Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Out the Front door and to the left

Did I tell you we decided to leave our new front door white? Well, we did.  Just couldn't bear to put paint on such a pretty, clean, white door. 

Do you ever look for a four leaf clover? I was out the front door and on my way to the shop when I saw  a little patch of clover. Stopped to take a look and right there on top, sure enough, was a four leaf clover!

Made me think of Mama. She could hardly pass a patch of clover without stopping to look. She used to say, "Melba is the luckiest at finding a four leaf clover of anybody I've ever seen". Mama may have been right, I found two more the same day...

oh, and and I left the four leaf clover growing near Poppy's shop, for him to find, although he didn't show much interest when I told him. 

Many little things bring back memories of Mama especially in the springtime...

All it took was the first warm day of spring and mama would say, "wouldn't you love to ride up to Berlie's and pick violets". Aunt Berlie knew a spot across the dirt road from her house where not only violets grew but pretty little blue lilies.

The violets and lilies at Aunt Berlie's house were much prettier.  A lot like these...
The grass was tall and dark and cool to walk in and filled with  leaves like hearts and purple violets. Patches of blue lilies grew along side the violets.

wanted to show you too, how pretty this wild azalea has been this spring...

Several years ago when this wild azalea was just a tiny sprout, I dug it from the woods above the pond...

I was so afraid it would not survive, taken from its natural environment, so over the years I have given it lots of tender care. Hope it lives many more years.

Well enough about plants and stuff. I have a very very special picture to share, well, maybe two or three special pictures...

This is Andee and Auggie. Sure you all know Andee is my youngest daughter...and Auggie! Oh my goodness! Auggie! is their new black Lab puppy. He is a solid black bundle of joy, with big feet...

Funny, Auggie and our new Ellie are about the same age, four months old. But wait...

you've got to meet Bruno too. Bruno is Andee and Todd's older dog. Bruno and our big Eli are the same age.  Bruno is a sweetie pie too and loves a ball better than any dog I've ever seen. Bruno has his own ball game and if you are going to play ball with him, you better figure it out. 

Here's Bruno's throw the ball as hard and as far away as you can. Bruno takes off like a streak of lightning, grabs the ball then hides somewhere in the yard and waits for you to find him and the ball, then do it all again. He is so funny!

Oh gosh! Here it is bedtime again...and so soon. Sure wish there were a few more hours in the day. Oh, got one more picture to show you. You're probably thinking, sure hope its not that snowball bush again....

But look, I was on the back porch and noticed how the whole end of the porch is shaded with snowballs. Kind of pretty, I think. Oh, the big snowball on the left is Eli. :)

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  1. So many beautiful pictures. Love the look of the front of your home - so pretty.
    Yes, I always look for 4 leave clovers! :)
    Oh I love Auggie - Labs are my favorite breed of dog. My SammyJo was a yellow lab. I still miss her so after many years.

  2. Hello Henny: I always look forward to your posts and photos. Your porch looks like a wonderful place just to sit and to chat with each other. All of your flowers are so pretty and I've never had much luck finding 4 leaf clovers. But the best part of your post is the sweet photos of the four legged family members. Auggie is so sweet looking. Puppies are definitely a handful, but once through those puppy days, they love you so much and are the BEST companions. We're still missing our Chloe girl dreadfully as I know you're still missing your Weetie. Bruno looks like a very sweet dog too. Oh there's nothing like them is there?
    Take care my dear friend.
    Blessings and love,

  3. Your porch looks so inviting. I used to love finding 4 leaf covers, just haven't looked for them in a long time. I do have clover in my yard, clover, dandelions, crabgrass . . . why if it wasn't for the weeds I won't have a lawn at all, LOL. All my friends put weed and feed on their lawns this time of the year . . . my entire yard would be dirt if I did that.

  4. I love the white door. It looks perfect on your wonderful home. I used to always look for four leaf clovers but never found any. Maybe I should try again. Your grand dogs are so cute and I love Auggie's sweet face. Bruno must be really smart to make up his own ball game. Both your front and back porch look so wonderful! I'd love to sit there and visit with you!

  5. Four leaf clovers, yes, found a few in my
    time, and, yes, they are supposed to be
    lucky..! :)

    And..Once again the flowers/plants all
    around the home look lovely, full of
    colour, and so vibrant! That's where l
    liker to see them, in the fields, hedgerows,
    and gardens..where they belong!

    HeHe! ALL the dogs look lovely..but then, l'm
    a BIG bundle of joy, but l don't have big feet!
    Quite the opposite..! :).
    So, the next post will be more pussy~cats please..!

