Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Big Eli...A Pretty Girl...A Beautiful Lady

Dearest friends,

Here it is time to plant a garden, and our whole five acres needs mowing! The yard is covered in knee high weeds and grass, mixed in with Ajuga and tiny little blue Quaker Ladies, all in full bloom...that I can't bear to mow down. Every where I look there is a major job waiting...and I feel like a run down clock that needs winding. 

There is also lots to post about...lots to tell you! So, I will begin with Eli...

Eli is grieving over Weetie. He has such a sad look in his eyes, and has been so quiet, like it's no longer fun to bark and run from porch to porch chasing boogers away. We have shown him extra attention but he looks at us like something is not right. We talked about and wondered if another dog would help Eli...

First, I'm sure you all know that our little Weetie can never, never, be replaced. We miss her more with each passing day. I think sometimes it takes a while for the shock of death to pass before reality and missing one, sets in and has it ever!  We miss her so much!

Friends, almost like it was meant to be, we got an opportunity to get a four month old, Female, Great White Pyrenees puppy. On Easter Sunday we drove to a farm in Lexington to get her...

We brought "Ellie" home to Eli...

Eli has not shown any great excitement over Ellie, but in time I think her will love her and appreciate her.

In fact, a couple of times I've caught Eli looking at Ellie with his tail wagging, when they were together in the goat lot. He didn't know we were watching. 

How could he not fall in love with such a pretty little girl! She is adorable!

She is definitely a cutie pie, and smart too! Been a while since we tried house training a puppy...I think maybe we've forgotten how it's done. Whew!

Well, how about going from a cutie pie to a beautiful lady...

Most of you know my sweet daughter Lynn, and that she makes journals.  Hope you don't mind my bragging a little.

One of Lynn's journals, Poetic Rust, was selected for publication in the spring 2021 issue of Art Journaling magazine by Stampington. 

Lynn has been journaling regularly since her early 20s. In the past few years she's begun to make her own journals and has incorporated more art journaling. You can visit Lynn at  

I have not seen the magazine yet. Of course, there is no such thing as buying that type magazine in our little town of Louisburg. 

Like I said...weeds and Ajuga...

weeds and little blue Quaker Ladies. We need to mow!

and I just can't let spring pass with showing the giant snowball bush...

The blooms are just beginning to open here, and on the pink Azaleas too, so I'll be back with another picture. 

Thank you so much for visiting, for putting up with me, and for your friendship. 



  1. Well your Ellie is just as cute as she can be, I do hope that eli likes her too....I am sure they will be friends before long:)

  2. Hi Henny! What an exciting post today! Is your little Ellie the same kind of dog as Eli? They look like twins! Hope Eli will learn to love her soon. I'm glad you found this sweet little girl. I imagine she'll get as big as Eli too, right? Your snowball bush is gorgeous and your azalea and other things are bursting into bloom. I love your daughter Lynn, sounds like she is doing great with her Journals. Good for her! You're right, she is a beautiful lady! Take good care!

    1. Thank you Diane. Yes, Eli and Ellie are both Great White Pyrenees. I think she will be as big as Eli. She is a big eater. Her little legs already look fat. :)

  3. Spring has definitely arrived in your area! The blooms on your shrubs are so lovely.
    Little Ellie is adorable and although she'll never replace Weetie in your lives she'll bring her own joy and cuteness! I hope Eli will soon feel she's his pal.
    Don't get too overwhelmed with all the weeds and work to be done. ((hugs))

  4. Oh my goodness - what a beautiful little pup. I think that Eli will, over time, accept her as his new buddy. He'll have lots to teach her! Well done for your daughter!! -Jenn

  5. Congrats on finding Ellie (hugs) I too enjoy the simple little blossoms of spring. Have you ever read "Aunt Jane of KY"? Seems like we occasionally have a book in common. You might enjoy that one.

  6. The yard can get away on you in springtime. And now you have a new puppy to play with it's harder than ever to get to yard work.

