Monday, July 24, 2017

The last pepper picture

My plan was to not post anymore about the garden. 

but look what we've got now! I give up trying to figure this one out!  and the bright orange one in the bunch...well, it's from a totally different plant...

Yep, this one grew from a seed I saved from those small colorful peppers you buy in the grocery store. It's so cute!

Friends, I can't begin to tell you how badly we need rain. All of our county got storms and rain yesterday, except us. Seriously! The sky turned dark and there was lightening and thunder, but nary a drop of rain fell. Well, neighbor Miss Ann said she counted ten drops.

Speaking of Miss Ann...the little wild bunny is growing...
it is so hard to get a good picture of this little bun bun.

adorable, but he looks wild, doesn't he? 

Lately, Poppy has been trying to steal Eli's bear...
I told Eli that he is a mighty lucky dog to be inside guarding a teddy bear on these hot days instead of outside guarding sheep.

Fighting over a teddy bear must make you real tired!

Smokey, going out to prowl around a while before dark.

Guess I won't sew any tonight. Last night all I did was sit at the sewing machine and yawn. Think I will sit in the living room tonight and yawn. 



  1. Those peppers are gorgeous! And look at all of those beautiful ripe tomatoes!

    I'm so sorry you didn't get any rain. We've been having lots of it...and some areas are having flash floods. I hope you get some soon.

    The little bunny is so adorable! You need to open up a rescue shelter. :)

    Hugs to you!

  2. Oh, those are some purty peppers! My garden is done! We've had a couple of weeks of triple digits and I can't keep up with the watering. Those poor plants succumbed even though I watered them every other day. Just not enough in these temps.

    Grace & Peace,

  3. I would be showing photos if I had colorful peppers and tomatoes.

  4. I'd love to send you rain, Henny. We had non-stop all day...still raining now. Tomorrow more coming. We really don't need it at all and as far as for us, it is keeping workers from showing up for the house-building. :( Oh that Eli. He is so darn cute. I had forgotten you had a wild bunny to tame. That could be interesting. "Smokey...where are you off to, you little scamp?"

  5. Poppy and Eli sure have a special relationship! It's funny how they play that 'game' with the teddy bear.
    I wonder if that cute wild bunny will end up being tamed or not. He does look wary on the pictures.

    Your peppers are amazing! Isn't it funny that seeds from a small pepper can grow into a plant that produces regular sized peppers. And those tomatoes!! They look so good!
    Have a good week! Hope you get some rain. We also need more than the little bit we got last week.

  6. I sowed some seeds from the pretty orange red and yellow peppers from the store and none of them came up. Our plants we bought must have been mislabeled like your because all I have gotten is green. Yours our beautiful. We need some rain also.
    Love you bunches!

  7. I never thought a seed from one of the peppers we buy would actually grow. I thought they GMO'd them to be infertile! Loved the picture of Poppy and Eli napping. So sweet.

  8. So are the green peppers turning red? Is that how you got the red ones?
    Eli and his bear always makes me smile. It is just the sweetest thing!

    1. Yes, all of a sudden the green peppers are turning red and the supposedly orange pepper plants are turning yellow. In the beginning, none were turning any color. I am beginning to think the plant itself has to get older and bear several fruits before the colors come in. Seriously.

  9. My dog had a teddy bear a long time ago. She was vicious with it.

  10. I just love Eli and is bear, adorable photo.

  11. That a I beautiful peck of peppers you have there! We did get that thunderburst here, and so grateful for it, my garden was beginning to get that old haggard look and it's not even August yet. I'm glad Eli is so protective of the Teddy, mustn't let Poppy steal it!

  12. Those peppers sure look gorgeous Henny :0)...I'm sorry you are not getting rain. Here in the mountains we have had so much that the fields are not doing so well. Last year we were very, very dry. Every year is so different weather wise. :0)

  13. I wish I could send some of our rain to you, we have a thunder storm every day and my garden is a mass of weeds. We're having lots of peppers too.

