Monday, October 13, 2014

Chocolate Vine and Smokey

Back a year or so ago I ordered a chocolate vine, Akebia Quinata. Lynn used to have one growing in her yard. Lynn's vine was huge and beautiful. I wanted a huge and beautiful vine on my arbors. Clematis vines are pretty while they are blooming, but not so pretty the rest of the time. The chocolate vine stays green all winter...

Anyway, this morning while standing in the doorway talking to Shelby on 
the phone, I thought to myself, what in the world are those awful looking white things hanging from my Chocolate vine! I've never seen anything like it!  It looks like some kind of Halloween decorations...

This next one looks like a giant white peanut...

I got on the computer and looked up Chocolate vine. It says that occasionally these vines will produce fruit. The Chocolate vine is kin to the kiwi. How neat is that? It's funny because the biggest healthiest vine has no fruit, but the vine that has been slow growing and looked a time or two like it might die has produced these big healthy fruits.  The fruits are edible but not very palatable.

"Smokey" is a little bundle of joy. I could sit for hours and watch him playing with the falling acorns, or watch him hide and jump out at Weetie...

Eli loves him too. It won't be long before these three; Eli, Weetie, and Smokey are snuggled up together. I'm hoping before winter time.

Better get busy. Here it is supper time again! Thank you for visiting.



  1. I've never seen a chocolate vine before, much less those very strange white fruits. Wonder why it is called chocolate. I was hoping you would say that when you looked it up on line, you found out it tasted just like chocolate!
    Can't wait for the first photo of little Smokey and big Eli snuggled up together.

  2. Smokey looks like he is having the time of his life. So happy to see him happy now.

  3. Mama that's so cool!! Only you! You are such a good luck charm!! I love you so much. We are coming out again. Might join you at the fair. Your gur.

  4. So some new things give us a surprise. You grow different things there so it's interesting to read about them.

  5. Often time plants that are struggling produce idf it is their last Hurrah! That vine is a beauty! Your animals will be fast friends before long:)

  6. I know about akebia vines, but did not know they were called chocolate vines. Often a plant that is stressed will produce more friut and seeds when it is stressed, because it has a need to reproduce before it dies. Hopefully that is not the case with yours.
    Everybody loves Smokey.

  7. I've never heard of a chocolate vine so I looked it up on Wikipedia. The article says that the flowers are chocolate scented and the vine is traditionally used for basket weaving.

  8. I have never heard of a chocolate vine, it is certainly impressive with all the wonderful looking fruits.

  9. I'm afraid the fruit on your fine looks downright yucky, but Smokey is still just as cute as ever. What's more fun than watching a kitten? (Okay, maybe watching a puppy.) Whenever we had new kittens we would just turn off the television and that would be the entertainment for the evening!

  10. Well, I have again learned something new! Never heard of a chocolate vine, or seen one either. I bet your furkids will be bosom buddies before much longer.

  11. I was going to say what Far Side and Linda said. Hope your vine survives, those are some weird fruits!
    Smokey is adorable, I can't wait to see him/her snuggled with Eli. Who could resist all the warm fluffy white fur?:)

    1. All the info you ever wanted about the chocolate vine here

  12. What an interesting vine that is. I don’t suppose I could grow it, it gets too cold here.
    Sweet little kitty. Maybe I should have one again to.


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