Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ready for the craft show

I know! I say this all the time...where do the hours go! Poppy is off work today and is in the woods at his favorite hunting spot. Quickly, while he is away, I can have a little computer time. There is so much else I need to be doing though!!  It will still be there.

This picture was taken early yesterday morning from the back porch. I thought hmmm, this looks right pretty...

Friends, you know the craft show at the farmer's market is coming up this Saturday. The day after tomorrow, already! I have been in the sewing room every night working, working, working...

The weatherman informed us last night that, "Saturday is going to be cold, rainy, and windy. It will feel like 30 degrees out there", he said! How encouraging!! It is truly a job in wet windy weather. I don't plan to let the weather stop me from going! My booth will be set up next to Shelby and Jimmy and that in itself makes for a fun day. 

Some of you asked to see a close up of the finished dolls...

Some pictures are blurred. ?

Don't know why I got stuck on the color pink. Most of the time young girls do pick out the dolls dressed in either pink or purple so this may be a good thing.

My favorite doll of the bunch is in the first picture, wearing the pink checked apron. Oh my, Eli was too quite for too long this morning. I went looking for him. That doll will not be going to the show. Her hair is chewed and one eye smeared. I couldn't fuss at Eli. It looked like a toy to him. The box of dolls should not have been left on the floor. In the months that Eli has been with us he has chewed up two things, Poppy's Food Lion work cap and now this doll. He has been such a good dog!

Speaking of the old sweetie pie...

Okay, I'm pushing my luck here. I'm off to get some work done. Thank you again for visiting. Hope to be back soon.



  1. I love your blog! You brighten my day every time you write an entry. Your dolls are beautiful and I treasure mine with all of my heart. Bundle up good Saturday I do not want you catching a cold. Tell Aunt Shelby and Uncle Jimmy I said hello. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you sell out everything.
    I love you

  2. Your dolls are exquisite, a real delight. I am sure you will have no trouble selling them.

  3. I think you will do great, no matter what the weather, because your dolls and aprons and bonnets are so pretty. I hope it's not too cold and you have lots of fun.

  4. Love your bonnets and dolls - they should sell like hotcakes.

  5. I hope you do well at the craft fair, you've obviously worked very hard to get your items made!

  6. Best of luck at the craft show.

  7. Good luck this weekend. Hope everything sells and you get orders for more. God bless. ♥

  8. Hope you sell everything at the market. good luck.

  9. Dear Henny,
    Your work is beautiful. Love the dollies and your aprons too. I still wear one nearly every time I am in the kitchen. When I forget to put one on, I wish I would have!
    My, Eli is a fine looking dog.
    Sending lots of love.


  10. Your dolls are really cute! Love the red haired one! Eli wanted his own dolly...poor boy! :)


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