Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Plans for the Fourth!

Happy July 4th!!

As usual, Poppy and I will watch the fireworks and celebrations on TV tonight. We had planned to drive up the road a piece, 15 miles, to the town of Castalia for their fireworks show, but just found out we missed it. It all happened on Saturday the 1st. ??

Castalia, population 268, is kind of well known for it's fireworks show. The town became even more well known after July 4th 1995 when about 4,500 people had come to watch the show and lightening struck a metal fence there. 36 people were taken to the hospital. Glad we were not there.

How to turn a nice healthy purple eggplant into this...

I put the sliced eggplant in salt water for about thirty minutes, drained them, dipped the slices in a batter of flour, milk, a little salt and an egg white and fried them in oil. 

Mama used to say, "I can't stand an old eggplant", so I had never eaten one until I married Poppy. His mom told me how to fry eggplant. Next time, however, there is a really good sounding recipe at Allrecipes.com that I want to try. It uses breadcrumbs. Sounds tastier.

Sharon at Rivercrest cottage asked how I freeze bell peppers. Well, I simply wash them, pat dry with a paper towel, cut, remove the seeds, slice, and freeze. They keep really well this way. 

I'm no expert at anything though. Hey, for somebody with about a third grade vocabulary, I sure can use a lot of words. :)

Better get moving. I do appreciate your friendship. 



  1. Hi Henny, too bad you missed the fireworks! Strange why they had them on the 1st.
    Your eggplant looks yummy.
    I freeze peppers the same way you do too. Lovely for pizza all winter long!
    Have a great week!

  2. Oh mercy, I must write down my husband's recipe for Baked-Eggplant Parmesan! Even your mama would have loved this use of Eggplant!!!!! -giggggles-

    We too, watch on tv. Our small city has 2 days of Celebration, with lots of things going on. But we don't want to have to walk that much, anymore. I do remember going for fireworks in the park and it was wonnnderful.. But no more. :-)))))

    "To every season..." Etc. :-)

    Hope your weather is as perfect, as ours is!!!! Just amazingly perfect. After so much cool and rain, and storms. It's lovely...

    Lots and lots of hugs, Luna Crone

    Happy 4th Of July!!!

  3. I don't remember that event, talk about unlucky

  4. I love the picture of your dressed-up-for-the-holiday cabin...stars and stripes flying, screened porch and an old wash tub! How fine it is! Happy 4th!

  5. Too bad about missing the fireworks. This is our dog's worst nightmare of a holiday. They all sound like endless thunder to her some so we will Stay home and keep her company. Happy 4th!

  6. Thanks for the info on freezing the peppers. I thought they would get mushy doing it that way, but I'm gonna try it. Hope you had a Happy 4th, fireworks or no fireworks.

  7. I do love to see your flag flying. It's good to be proud of our countries. I have a Canadian flag now in the garden and even though our celebration is over, it's staying. :) "Happy 4th of July to you and yours, Henny." Hugs to the critters and two for Smokey.

  8. Have a great Fourth of July!

  9. Happy Fourth to you and poppy! I have an eggplant to cook trying to figure out a healthy way to cook it. Yours looks yummy!
    Love you both bunches!

  10. Hi Henny Penny.... I don't think I've ever tasted eggplant. Yours does look tasty.
    I've also had good results with freezing diced peppers. I don't grow them but I buy them when they're in season and cheap.

  11. The reason your small town had their fireworks early is due to supply and demand. There are only so many licensed pryotechnicians available that can set those kind of fireworks off, and they are all taken up by the BIG shows on the 4th. So, the smaller towns and smaller shows have to have theirs on alternate nights. Our little town near here does theirs on the 3rd usually, but I think they went with Saturday night so they could have a bigger crowd.

    1. Thank you! I had never thought about that, and it does make sense. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.

    2. I stop by almost every day, just don't leave too many comments. Do love your teeny tiny place, though.

  12. Fireworks are pretty but I am okay if I don't see them anymore. Our dog, Coco, is so afraid with them going off! Nancy

  13. Oh well, right? I am hearing the fireworks pop, pop, pop outside. They are supposedly illegal in our neighborhood . . . hmmmmm.
    That egg plant looks good! That's funny that your mom said she couldn't stand an old eggplant. Ha ha! They sure are pretty!
    It's just about the time that my zucchini plants are going to work their miracles. The July sun is food for them.
    Take care, sweet Henny.

  14. I freeze pepper the same way, they are perfect for soups and casseroles in the winter months. Shame about the fireworks.

  15. I hope you had a very happy 4th of July. The eggplant looks delicious.

  16. The next time you fix eggplant for dinner, set a place for me.

  17. Hello my friend,
    I've been doing a bit of catching up here at your blog. My goodness...you have harvested a lot of veggies from your garden already. I have done a little canning, but my mouth started to water when I saw your eggplants! Yummy! It does take a long time for the peppers to turn to orange...or red. We normally pick ours when they are still green also. I freeze some the way you do and I also make stuffed peppers and freeze them. Makes it handy to throw them in the crock pot when I have to be away for the day. Yummy! Congratulations on that apron that you created on your own. It looks as if it would be so comfortable. I love my aprons from you, Henny. Life wouldn't be the same without them. xx

  18. oooh im gonna have to try that with my own eggplant!!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  19. Oh I love eggplant. I fry it with breadcrumbs and then layer it with sauce and mozzarella and then bake. Delicious.
    Some of the towns around here had fireworks earlier too.
    We didn't go.

  20. Oh Penny...you are a darling lady and visiting is always a treat for me! I have never eaten eggplant and I doubt I will, but it sure looks good in your photo :0) have a blessed week dear lady :D mari

  21. That is how I do bell peppers...when I have some. Then I use them in chili, in bell pepper casserole, in spaghetti sauce sometimes. YUM!


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