Friday, July 21, 2017

Cats, dogs, and a little bit more

looking smoky.

Eli says it is too doggone hot to play outside.

Weetie agrees!

but it is never ever too hot to run out to meet Poppy coming home from work!

It's been a real struggle keeping the garden green and growing lately. We need rain! it's HOT and it's DRY!! The rain keeps missing our place.

Okra likes hot weather! and we are still getting lots of the little Sun Gold tomatoes. Everybody who stops by, leaves with a bag of these sweet little tomatoes.

I haven't done any canning this summer but have been freezing quart size bags of green beans, okra, bell peppers, stewed tomatoes, and peaches.

The regular tomatoes are plentiful and still producing,

but let me tell you about the bell peppers...

as it turns out, the orange bell pepper plants are not orange at all, but are growing green bell peppers. The four green bell pepper plants are growing red bell peppers. Someone had to have mixed up the little plant markers at the store.

and cooling in the kitchen...

old fashioned crustless egg custard, except this time I added a heaping cup of coconut. Sigh...and I really want to lose ten pounds!

Hope to be back soon.



  1. I think dogs realize the AC is awesome too

  2. Oh my gosh, that coconut custard pie looks incredible, that's one of my all time favorites!!

  3. Hi Henny, goodness, I wish I could send some of our rain your way! We are finally getting some heat too so the gardens are really growing.
    Love the critter pics!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. It has been a couple of years since hubby planted any okra. I have pickled mine in the past, but I see you freeze yours. How do you prepare them once you take them out of the freezer? I think you are right about the markeres on the peppers getting mixed up. Too bad. We've been having a lot of hot and humid weather here. We are in need of rain as well. That custard looks WONDERFUL!

  5. You need rain, and here in the mountains, we are getting it too much! it is always like this during summer :0) your crustless custard looks just delicious! :) mari

  6. Ooh I love egg custard, and yours looks mighty fine :)
    Eli loves his Poppy, as I'm sure Weetie and Smokey, you can just tell.
    Your garden has produced a grand harvest, sorry about the green pepper mix-up, but hey.......surprise :)
    Lets hope we get rain.

  7. Ohhhhh that crustless egg custard with coconut!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh.....

    Of course it's never too hot, to greet Poppy!!!! :-))))

    Even with no rain, you are getting a magnificent crop!!!!

    So glad you aren't canning! I remember my mother doing canning, in the "like-a-steam-room-of-a-kitchen". I never even wanted to try!

    Ohhhh... Again..... Ohhh, that crustless egg custard with coconut!!!!

  8. MEMORIES ... my grandma Martha use to make this pie all the time. Thank You Henny for this post. I have been missing her. Her birthday is 7/16. She loved to bake. She always brought over pie after we milked cows.
    Thank you!

  9. Your teeny tiny garden is producing a whole lot more than any teeny tiny garden I've ever heard of!!
    And... that Custard pie? All I can say is YUM.
    Try to keep cool and hope for rain!

  10. We've gotten our rain. your rain and someone else's rain. Love all your tomatoes, if I lived closer I'd ask for a bagful.

  11. Wow you sure are getting lots of great produce out of your garden. I'm just starting to get some cucumbers and zucchini but not big enough to pick yet.
    Hope you get rain soon and it cools off a bit for you.

  12. Yum!
    It was my understanding that green bell peppers will trun red if left on the plants long enough. Is that incorrect?

    1. Hey Linda! I was told that the orange would turn orange if left on the plant, but these never showed any sign of turning. The red bell peppers are quickly turning red on the plant. So I've ended up with red and green bell peppers. :)

  13. diane in northern wisconsinJuly 21, 2017 at 5:54 PM

    Oh Henny...I wish I lived close by to you so I could help you with that delicious looking egg custard. It's one of my favorite things....especially with coconut!!! Love your pets...they are so precious. And isn't that sweet how Eli goes out to meet your hubby when he comes home. What a great place you have and a great blog too. Always love to visit your blog! Have a super good weekend and hope it rains on you folks!

    1. Thank you Diane! You always make me feel good about blogging. I wish you lived close by too!

  14. Look at that Smokey in the spot-light tonight. All your pets are so sweet. That Eli *love*. Your garden is ahead of ours. We have at least a week to go to catch up. Lots of cukes and zucchini, slow on the yellow beans and peppers. Our beets are done and I've been using our lettuce and kale for a month now. Can't wait for big red tomatoes, though. That pie does look good. That's something my mom would have made and it would have been delicious. I'm sure yours is, too. Enjoy. Audrey says "howdy"

  15. We are needing rain also. We had some Tuesday but it has been so hot that the garden looks all dried out. We are still getting cucumbers but it probably will not last much longer. Our tomatoes have not gotten any better they still have bottom rot. The ones in the garden are doing better than in grandmas garden. I hope all is going well with you and poppy are doing well. I want to lose 10 pounds to. Love you bunches.

  16. that custard looks delicious......I used to love to eat custard when I was a little girl, after school. We made it in little glass bowls, and sprinkled nutmeg on top. Wow!!--look at all the goodness coming from your garden!! It all looks great, especially for not much rain! Do y'all water with a hose? The tomatoes and peppers are amazing........our peppers have not done much yet. Hope you are staying's SWELTERING IN CHARLESTON!

  17. Your tomatoes look about the same size as mine. Even Paul's Goliath variety, the ones he had such hope for, are only a bit bigger than golf balls. Not sure why. Your okra looks so pretty. We didn't plant it because I always have more than I know what to do with and it goes to waste. I don't blame Eli for preferring to stay inside with all that beautiful fur!

  18. Good Evening. You have the sweetest pets. It is too hot here too, but it is thundering this evening so I hope we receive rain. I love okra and remember how good mama's fried okra was. Your coconut custard looks divine. So cute to see Eli go out to meet and greet Poppy. You two have a wonderful evening. xoxo

  19. Henny, your photo are beautiful, I love them all.

  20. I've planted colored peppers before than were green instead! haha. Still delicious but a bit disappointing.
    Your pie looks scrumptious!

  21. That egg custard sounds delicious with the addition of coconut, the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea.


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