  7. I wondered about those little blue flowers. We have a lot of them here, too.
    Not surprised Eli misses Weetie also. Hopefully He will grow to love Ellie as much.
    Congratulations to your daughter, Lynn! That is wonderful!
    God bless.

  8. Why Ellie is just the cutest little girl! I'm sure she will be able to lift Eli's spirits soon. It is normal for animals to grieve and maybe it actually helps them to accept the loss. I bet Eli will be running and jumping with Ellie before you know it!

    Congratulations to Lynn! How wonderful to get published like that. I know you have shown some of her journals in the past and they are so creative and beautiful. Everything looks so spring like and pretty around your place. Your giant snowball bush always amazes me! You and Poppy take care!

  9. My goodness Ellie is adorable and I am sure Eli will think so very soon, once he has finished grieving for his dear friend. Congratulations to your dear daughter Lynn, she has done so well.

  10. Oh! My Goodness Me! :)
    You sure know how to make a grown man
    cry..for a second time..! But! This
    time tears of joy..What can one say...?
    Ellie is amazing, and they look so good

    This post has made my day..month..year..! :).
    Fantastic! (((HUGS))) all round..! :O) Bless!x

    1. Oh, thank you Willie. I've shed a few tears too.

  11. Ah, so cute. The two of them almost nose to nose. precious.

  12. Ellie is so sweet and happy looking and I'm sure, given time, Eli will come to love her too. Puppy training is definintely not easy but I'm sure you can do it. Chloe was perfectly housebroken when we got her so it's been about 27 years since we had to train Annie. I would just want to sit and hug the dogs if I had your little babies anywhere near. They are both too cute.

  13. How absolutely wonderful that you found such a beautiful puppy for Eli!! I'm sure he already loves her! It is so special that you realized Eli's grief and found him someone else to love. You probably extended his life a great deal.

  14. Hello and good morning Henny, first of all, let me say that you a loving and gracious lady! I am so very sorry about Weetie still. But, look at the beautiful puppy that has come to ease your pain and help Eli and Poppy as well! I know I have already mowed twice here in the mountains and dogwood winter is setting in, but the weeds are knee high! Can't wait to see how the garden comes along for both of this year! My love and congratulations to you on your new addition, Terry

    1. Hey Terry. Thank you. I'll have to look up dogwood winter. Never heard that before. I'm wondering now if I will get a garden planted. A puppy is a handful. :) Love hearing from you.

  15. Spring has arrived at your home and it seems a perfect time of life and season to get Ellie!
    I bet as much as Eli misses Weetie, he will find a young pup of great interest and fun to keep
    up with. No new pet ever takes the place of ones we have lost. But every pet deserves a good home
    and you will provide one easily. Love the quaker ladies and will check out Lynn's site.
    Have fun mowing, lol. Lynn

  16. Yay for Ellie! She is such a lucky girl to have come home to such a loving family. And, yay for Lynn! I love her beautiful journals.

  17. Oh my Ellie is a so pretty I was so sad to hear about Weetie. I want to get a puppy and house train so you will have to send me all your tips. Love you bunches

  18. I'm sure Ellie is just the thing for Eli. Oh my she is so cute!!
    Such a talented daughter you have and pretty too.

  19. What an amazing woman your daughter Lynn is (I checked out her webpage). I hope she continues with her creative efforts, as I'm sure that they bring joy into more lives than her own.
    Ellie is adorable. I hope she brings much happiness into your lives. Mxx

  20. Ellie is such a pretty girl and I know she and Eli will be good friends. You will never forget Weetie, but Ellie will bring joy.
    Congrats to your daughter. That is so exciting!

