Saturday, August 12, 2017

Old cookbook and a poem

Mama's old Watkins Cookbook...

and Mama, back then...

I remember when the Watkins man used to stop by our house with his Watkins products. I'm sure that's how mama got the cookbook. She also had a set of beautiful glass ovenproof bowls she bought from the Watkins man. The middle size bowl was perfect for making her banana pudding...Daddy's favorite dessert.

Poppy is feeling much better...however, I woke up sick yesterday and had to see our doctor. Whatever this crap is, it's awful! headache, fever, sore throat, aches and pains...So, I too am on an antibiotic. 

Anyhow, with us both being sick, I was reminded of a little poem. A poem that mama kept in this cookbook.
When pa is sick, he's scared to death
an' ma an' us just holds our breath;
he crawls in bed an' puffs and grunts,
an' does all kinds of crazy stunts.
He wants "Doc Brown" in mighty quick,
for when pa's ill, he's awful sick.
He gasps an' moans, an' sort of sighs,
he talks so queer an' rolls his eyes;
Ma jumps an' runs an' all of us,
an' all the house is in a fuss.
An' peace and joy is mighty skeerce-
when pa is sick it's something fierce!

When ma is sick, she pegs away,
she's quiet though, not much to say;
she goes right on a-doing things,
an' sometimes laughs, or even sings,
she says she don't feel so extra well,
but then its just a kind of spell,
she'll be alright tomorrow sure,
a good old sleep will be the cure;
an' pa he sniffs an' makes no kick,
for women folks is always sick'
an' ma, she smiles, let's on she's glad,
when ma is sick, it ain't so bad.
                                     (author unknown)

Actually, my sister Shelby found this old poem many years ago. Mama loved the poem, probably because it reminded her so much of daddy. She always kept a hand written copy folded and inside her old Watkins Cookbook.



  1. I'm so sorry you are sick now Henny! Please rest and take care of your self. All those things I know you want to do will still be there when you are feeling better. It is Poppy's turn to take care of you! That poem is great and isn't it the truth!

    I love that picture of Smokey that looks like he is on a tree or fence rail or something. Is that new? He sure is handsome!

    1. I forgot to tell you - I love that cookbook! Aren't the old cookbooks fun to read and they have good recipes too. I have a few old ones from my Mother and Grandmother and just love them.

  2. Ha, Ha! Enjoyed the poem; reminded me of what our little five year old boy told his kindergarten teacher. "My daddy says he's sick, 'cepting he's not." She really enjoyed telling us about that one, and others too. I'm sorry that you are not feeling well! It's such a bother to be sick when there's so much we want (and need) to do... Take care, Henny!

  3. So sorry you are ill. That poem sure is the truth. Had a big smile on my face when I saw your Watkins cookbook. My mom had it and passed it down to me since she never used it. I love vintage cookbooks! Still loving my apron I purchased from you.
    Take care and get better soon!

    1. Oh, Patty, thank you! One of the recipes I remember mama using most from that cookbook was for "salmon Loaf". I'm so glad you like the apron.

  4. Too bad Poppy's germs got you! I hope you feel better soon.
    Great little poem. That's sure the way it was with my dad and mom . Now I think it's different. DH rarely 'gives in' to anything and when he does you know he's really not well.
    Yes, I do remember the Watkins man. I love my old Watkins Vanilla bottle and use it too. Every time I reach for it I'm glad I found it.
    Your old cookbook is a treasure that you'll probably pass on to one of your girls eventually.

  5. The poem sounds like MOST men. : )
    Sorry to hear your sick now too and hope you're better soon.
    What a treasure to have the cookbook that was you're mom's.

  6. I love this post . . . how sweet and the photo of your Mama is priceless :) Old cookbooks are the best! I love them because you can usually find the ingredients in your pantry without going to town. Simple and satisfying recipes. You're in my prayers, get well soon.
    Connie :)

  7. I like the poem. The old cook book is a treasure. My mom never had a cook book that I know of. I have several maybe someday someone will find my useful. Sorry you are feeling bad. Prayer you are better soon.

    Love you bunches

  8. So sorry to read you are poorly Henny, sending healing wishes your way for a fast recovery !
    Your little poem is sweet, I can see why your mama loved it.
    I look at that picture of your mama and can see that you both favor each other so much. Beautiful.

  9. Oh Penny ... I'm sorry you are not doing well. I pray that whatever it is, will be able to go away with the antibiotics you were given.

    That poem sure speaks truth! :0)

  10. I do hope you are both feeling better soon! You sound very uncomfortable. May God bless you and heal you in Jesus' name!

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  11. Sorry to hear you caught Poppy's cold. Hope you bounce back quick. Take it easy!

    1. Thank you Vic. I haven't had something like this in a long time!

  12. Get well soon! Crazy weather makes it easy to get sick.
    God bless.

  13. Glad Poppy is feeling better but hate to hear you are feeling poorly, now. I love that cookbook and I remember Watkins products, from my Mama's kitchen! Love that poem and ain't it the truth!!! LoL Feel better soon!

    Grace & Peace,

  14. I read the lemon recipe in the book and wondered if you can even get Watkins' lemon mix to add to pies anymore? And, ain't that the truth about men carrying on an on and women just carrying on?

  15. I hope the antibiotics work fast and that you're feeling better by now. I hope it's not keeping you awake at night, so you can get some rest. I love old cookbooks and can spend hours reading them. That's a funny poem. Take care of yourself; take it easy.

    1. Thank you Peg. Actually I felt worse this morning. Sure hoping this goes away fast.

  16. A lot of truth to that poem!! Hope you are feeling better soon. It almost sounds like the flu.

  17. I hope you are feeling much better by now!? And that old cookbook is so neat!--what a treasure to keep and look back on! I do remember the watkins man and some of the products......the vanilla especially!

  18. Great poem, hope you're feeling better soon, all your critters will be worried about you.

  19. That poem is a hoot. How cute that your mom kept it in her cookbook.
    I have seen the Watkins cookbooks, but never knew that there was also a Watkins man. Interesting.
    So sorry you are sick. I hope you will be feeling better SOON.

  20. Henny, I don't know the author of that poem, but it sounds a lot like the poems of Edgar Guest. I have an old poem book of his that I bought in the French Quarter a long time ago. It's falling apart and the copyright is 1921. It may not be, but it sounds like his work. If you like that poem, you might check out Edgar Guest.
    So sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you are better soon.

  21. Love the cookbook and poem,but so sorry to hear you are under the weather...hope you get well soon and back to doing what you love! Terry

  22. That's funny! It's not funny that you are unwell, Henny. I hope you are on the mend very soon.

  23. I hope you are feeling better by now...I don't even like to think about feeling that way.

  24. Hi! I had not seen that cookbook before and I loved the poem. Hope you are feeling better sooon! Nancy

  25. Hello! I just found your blog today, so happy I did! We share much in common, loving the simple life... and old things. I chuckled reading the poem you shared, how funny that your Ma kept it in this cookbook! I have to say whoever wrote it had a great deal of insight into the differences between men and women when they get sick, lol! I'm really happy to meet you, and hope to get to know you better soon :)

    1. Thank you Marilyn! I'm glad too that you found my blog. I just quickly popped over to your blog and I love it!! I will go back to read more. Those canned cherries are beautiful! Anyhow, there is a lot of truth in that old poem.


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