  14. We so many times have rain all around us. So much that we forget when the actual plants were last watered!
    Your peppers look great. enjoy them!

  15. Love your pepper pics! and the bunny... and Eli... and Smokey! Eli is really a handsome fella.

  16. Those peppers are show stopper, you should enter all of your beautiful harvest in the county Fair.
    Thunder clouds we're all around us yesterday but sadly not a drop fell overhead.
    You are such a good caretaker of all around you.

  17. Glad to hear the little bunny is doing good. I'm not surprised with you taking care of him!! : )
    We have been very fortunate with the weather. We have been getting a lot of rain AND sun.
    Your peppers are great looking.

  18. Your garden is great. We have had no rain here and the watering your yard has been put on ration. We have golden crispy grass. I try to keep a couple of potted plants alive and keep water bowls out for the birds, squirrels and bunnies. I guess it is good that I did not try a garden this year. Love your dog with his toy! He is a lucky dog to be indoors.

  19. I love the picture of Poppy and Eli; it's so sweet. I am definitely NOT a gardener. But I love to learn and do research. I looked up bell pepper growing and learned a little. Here's some of what I found: Gardeners in hot climates may need to be patient with big bells and sweet roasting peppers, which often wait until nights become longer and cooler in late summer to load up with fruit.
    One last note about color: Many gardeners begin to wonder at some point if their peppers will ever turn the color shown on the plant tag. If the mature color of the pepper variety you planted is red, orange, yellow, or purple, be patient. Fruit often takes a while to change from green to its final color, but the flavor will be worth the wait!
    Good luck with getting rain. We finally got almost an inch a few days ago, but could sure use some more.

  20. I love that you share your garden harvest. Beautiful!!
    Hope you receive some rain soon. I will try to do a rain dance for you. ;-)

  21. diane in northern wisJuly 25, 2017 at 6:28 PM

    Henny, what beautiful peppers you have grown. They are just beautiful. I'm sure they'll be tasting good too! I always think that's so sweet, Eli and his teddy! What a beautiful dog! Love that little bunny too....hope he can stay safe. and of course lovely Smokey...out to prowl. I will pray for a good rain for you and your garden and yard and area. It's so hard when it doesn't rain. All the best to you and your hubby and many pets!

  22. Oh, that's what he is! A sheep dog!

    Yes he is very lucky, to be inside, guarding his teddy!!! :-))))))

    If you are yawning in the sewing room, you are trying to pack too much stuff, into your day/night. Listen! Your body is telling you!!!!

    Perhaps a wee bit more sleep....????



    Or at least, not try to do a "zillion" things, in one day...?


    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  23. Those peppers are beautiful . . . I never get tired of photos of your garden. I think it is so cool how dogs have a favorite toy. Butchy's is a rubber chicken and every night without fail he puts that chicken in his mouth and walks around the house from room to room before they lay down and rest in the living room. We call it his "chicken walk".

  24. Pick a peck of pretty peppers! Those are going to taste so sweet. My garden got too hot and fainted I think. The plants aren't doing much of anything anymore. Eli is such a sweet huge guy, cuddling with his teddy bear. I don't know how you ever keep his so white!

  25. love the pictures of all the wonderful summer produce, so bright and pretty! And I always love pictures of your gorgeous animals!

  26. Aw! Poppy and Eli are cozy! You must be tired. Sew another day.

  27. I love the animal photos. Your peppers are awesome. I hope you are having a great summer.

  28. What beautiful pepper and your tomatoes look great too! :)

  29. I love the brilliant and bright colors of your peppers! I hope rain is moving your way. We were so happy to hear the sound of those first raindrops. Yay! No watering garden plants today! I never feel like I get enough sleep these days. I stay up too late and get up too early. I've got to fix that! Eli is definitely a lucky dog. Air conditioning is a great thing for people, and doggies!

  30. Hope you receive some rain soon. I will try to do a rain dance for you. ;-)



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