Sunday, October 5, 2014

Newest kitten update

Where do I begin...First, thank you all for the kind words and helpful hints on how to care for this, another lost homeless kitten.

It breaks my heart to think about how hungry this kitten was when he first showed up here late Friday. I think he would have eaten anything offered to him and that pitiful growling/purring sound he made.  Two day without food. No wonder his cries were so loud. He has been quiet and sleeping a lot now that his little tummy is full.

I've spent most of this afternoon sitting on the ground near his bed and his little hiding spot with a can of Fancy Feast "kitten" food. Finally! He came close enough to lick the food off my fingers. He still backs away when I reach to touch him but that's okay. We are making progress! The idea of trapping and bringing him inside did not go over to well, but we've come a long agreement to have an outside cat for now, makes me happy. Once this kitty is tame enough we will visit the vet.

Here I am rambling again and I have pictures. Having a full tummy and feeling warm and a little more trusting, he acted like he wanted to play...

Would you look at those eyes and that little tongue and those claws...

This kitty might not be a "him", he just might be a "she"...and a name, we need a name.

Where does the time go? Here it is almost 9:30. Hope the baby is safe through the night and stays snuggled in his little bed. I added a soft flannel shirt and a fuzzy mouse to help keep him warm. I will be out first thing in the morning to check on him.

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  1. Aw Henny, he's adorable.I'm so happy to hear he is sleeping with a full tummy. :)

  2. He/She is a beauty. Such wonderful silvery fur.

    You'd make a good cat mama.

  3. The kitten is so pretty. I think you should name it Smokey because of the color of its fur. It could be used for a boy or girl. I hope that you tame it soon and that poppy lets you keep it.
    Love you

  4. Wish you luck. Be careful. Hope you can tame it. ♥

  5. Sounds like you are on the way to taming him/her...yes I wonder what you will name him:)

  6. Such a wonderful looking kitten, wishing you lots of luck with it.

  7. He's adorable and looks as though he's already on his way to good health, thanks to you.

  8. Dorian...after Dorian Grey.
    Bless him!
    Jane x

  9. What a cutie! So glad you are looking after him. I like Jane's suggestion of "Dorian."

  10. It's a good sign s/he wants to play. I bet s/he will be rubbing against your legs and purring in no time. It's fur looks so healthy and shiny, and what beautiful coloring.

  11. We've both had sweet little kitty's dropped off on us this past month, why do people do these thoughtless actions....
    You have a huge heart Henny and so does your hubby, he knows you won't be able to turn away from helping this little kitten, even if your not able to keep it, you will find it a forever home.
    Thank you for being so very kind.


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