  21. Ellie is so pretty, I am sure Eli will fall in love. :-)
    Congratulations to your daughter, she is pretty too.
    Love, Carla

  22. Oh, Ellie is absolutely adorable!! Eli will love her so much in a while. It takes time to make that bond.
    Your daughter looks so delightful. Good for her!
    We are letting our pasture grow a bit with buttercups and clover. It smells amazing for a while in spring, and we want to enjoy it. I do worry about walking around out there b/c of snakes. But let it grow for a bit! There's always time to mow.

  23. What a beautiful girl! I’m sure Eli will succumb to her charms very soon. Your yard is not overgrown with weeds, it is full of wildflowers. I would enjoy them a while longer while you concentrate on the garden and give them a chance to seed themselves for next year. Congrats to your daughter! That looks like an interesting magazine. Maybe they have an online copy you can view, proud mama!

  24. Eli will surely enjoy Ellie, even if in an understated way at first. But it must soothe his heart to have a little pup for company. Your daughter is so talented. They will have that magazine here, at the Barnes and Noble store, for sure!

  25. I'm glad you got a new pup-she's adorable. I will look for the magazine your daughter is in. Congrats to her!

  26. Congratulations to Lynn!

    Ellie is adorable...I bet she and Eli will be fast friends. I think that she is just the medicine that he needed.

  27. Ah that Ellie is cuter than cute. I am sure in time she and Eli will be happy together. Congratulations to your daughter being published. How exciting. I will be looking for that magazine. Now don't work too hard in that yard. I am in the same dilemma when cutting down the wild bulbs popping up here and there in our woods. Take care and have a great weekend. Hugs!

  28. I'm glad you got Eli a little sister to comfort him. You aren't replacing Weetie as she can never be replaced but you are giving another little pup a good home and she will make Eli get through the sadness easier as well as you and Poppy. I love the picture where Eli and Ellie are looking at each other. It looks like Eli is saying, "It's ok for you to live here but just remember, I'm the boss!" lol

  29. Congratulations to Lynn! She is a beautiful lady! How exciting! How sweet little Ellie is! Maybe she will help fill the emptiness for your and Eli's hearts. How pretty the flowers all are. I always feel the same as you when it comes to having to mow an area with wildflowers. Have happy days ahead!

  30. Congratulations to Lynn, that must be very exciting! Then there's you with a new puppy. Welcome to my world . . . Beulah is just about to turn 6 months and she has an appointment to be fixed a month from now. I've been told to keep a close watch on her and be careful and watch for any dogs trying to jump the fence and come into our yard. How is a little old lady like me going to stop a robust male dog that can jump fences? . . . Hope I do not have to be put to the test. Thanks for visiting my blog and I'll ask you to please put me in your prayers. I am having healing issues with my second eye surgery, going back Thursday to see what's going on. Oh, before I say good-bye . . . that question "are we still blogging sisters" . . . how silly . . . of course we are and always will be. God bless you.
    Connie :)

  31. Congratulations to all of you on your new puppy. Puppy training is a real job, in itself..I have a new Chihuaha baby and its hard. I am just about too old for I know the puppy is a bitter sweet addition..and I do not mean bitter but with mixed emotions as yall all grieve your loss of littel Weetie. Your daughter is beautiful and I will make sure to check out her journal blog you have posted. I love the is each Spring and change of Season. Have a blessed day and Season. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and positive life approach!!!

  32. Oh my goodness, she is just precious. I think Elie must love her by now. When Audrey passed away I felt so sad for our Annie that within six weeks we adopted Wilson. It didn't start out so good but they soon were wrapped together in one cat bed and it did my heart good to see that. I truly think you did the right thing for Elie.
    Congratulations to Lynn. How exciting that is. I see now how much she resembles you, Henny. And you both have beautiful hair.
    We just had snow today but its gone already. We have been enjoying a warm spring with lots of growth here. The leaves are out on the trees, the tulips and daffodils are up, the grass is green again. And like you I am raking 'til the cows come home.
    Please give Elie and Ellie a big hug for me. They are both beautiful dogs. Love to all the kitties and critters and especially to you and Poppy.


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