Thursday, August 10, 2017

Digging in the back yard

Yesterday I dug up that big weed patch in the back yard...the one with the struggling Iris in the middle...

and in the center of the weed patch found a half dead Hydrangea fighting for it's life...

I read on line again how to start the "lasagna garden" no-till no-dig method. First a layer of newspaper, then a wheelbarrow load of waste from the goat lot and barn, old hay and dropping from the bunny cages, then topped with some rotted leaves. I still need to add a layer of green and some compost.

Funny how many years it has taken for me learn that you can't buy a plant, stick it in a hole in the ground, especially in this clay soil, and expect it to grow.  

buckets and buckets of Iris rhizomes...

I've potted several and given away a grocery bag full. The rest have been trimmed and spread out to dry for a couple of days in the sun, then be stored in a cool dry place. Got this info on line too.

Peppers! Here we go again...

but look! Can't help but be proud. These are from the seeds I saved from those tiny little colored peppers you buy in the grocery store. So cute, and taste so sweet!!

and on a sad note...the guy who bought mama's car came yesterday and picked it up. A really sad feeling swept over me as I watched him drive away. I had to make myself get busy and think about other things. 

Poppy has finished the antibiotic and is feeling much better. Thank you for your nice comments.

Better get busy.



  1. The peppers are a glorious rainbow, my plants along with the tomatoes and cucumbers have flowered but not set fruit. They are destined for the compost bin. The 2 chilli plants that I kept from last year have been prolific. I have 3 lovely hydrangeas in pots, this autumn they must go into the ground or I will have to buy huge pots. Glad to hear that Poppy is on the mend.

  2. The wonders of newspaper as a mulch will never cease to amaze me. My husband just won't give up on that awful landscaping fiber stuff, but it pops up weeds like crazy while my newspaper protected areas stay weed free. Wondering if you have heard of Square Foot Gardening? It's a book, but I believe you could find info on the internet too. Your little garden this year really has kept you in wonderful fresh food and you've inspired me to tackle at least some squash plants next year. I'm amazed you grew vegetables from the seeds of other vegetables from the store! You are a great role model.

  3. P.S. Henny, rejoice in the gift of so many years with Mama's car and know that she is smiling down on you as you let that gift go to someone else who needs it more. Your mama would want only the best for you just like you want only the best for your children.

  4. We have awful soil too and have to help the plants. Wow, that's a lot of peppers! Sometimes it's so hard to let go, but think how much your Mom would love your new car.

  5. Wow, wonderful work done!!!! And you saved struggling plants! They must be so happppy!!!!

    Hooray for the peppers from seeds. you should be proud. Doing that, makes for more fun in the end, than just buying plants. :-)))))

    Wonderful to make a permaculture bed. Just wonderful.

    Also good news, that Poppy is taking his meds, and getting better. Really, we can't mess with these respiratory infections. Are you OK??????????

    Yes, a car one has loved... It is hard to let it go. I had an original Firebird for years and years. It finally had to go. But oh it was sad-making.

    Hugs, Luna Crone

  6. You have peaked my interest with your lasagna garden. I am going to google it :) You have reason to be proud of those peppers, beautiful :) Have a happy weekend.

  7. I've heard about lasagna gardening. It will be interesting to see how it works for you.
    Your peppers and tomatoes look fantastic!
    Glad to read Poppy is feeling better.
    I understand your feelings watching your old car drive away. I felt the same way when we sold my Dad's car.
    Take care!

  8. Oh are doing wonderfully :0) I am the kind of gardener that leaves the weeding for last! :0) enjoy your lovely beds...

    sending you hugs...


  9. It's wonderful you still have so much from your garden. We have a tomato here and there but I'm hoping that once it cools off a bit they will go on to produce more.
    I can imagine how sad it was for your to watch your Mom's car drive away. Moms are so precious and we wish they could live forever. I have spent the day in the "rehab center" with my mom today trying to spread some smiles around and a listening ear in a place no one wants to be. It's all part of life thought, isn't it.

