Thursday, November 14, 2019


Here I'm starting a new post and really need to be catching up with yours.  I'll be there over there in a minute.

Wanted to thank you for the comments on my last post and say I did go back and reply to those of  you without blogs. See, my reasoning is, we can visit each other's blogs, but replying is the only way to visit the rest of you. I know you all must be glad I figured this out, and on my own too. :)

Anyhow, I've been busy cleaning...really cleaning...we have, hopefully, lots of family coming for Thanksgiving...
I am polishing the old silver...sounds kinda fancy, doesn't it? 

We may actually need to use some of this old silverware, so it will be sparkling clean and in the drawer with the other, just in case...

Oh, anything fancy like putting out the good china and crystal and silver, for me, went out the window back in the 1950's. I mean, we don't eat peas with a knife or anything like that; wouldn't surprise to see that, but for the most part we don't. :)

I really do like my collection of mixed silver patterns...all collected from thrift stores...
there's some fancy stuff here. Poppy said, "let's take it all to a pawn shop and see what we can get for it'?  Absolutely not!!

Polishing silver makes me happy. Makes me think of mama and remember the good old days. 

It's kinda like drinking hot tea. I've always wanted to be a tea who has an afternoon cup of tea from a pretty teapot served in pretty teacup and saucer.

Oh, I've grown to like green tea. Hot green tea. Decaffeinated hot green tea, with honey. Must be decaffeinated. I don't how the Queen ever gets a wink of sleep, drinking tea in the late afternoon. But I'm enjoying my hot tea in late afternoon, in a pretty cup. Gosh. It is fun. 

Back to my housework...know what else I've tackled? Remember that darn bottle collection on that high shelf in the living room that runs the length of the house, surrounded with deer heads and antlers and fish...

don't tell anyone I'm showing you how dusty and dirty this deer head is...

Had to bring the tall ladder for this job. I must have climbed up and down that ladder twenty five times. The muscles in my legs are sore but once again... 

we have clean!

I've simply got to get away from this computer and get busy. Poppy gets off work at 1:00. Need to at least get the floors vacuumed.

Oh, I am so excited about tomorrow. Andee is picking me up at 9:00. We are going to something called "Vintage Market Days" in Raleigh. Should be lots and lots of pretty things to look at, and lots of Christmas stuff. 

Thank you friends.





  1. Your silver collection looks fabulous, I LOVE thrift stores for odds and ends. I don't think I have ever had a matching set of ANYTHING lol...OOOH dusty lol!!! Good job cleaning! Oh and I read that the Queen actually has three cocktails a day, so she's sleeping okay! :)

    1. Yes! Rain..Sorry to butt in...
      The Queen actually has four drinks a day..
      The first enjoyed shortly before lunch, is a gin and Dubonnet
      with a slice of lemon and a “lots of ice.”
      Then at lunch she’ll have a piece of chocolate and a glass of
      Then after lunch the Queen drinks a dry Gin Martini..
      Her final drink of the day? It actually doesn’t come until she’s
      going to sleep, a glass of Champagne before bed...

      Not bad going for a 93yr old..God bless ya Ma'am...!

  2. I like the different patterns of your silver! I've never been one to have a "set" of dishes. In fact my entire house is a mismatched Granny's attic/Junk store hot mess! Don't you just hate all that dusting!? I've packed away all of my collections because I was so tired of spending all my time cleaning!

    Have fun with your daughter and don't forget to take pictures!

    Grace & Peace,

  3. When will Rumba come out with a drone duster? LOL I would buy one. I like the looks of shining silver ware, but oh boy that a job. Blessings to you. xoxo, Susie

  4. My job was to always polish my grandma's silver to set the Christmas dinner table. It is a job in itself, but ooh what a beautiful setting it makes.
    Tea-drinking is something I'll do 'til I pop my clogs. Mothers used to make babies milky bottles of tea when I was growing up, I 'spect it wasn't the healthiest choice, but it was enjoyed.
    Great job on the dust cleaning, where does all that dust come
    Enjoy your market-time.

  5. Love the mixed collection of silverware!

  6. Your Vintage Market Days with your daughter will be wonderful. It sounds like a sweet way to kick off the holidays. I love mix match silverware and old vintage dishes, too. There's a beauty to having mixed patterns that appeals to my soul. I do hope that you are not going up and down a ladder when you are alone in the house. Please don't! Leave ladder climbing to when your husband is there to steady the ladder and catch you if you slip.
    God bless you and have a grand day with your daughter:)

  7. you're making me feel guilty about all our dust....will get to it before everyone arrives for Thanksgiving... I promise!!

  8. I love your assorted patterns of silverware. Anyone can buy a matched set but only the thrift store ones get to have all kinds of patterns. As for dust... most things ( like your bottles) don't need dusting more than twice a year I'd say. I sure don't dust all my knick knacks more often. I'd never be finished!
    How absolutely lovely that you and Andee are going to a Vintage Market. Have loads of fun and be sure to spoil yourself with some pretty purchases.