    AND...Did you know..
    The white door serves as a gateway to your deepest emotions,
    childhood dreams and the purest part of your soul that remains
    The white color represents feminine power, purity, cleanliness...
    To dream of a white door means you will finally find your inner
    πŸ” 🐀 🐀 🐀 πŸ” 🐀 🐀 🐀 πŸ” 🐀 🐀 🐀 πŸ” 🐀 🐀 🐀 πŸ”

  6. Beautiful! I love wild violet jelly. It not only tastes good, but is beautiful in color.

  7. I love your pretty home. The front porch looks so welcoming. Of course I love all the sweet fur babies too. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos! :)

  8. Thanks for showing us your pretty flowers in the garden. Four Leaf Clover- now you are meant to be lucky with this find. Stay well there Henny. Cheers. KEV.

  9. Such pretty pictures! I love them all, with puppy pictures (of course) being extra special. :)

  10. I love your home and the white front well, as all the beautiful Spring blooms. Such a sweet post. I always miss my sweet Mama, too..when the Seasons change and every day. Such a sweet inspirational blog. Your daughter and her new baby are beautiful, too.

  11. Spring Spring Spring. I love no other season like this one. I enjoyed the trip you took down memory lane
    and of course seeing flowers is always a welcome sight. So lucky for finding the clover. It will surely
    give you luck all season long. and the kind of snow balls you are showing are the warm and beautiful kind.
    Simply do not like the winter snow balls, lol. Lynn and Precious XX

  12. I always love when you share stories about your mom. You should write a book of her quotes. They are happy and fun.
    My sister's name is Clover. ;-)

  13. All your pics are great, Henny, but glad you added the porch one. It's my favorite!

  14. I love this post. Everything about it is beautiful!

  15. Beautiful snowballs front porch and Eli!

  16. Your flowers are so pretty Melba, and each year it seems that Snowball bush gets bigger, and more stunning.
    Your new puppy is adorable, and will make a great companion for sweet Eli.
    Andee's new puppy has the sweetest face, looks like he might be a big boy πŸ˜‚
    Almost May can you believe it !

  17. Thanks for bringing many smiles to my face today Henny. Love your blog and your cute comments too. The flowers are just glorious all around your place. Wow. And the pictures of the dogs are so sweet. I love that little Auggie and Big Bruno. They're darn cute. Love the two beautiful white snowballs at your house your huge snowball bush! Thanks for sharing all the sweet pictures and stories. Love that ball game that Bruno plays! Take care!

  18. I've never heard of a dog that knew how to play hide-and-go-seek. Bruno is quite the dog. Auggie is adorable with that almost sad look on his little face.
    Your front porch looks great; I don't think I've ever seen your back porch before. The Snowball bush is gorgeous and so is that Azalea. It must really like the care you give it.

  19. The wild azaela is stunning. I bought my mother one, about 40 years ago now. It was from a little nursery catalog, and I'm pretty sure they went and dug one up when they'd get an order! Yours is the prettiest I've ever seen.

  20. Oh My!, love your wild Azaelas ...
    As for the 4-leaf clovers,, I remember my very 1st one.. I was sitting on the lawn of the historic Library in Munich Germany.. my friend and I were chatting and braiding clover flowers into a chain when I happen to find a patch of clover that had the 4-leaf one. That joy still remains with me today...many (very many) years later.
    Your fur babies are just sweet as can be...

  21. It is always such a fun place to visit when I stop here. Your flowers and memories made me remember sweet visits with my Mama and grandma. They loved flowers and passed that same love down to me. Your wild azalea bush is gorgeous and you can take photos of your beautiful snowball bush any day. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your daughter and her cherished pets. Have a great weekend and enjoy those four leaf clovers. I have never found one but now I will start looking :)! Hugs

  22. What a happy post! I love your wild azaleas!!!

  23. My grandma used to find four leaf clovers everywhere. Any time I read a book of hers I would turn a page and find one pressed and dried. Aren’t wild azaleas just the best? How wonderful that they grow for you in your yard. I love Bruno’s ball game. Clever boy! And such a cute pair of pups. Spring is so beautiful in your yard.

  24. I really like the white doors.....and oh my, the snowballs are so very pretty. I shopped for a snowball bush yesterday, but the garden centers seem to be sold out. I have found a couple of four leaf clovers in past years. Makes you feel so good to find one. all of your flowers are so pretty!! Looking so good around your place.

  25. Oh my goodness, Henny, what a great post! Just full of happiness.πŸ’–

  26. Henny,your yard is lovely and full of old timey and unusual flowers,along with my favorites from my Mamaw's yard, snowballs! Love the dogs as usual, animals are so wonderful. Wishing you a beautiful week, Terry

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