  10. I'm happy to hear Poppy is improving! I understand your feelings of watching your Mama's car drive away. It is hard when we say goodbye to something we associate with a loved one. I like what "At Rivercrest Cottage" said about how you Mama would want the best for you and be happy to know you got a new car. Sending you hugs Henny. I still miss my Mama and Daddy and always will.

    1. Thank you Bonnie. I don't think we ever stop missing our parents. Daddy has been gone much longer than mama but I sure miss the both too.

  11. In order to garden well we have to know about soil and know what soil we have.

  12. Your teeny tiny garden is doing so well. I love all the colourful peppers!!

    It must have felt so sad to see your Mom's car leave but hopefully you'll love your new one too.

  13. Hi Henny - wow, your garden is paying you back for all your hard work. We are just now getting peppers. Picked my first one today. The tomatoes are just now turning red and i think I'll have a mountain of them. :) I know what you mean about letting go of something that has a tremendous sentimental value to it. I still have things of my mom's that I should let go of but haven't after twenty years. I hope your hydrangea makes it. That is my favorite flower of summer.

  14. My first car was from a woman who had been put into a nursing home or something, and the daughter sold it. She expressed her regrets in doing so

  15. Happy to hear about Poppy!
    I remember when we sold my grandma's car and cleaned out her apartment. Yep, I understand your feelings.
    xx oo

  16. I know it had to be sad for you to let go of the old Toyota but I love your new car. It is nice!! I am sure you have a lot of things that will always keep you close to grandma. Glad Poppy is feeling better. I have go to break down and go to the dentist. I just hate going and hearing all the bad news. Love you bunches.

  17. Glad to hear Poppy is feeling better! And oh my, those peppers - beautiful! This past year I used grocery store garlic to plant instead of the super-expensive garlic from the nursery catalogs! And I agree, it's amazing how long it sometimes takes to figure things out about plants. But, it's seasonal living. They don't call it "the slow life" for nothing!

  18. It is so nice to come visit dear Henny... it seems like forever but so mich has been going on in my life with God and my grown children.. it has been a whirl wind .. I'm glad all is well. Love your new car. Maybe on day I will get one too. I'm driving mama ole Buick, but it beats walking.. Have a wonderful day.. Ps. Don't know if I could save a mouse.. with love Janice

  19. So glad to hear Poppy is feeling better.
    I always want to just stick things in the ground and have them grow too. 😊
    You've been busy in your garden.
    Your peppers and tomatoes look wonderful.

  20. Your bounty from the garden is making me promise to have a little raised bed in our re-landscaping project. I didn't plant anything except a basil and a parsley plant this year, and with new sprinkler system, I might do more next year. You are an inspiration in so many ways!
    This year I also got my first new car in 15 years. I was able to give my nephew my 2002 Tahoe, and I know how you felt about seeing someone drive away in a touchstone on wheels. He promised to take good care of her, and I asked her to protect him. So much better to have him in that vehicle than the motorcycle he had been driving! California freeways! Your new SUV is beautiful, and I hope you have lots of comfortable miles ahead in her.
    Here's hoping you get a good view of the eclipse on the 21st!

    1. Thank you Pam. This is the first year in a long time that I didn't plant Basil. I planted parsley, but it did not grow. Glad you got a new car! That is a long time to drive one. I'm thinking that I drove mama's little car for ten or eleven years. Motorcycles are so scary. Daniel, Lynn's oldest son bought a motorcycle and drove it for a while. We were all glad when he sold it. Good to hear from you Pam. Henny

  21. Your peppers look great! I am glad Poppy is better! That is one bunch of Iris Rhizomes:)

  22. When we divide the Iris and Cannas we seem to beg people to take them, nobody wants the trouble :(
    It bothers me to compost them.
    Those peppers looks fantastic, just look at those beautiful vibrant colors !
    Happy to read that Poppy is feeling better, it's not fun feeling poorly.


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