  9. I always seem to run out of spoons.

  10. Hello Henny Penny. I am just catching up on your posts after returning from my Mums again. I love all your silver - i have mismatched silver too! And also mismatched china plates & cups - I love them & use them every single day. Don't save anything for a special occasion - being alive is a special occasion! Thats what my Granny always said & she used all her finery too. Have a lovely time at the Market dear Henny. xx

  11. Sparkling silver and shiny glass - ooh, aah, pretty! Have you ever tried "White Christmas" tea from Stash? It's one of my favorites (decaf.) I too like hot tea:-)

  12. Henny, I have a mismatched drawer full of “real silver” silverware, too! Some came from each of my grandmas’ “good silver” sets, some from thrift stores many years ago. I love to polish them and think of the hands that have held them, young and old, on fancy occasions and just everyday.
    And I also love afternoon tea in a pretty China cup and saucer. No honey for me, though.

  13. I don't have any silver to polish!
    Dusting shelves of bottles is quite a task. I know I have them too!! : )
    Have a great day tomorrow!!

  14. Your silver does look pretty! The other day when I was feeling really bad, I saw the biggest cobweb in my kitchen that i have ever had and forgot about it till yesterday. It is in an area that is unlit for the most part...or I would have gotten it sooner.

  15. I love the old silver. I do occasionally use my fancy china, crystal, and silver, but alas, I think for the first time in my life, we will not have family with us for Thanksgiving. We are considering a restaurant.

  16. Good job on all that cleaning! I like the silver.
    Have fun tomorrow!

  17. I love to see all the silverware, Henny. I collect it from antique and thrift shops, too. And my collection is a mish mash of every pattern. :-) I especially love how light in weight some of the pieces are. I will use my mom's silverware that was passed to me 20 years ago at Christmas as I am hosting this year. Hope everyone is well and I hope you have a great day tomorrow with Andee. I'll be with my two girls on Saturday for lunch and Christmas shopping. Can't wait. :)
    Love to all, Deb

  18. I love the gleam of cleaned silverware. It matches sparkling glass and crystal perfectly. It wouldn't worry me having different patterns but I don't know if I could set my table with all of them different as I would want to make each individual setting match. But what fun collecting them all :)

  19. I agree about the ever-so-often dusting of more difficult things like the bottles. The house feels much cleaner when that job is done. The silver is really cool.

  20. I was cleaning this week too! It will be my first time hosting Thanksgiving. I am so excited.
    Love you Henny!

  21. That silverware is beautiful! I love your bottle collection - you really have a lot, it must have taken you a long time to dust. I like hot green tea too. My favorite is Bigelow Mint Green Tea and sometimes I add just a touch of honey. Enjoy your day with Andee. It sounds like fun!

    1. Hey Bonnie. Thank you. Those bottles are such job to dust. More trouble than the things are worth. :)

  22. Your silver is so pretty. I always enjoy seeing all of the patterns in different silver sets. I don't like cleaning silver though so I got rid of all of ours. I'm impressed with your cleaning. I don't like ladders at all so I would have put that job off too. :-)

  23. Oh! Deer! Oh! Deer! I hope the rear end of
    that deer was enjoyed and not wasted!
    mmmmM! Love venison..! :).

    Just gone seven over here, and, yes, l'm
    enjoying my first Green lemon tea of the
    day, with honey..just begging to get light! :).

    And silver yes..l'm not a great fan of silver,
    but on my 18th Birthday, one of the prezzies mia
    Mama gave me was a solid silver six place cutlery
    set..then she took it away from me, and said, l
    would get it back if and when l got married....
    And..sure enough eight years later..l did..! :o).
    And it's always used at every single dinner party..
    And kept highly polished..mostly with lemon...!
    I'm a typical Virgo..things must be clean and tidy..
    Strange..Lemons seem to appear a lot in my life...!

    So..l've finished my tea and comment..another tea is
    called for..Yes! And looking through the Paddington
    Bear curtains, it's looking a bit cold and frosty...!

    1. Hey Willie, Oh yes, the other end of those deer heads go to feed the hungry. Poppy works at the deer processing plant, just five miles from our house, called "Hunters for the Hungry". Any deer Poppy kills he donates there and then helps process it. That's neat story about the cutlery set from your mother. I do enjoy polishing silver.

  24. Hi Henny- My Chris had our Neighbors Daughter clean the Silverware- Jacqueline did the polishing to raise funds for her Church Group...that was yonks Jacqueline lives in Chicago with her Husband David and three beautiful Children...yes, indeed all Silverware has a Story to tell. Best Wishes. KEV.

