness for urgent care offices. I'm sure with you there to take care of him he will be better in no time. Give him my best to get well fast! I love your new car - how exciting! And that pitcher, what a lovely gift! Surprises are the best! The apron is beautiful - I don't think the checks look old fashioned at all. Henny you are the sweetest to save that little mouse. You are an angel to all the little animals!

    1. Thank you Bonnie. It is always the weekend when something happens...especially a toothache! That's the worst thing! I just had to help that mouse. Thank you.

  8. I don't know where to start... okay, first of all I hope Poppy feels better very soon. I imagine he's on antibiotics now.
    I love the cute pitcher that Dianna sent you. I very much agree that she is a sweet friend.
    I love your new car and I can imagine how thrilled you are to have a brand new car with some bells and whistles.
    And I love your story about rescuing the little mouse.
    Your newest apron has pink gingham and pink rickrack, both things I am fond of.
    Sorry you dropped your camera but like you said, Poppy will order you one that will probably be even better than your old one. I'm always scared I'll drop mine. It's so small I have trouble holding on to it.
    Well, I think that about covers everything I wanted to comment on. I'm trying something on my blog where I do more posts but shorter ones. I'll see how it goes.

    1. Oh, I can get carried away, can't I? Thank you Granny Marigold! I need to post about one thing at a time. :)

  9. Henny: please check your email, I've written to you.
    Thank you,

  10. Congratulations on your new car!
    Praying that Poppy heals quickly. God bless. ♥

  11. Hope Poppy gets to feeling better real soon. Summer colds are so hard to shake and bothersome to endure.

    Glad that you managed to get that little mouse untangled. I bet he had a real story to tell when he got home.

    Your new car looks great! A nice size not humongous and so easy to park. I love your Mama's remark about the car---I'll have to remember that one.

    1. Thank you Vic. I'm sure happy to have a new vehicle to drive. Now I some place to go. :)

  12. Must be nice to have a new car. I'm on the opposite end today, found out one of my tires got a flat :(

  13. Yikes, hope Poppy is better in a hurry. Colds and stuff like that just seem wrong in the summer. Congrats on the new car, it will be soo nice for you! Ours is a basic one, no air conditioning or anything fancy. The truck has a few more options at least!
    I too would have rescued the mouse I think. The only other option would be to kill it. Once there was a coyote caught in the top strands of wire on the fence round the chicken field. It had got its back legs caught as it tried to jump out. I'm looking at it hanging there thinking that really I should dispatch it, but we don't have a as I was thinking how I could untwist the wire without getting too close, it managed to wiggle itself free, thank goodness.
    I haven't forgotten that I owe you an email still.....Queen of procrastination that I am!

  14. Pretty pretty dishes! Very nice surprise in the mail for the lil pitcher too!! I love the aprons you make! Enjoy your new car, it's a pretty one!

  15. Thank you from another animal lover for helping the little mouse, Henny. I hope Poppy is feeling much better today.

  16. I love your new car! Woo hoo!
    I hope Poppy feels better really soon!

  17. New car!!!! Super!!!!

    Trip to ER. Not super.

    But glad he went, and got taken care of. Good meds, I am sure. Those upper respiratory infections, can not be messed with. Nor not worried about.

    Remember that, if you come down with it. Get to a doctor, before it gets a hold on you!

    Take care. So pretty and old fashioned looking apron too.

    Happy Full Green Corn Moon,
    Luna Crone

  18. Oh so sorry about Poppy. Sure hope he's better soon.
    NICE new car. Happy safe driving with it.
    That sounds just like Dianna, the little pitcher is lovely.
    Yes, I do remember you rescuing that mouse last year. What a kind heart you have to rescue mice.

  19. Yay for the new car! What a fun drive you are going to have... M'lady's new dress really does show off the new apron, which is just lovely. I adore the bottom ruffle.

  20. Sorry to hear that your hubby is not well, but with you to care for him, I know that he'll be his old self in no time. What a lucky little mouse . . . if he was going to get trapped, he certainly picked the right farm to do it in :) You have a heart as big as Texas. Love the apron, too . . . it's very old fashioned and very pretty. Have a lovely week.
    Connie :)

  21. Aren't surprises in the mail wonderful? As for the little mouse, I'm sure he had a story to tell when he got home. We had a little feral kitten run into the house when we opened the kitchen door. Eventually he ran back out... but I'm sure he had a story to tell his mama. Congrats on the car. I'm still driving my mom's 1995 mercury, but it still runs well. Hope Poppy is better soon.

  22. Hope this finds Poppy feeling better. Love your new car! Such a lovely did a wonderful job! How sweet Dianna is to remember that you like the red and that she got such a lovely piece for you! What a sweet surprise!

  23. I hope your hubby gets well soon and that you don't get it! I don't like mice so don't know if I could ever rescue one or not. I would hate to see it in distress though. Lovely apron and what a nice car you will be driving around in now! Nancy

  24. Poor Poppy, I hope he feels better real soon. I am sorry about your camera I did this one day with my camera and it fell down a flight of stairs and hit the pavement. It never worked again. I try to be very very careful with my camera now. Sometimes I want a new camera that has the exchangeable lenses. I love the beautiful little picture. I need to go around to some shops and see if I can find me a big stock pot to use to cook my stuff in for canning. Love you so much.

  25. What a fabulous new car!!! Hope Poppy feels better soon, and I love that you rescued that little mouse!

  26. I just now have read this...I hope Poppy is okay.

    Love your new car!

  27. it's very old fashioned and very pretty. Have a lovely week.

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  28. Since I'm just reading this on the 9th, I'm hoping Poppy is now home and resting.

    Yes, I have found blog friends to be simply sensational.

    And I thank you for assisting Mr./Ms./Mrs/ Mouse.

  29. Sending prayers for Poppy!!
    I love the new car. :-)
    Still chuckling about the mouse.

  30. Oh Henny...those are just so scary! Praying that your hubby will begin to feel better soon :) and the apron and the dress, well, I am just in love! :D mari

  31. Congrats on your new car! Very sharp!
    I love red transferware too. My china cabinet is full of it.
    Hope your nerves recovered from your mouse rescue. You are so good hearted!
    Take care.

  32. I love the apron, especially with the second dress. It's perfect. Your new car is beautiful, there is nothing like the smell of a new car. Enjoy! I'm thrilled you saved the little guys, I would have done the same. I have a soft spot for them. I hope your husband feels better soon.

  33. Your little pitcher is adorable! I like the red transferware, too. My daughter has a few pieces of blue.

    I really like the fabric choices for your apron. Both dresses are very nice, too. I started an apron from an old apron I that's worn out just before my cancer diagnosis. I haven't worked on it since. Just kind of shook up, I guess.

    Your car is beautiful! So happy for you!

    I understand about the mouse!
    Be blessed,


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