Monday, August 28, 2017

Empty nest

The wild bunny is free now. I'm sure going to miss that sweet face. He slept curled up there just inside the entrance to his little straw hut. It felt like the right thing to do early this morning, but now, here at the edge of dark, it's feeling a lot like the wrong thing. I'm worried about him.

he stopped here briefly in the grassy area before disappearing into the woods...where wild bunnies live. We've been out several times to see if we could spot him, but we never did. 

Poppy reminded me of the quote that goes something like, "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn't, it never was."

pulling weeds and bamboo grass here, I nearly grabbed this big praying mantis. No wonder he is giving me that evil look. 

and pitiful looking, but here is the persimmon tree I bought last year at Walmart...half dead and on sale. Still looks about half dead, but it's growing persimmons.

been busy weeding and mowing...

and remember how I tackled this weedy mess a week or so ago...

here is the bed now, layered with compost, newspaper, grass clippings, and leaves...
can't wait to fill the bed with Iris again.

Thank you for visiting. Hope to be back soon.



  1. Aww, safe travels sweet bunny ... I hope he visits often :)
    Flower bed looks ready fro the Iris, and will be beautiful next spring.

  2. you have an amazing yard, so green
    well hope the wild bunny survives
    thanx for sharing

  3. I love the pictures of your little place. That sweet little bunny will be just fine.

    Grace & Peace,

  4. He will most likely be fine and happy and drop by with his twelve kids soon. :)

  5. It's all looking so green and tidy.
    Be safe, little bunny. You are loved.

  6. I hope the little bunny visits you soon:)

  7. I know it was hard for you to let the little bunny go Henny, but as you said it felt like the right thing to do. I believe you are a special angel to the animals and you knew in your heart it was the right time. The little bunny was a wild thing and would never be happy in a cage. Now he can be free with the other wild bunnys. I would not be one bit surprised if someday he comes back to visit you and like Deb said he might bring his family with him to see that nice lady that helped him when he needed it!

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment Bonnie. Poppy kept telling me that it would not be fair to the bunny to keep him in a pen. He could see other wild bunnies that come in the yard. I just hope he makes it, on his own.

  8. I'll bet a nickel that if you leave the gate open the bunny will come back and sleep in his nest.

  9. Poor bunny. Freedom comes at a cost in the wild. He'll miss his warm bedding and protective fence.

  10. You did the best thing for the bunny, although it must have been hard. Your hard work in the garden is reflected in its beauty, such a beautiful space.

  11. I bet the bunny is all safe in Brambly Hedge, after a warm welcome.
    Your place looks so good, so loved and tended, Henny.
    Persimmons are a cozy sort of fruit. I remember over 25 years ago a lady on our Young Life committee was making persimmon pudding when we stopped by one day. It was a tradition for her because she was from Northern California and I think had a childhood persimmon tree.
    Oh, weeds. I wish our weather would cool a bit so I could go out in my farty boots (they squeak) and tackle mine.

  12. I hope he comes back. We let one go one time and he did come back.

  13. It's funny how quickly we get attached to animals

  14. Poppy is right....

    It is a wild animal. Nature will write the rest of its story.


  15. Be safe little bunny. I bet Red is right, he just might come back to his nest one day. Your yard is beautiful and the area looks set for Iris. hugs, lj

  16. Bunny will probably be back to nibble on your tender veggies... :~) You certainly do have everything neat and tidy at Henny Penny Lane.

  17. I'm sure letting the bunny go was the right thing for you to do. Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be fine and happy being free.

  18. I know you worry and miss your wild bunny but I think that was the right thing to do to let it go back to it's natural surroundings when it was ready. Nancy

  19. I hope little wild bunny will be okay. I hope he comes by from time to time so you catch a glimpse of him.
    Your yard looks great. I must do what you did and clean out a weedy looking bed but I'm waiting for cooler weather.


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