Thursday, August 17, 2017

A little Henny Penny Lane farm update

Well, here we go again, bedtime, and I haven't posted a single word. Where do the days go!

You would never know it from the picture, but Poppy and I both are feeling better. I have one more day on the antibiotic. 

The days are busy. Always something happening.  We lost another guinea on Wednesday. A young female. A neighbor's dog caught her and injured her pretty badly. I sure tried to save her, but it just wasn't meant to be. 

Then yesterday a male guinea came home with an injured leg. We are down to five guineas. 4 males and 1 female.

Look how the little wild bunny has grown. It's time to turn him loose. I've just got to do it.

He trusts me a little more now, but still, this is a wild rabbit, and he needs to stay wild. I want him to survive when he is own his own.

and here's half of the Iris rhizomes all dried and wrapped in newspaper...just like the online instructions said do. Now I've got to keep them in a cool dry place. Guess that will be under the bed in the sewing room...the only place I can find where there's not something. As mama used to say, "there's not room to lay a pin down around here".

Better get up from here and get all the animals situated for bed. I will be around to catch up. :)



  1. Hi Henny,
    I am sending a hug about your guineas.
    Keep us posted on how the wild bunny does. He just might be a new friend. We have friends who had a friendly wild ruffed grouse, they named him Gilbert. He would visit when they walked in the woods and would go along for the walk.


  3. Life and death events seem to be a part of having animals. but it is always hard. Sending hugs.
    I hope you get to collapse on a bed now and then like all of they guys in the first photo.

  4. diane in northern wisAugust 17, 2017 at 8:01 PM

    love your blog Henny. Glad you're both feeling better! So sorry to hear about your is tough out there. Hope your wild bunny will be okay! Love the pic of everybody sleeping. You are a busy gal and get so much done. It's always fun to read your blog. Take care this weekend!

  5. So sorry to hear about your guineas. :-(
    Very glad to hear that you and Poppy are on the mend! That is great! You all be safe and God bless.

  6. sorry about the sad. I love the picture of the doggies all relaxed and stretched out on the bed...they look so happy!

  7. So glad to hear you and Poppy are feeling better. The days are going by so quickly! So sorry about your guineas. Great photo of Poppy and the pups!
    Take care.

  8. Hey Henny! Glad you are feeling better. I know how you feel about the guinea girl, but maybe the neighbor can keep the dog home??? I am sure sorry about it. Guineas are so smart! They make a great friend, don't they? Well, I hope things improve, your little family looks well and the wild bunny has really grown! Love to you and your family, Terry

    1. Thank you Terry. It is always something to worry about with animals. Love you Terry!

  9. That first photo made me smile.
    Glad to hear you are both feeling better.
    Oh, how sad about your guineas. I am sorry.
    That bunny is adorable. I can see how it would be hard to let him go.

  10. Henny, your bed looks like ours if you switch the dogs to cats. As for the guineas, my daughter tried to raise them, but eventually lost most of them to either hawks or feral cats... or maybe even raccoons.
    Glad you're both feeling better.

  11. Ahhh, you had to take an antibiotic too!!!! And a good thing you did!!!

    Yes, antibiotics can make one a bit tired. But! I wonder if it is the meds, or simply, that a body, fighting off any illness, is in full war mode. Body against germs! Why wouldn't that deplete the body's usual vim and vigour???

    And it's best to let the body rest a little longer, after the fight is over. After all, our body is a marvelous mechanism. But like all mechanisms, heavy work takes 'some starch out'. Please, rest a bit.

    Take care of the critters. But everything else, will wait. Easily. Will be there, when you are all better.

  12. Your bunny is adorable - I bet it's going to be hard to let him go.
    Love the dog-decorated bed!

  13. My grandparents always kept a flock of guineas. They were free-roaming which made them easy targets for predators. Glad to know that you're both feeling better. Antibiotics just wear me out! Good luck to little wild bunny. So sweet SHE is!

  14. Glad you guys are feeling better, sad about the guineas.

  15. It's a shame people can't control their dogs. I saw two pit bulls tear a cat in half. It was awful.

  16. Take it easy, Henny. Those nasty bugs can hang on for a while. It's okay to be tired. Lie down.

  17. I am so happy to hear that you and your hubby are feeling better. That little bunny was very blessed when he needed help and you were there for him. You are certainly a sweetheart; I love how big your heart is. Storage space . . . I keep some seasonal things under my bed and some in the well house and shed. Now that we are canning so much, I'm thinking that I might need some of that space under the bed for canned goods. We'll see, LOL.
    Again, so glad that the two of you are feeling better.
    Connie :)

  18. Glad you are both feeling better.
    Sorry about the guineas.
    Happy to hear the bunny is doing so well and is ready to be released.

  19. Poppy is gonna kill you Henny if he sees that picture. You cracked me up and made me smile. A great start to the weekend.

  20. I'm glad to hear that you and Poppy are feeling better. That must have been some nasty stuff! Love your mamaa's saying about there not being a place to lay a pin down! Sounds like something my mom would say. :) It is amazing to see how that wild bunny flourished under your care, Henny!

  21. So sorry to hear about your guineas...such a sweet little rabbit!

    Glad you both are really feeling better!

  22. The little bunny has you to thanks for his healthy look. Yes, he does look ready to go out on his own. But I'd have a hard time setting him free too!
    Sad about your Guineas. Don't you hate dogs that are on the loose?
    Did I miss a post about the Iris? Why are they wrapped in newspaper??

  23. I am glad you are both feeling better! I am sorry to hear about the critter losses...and yes your bunny needs to go free...I hope he makes it! :)

  24. Now that first picture made me laugh! Yep, time to let the bunny go, but far away from home. We have a domestic rabbit that some one let go/escaped, hanging around our place. It had a bunch of babies a while ago, just down the road. Now the mother is at our place. Better not start eating the garden....I did try to catch her one day, got close, but not quite. Don't always see her, and she was missing for a while, but saw her again a few days ago.

  25. I'm just around to catch up, Henny. What a crazy summer this has been. Haha! Look at those three on the bed. :))) I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. I'm sorry to read about your guinea. It must be terribly hard to lose your birds. And that wild on earth will you let it go? Will you send it off in your own bush? I would have a hard time, too, to say good-bye.


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