  25. I like polishing silver, too, I really appreciate the result of the effort. We collect it second-hand but never use it...we also collect teacups and teapots that seldom get used, but that's a habit I want to change. I guess because it wasn't part of my Salvadorean upbringing-- But this is why I believe, I MUST have been a maid in an old Manor House in England in a previous life! Where else would this attraction come from? So, I understand your thing with your afternoon tea, except I prefer black tea. P.S. I enjoyed Willie's added info about the Queen-- God bless her, indeed! Deer are very pretty animals. Is there a special way to dust the mounts/taxidermy heads? I would feel anxious of wrecking the work if I touched it. Hope you have fun with Andee-- I'm looking forward to a weekend spent with my fellow sagittarian sister, soon! We'll be baking and watching Pride and Prejudice! But a day perusing a country market would make us, so, very very happy, too. Blessings and enjoy!

    1. Hey Pilar, I've always had that deep yearning to go to live like they do. Maybe I was once a maid there, or something. :) Oh, and dusting those deer heads...breaks my heart. I talk to them as I gently wipe the dust off, telling them how sorry I am, and how I wish they were back in the woods running and having fun. It makes me sad. I enjoy Willie's comments too. He is amazing...and funny too.

    2. Poppy is a kind-hearted man, I know from the stories you've shared of his bringing home rescued critters, knowing your love for them... I mean, I assume it is he who shot the animals on the wall? It's funny, the contradictions we carry within ourselves. They are admirable to look at, despite the sadness of their being dead, though. Oh, England is just wonderful, isn't it?!

    3. EDIT: Woops! I missed your reply to Willie and just read how Poppy's involvement with Hunters for the Hungry works-- amazing! Yeah, he's a good guy, your husband... Minus the time he scared you for halloween...Hope you have a wonderful day!

  26. Too much work, Henny! However, the out come is terrific. Lots of elbow grease involved. Good thing
    you get a break when you go shopping with your daughter. I am like you, only decafe tea after 12 noon. I
    do like green and black tea, and one or the other is what I have every morn after the good old hot oatmeal.

  27. Hope you have fun at Vintage Market Days! I love that show when it comes nearby.

  28. I agree that eclectic is best... different silverware, different china patterns, and different crystal. It makes the settings so much more interesting. And some like to pick where they sit (according to the setting they like). As for tea, I drink hot tea anytime of day (even sometimes at bedtime or at 3am) - and just add cream (no honey or sugar)! It sounds like you have a good head start on Thanksgiving.

  29. I'm having 25 people for Thanksgiving and I hate to say it but we use paper plates and plastic ware. It's too many dishes to wash anymore! All those bottles look so good!

  30. A delightful post, Henny! I especially enjoyed your clever little comment, "I don't know how the Queen ever gets a wink of sleep." :~)

  31. I don't own silver anymore. I NEVER found cleaning it relaxing and have never been sorry we DID take ours to be sold at a Vintage shop. I have a shelf like yours...or two...that I have to take the stuff down and clean. I took some of it that the kids didn't want to the thrift shop and only saved a few special things. Mostly I just quit .. let them worry about it when I'm gone lol. My house DOES accumulate dust. I have 3 dogs and every time the big one shakes the dust flies! Hope you had a great time at the Vintage Market. I hope you got pictures!
    xx, Carol

  32. Such beautiful silver patterns you have! It always feels good to get those difficult cleaning jobs out of the way! I hope you've had a blessed and special time with Andee... and i too love my green tea, it is fun :) Blessings and hugs!

  33. I love your old silver, another thing we have in common as I also have a bunch of mixed patterns that we purchased quite a few years ago when we were furnishing our cabin in VA...gee, I still miss that place. I use mine all the time and actually got rid of a bunch of ugly stainless steel utensils. For the past 6 weeks we have been using lovely plastic We have to empty the RV out again before we move it down the hill so why unpack twice, right? Love your bottle collection and it's so nice to know that other folks have dust too! :D

  34. What fine old silver and how it cleaned up so shiny. Some pieces look like a few I have. I have been purchasing it at the vintage shops too. I do have a few pieces of my grandmothers and I, like you, like to polish it. It does take me back some years of fond memories. I am with you on the tea. My mom used to drink it for dinner and always in a pot that we called a "Genie pot", that is what it looked like. She always put cream and sugar in hers as it was just to hard on her stomach without the cream.
    I like those brown bottles and my nephew has a few deer heads on his wall and having to dust them off from time to time.
    I am also needing to stay off of this p.c. and get some things done for thanksgiving. You've got me motivated after reading your post, a delight to read.
    Happy Monday

  35. Dear Henny such fun to see your silver. Sounds like you are getting ready for the holidays at your place. What a job tackling all those your legs were sore friend. Well hope your day out shopping makes up for all that hard work you have been doing. Hugs!

  36. I've been doing those sort of projects around my house too, Henny! It's that time of year, isn't it? We come in from the garden and have all this extra time....time to finally get around to some indoor chores!

  37. I will be starting my cleaning soon too for the holidays. We don't have silver and when we did I hated cleaning it. I gave a beautiful silver tea set to my Daughter years ago and she does not mind the cleaning.


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