Thursday, August 25, 2016

Busy days!!

This week started with cooler temperatures and low humidity, so as soon as Poppy was out the door Monday morning, I found myself standing and staring in the front yard, wondering what to do first!

Bamboo grass! There was a good place to start, and so I did. No picture, but I pulled and hauled away two heaping wheelbarrow loads.

Tuesday at 7:30 am, after feeding the animals, I rolled out that heavy 50' roll of 4' high rabbit wire, bound and determined to put it around Bun Bun and Fiona's lot. This job has been on my 'to do' list since the middle of last year.

Why, just unrolling the heavy wire was a back-breaking job. Oops! Speaking of backs, my little gardening bench was with me every step of the way, helping me to kneel instead of bending from the waist to work.

The sticks and pine straw had to be raked away and then a three foot trench dug all the way around this 10' x 10' lot. I measured, cut the sections, buried each piece, then wired it to the chain link fence. When the last piece of wire was put up, I gathered the tools and my work basket and dragged myself to the house. What a shock! It was almost 2:00. Six and a half hours working on that fence!

Lets just see a raccoon try to reach a greedy little paw through this fence now, or a chicken snake try to slither through one of the half inch openings. I mention raccoon because back before we had rabbits, we had a young male Muscovy duck in this pen. The duck had been fighting with our old male Muscovy and we were afraid he would hurt the old duck. Anyway, after dark, a raccoon came up to the lot and somehow enticed the duck to come close to the fence. When the duck got close the raccoon grabbed it and killed it, through the fence. It was horrible and took me forever to get over letting this happen. Just remembering makes me cry.

Anyhow, Bun Bun and Feona are lots safer, and couldn't be more pleased. 

Today I've cleaned out the teeny tiny garden. What a mess! No longer could I look at brown dead tomato plants, dry withered bean vines, and bug eaten peppers. 

Nothing left but a large sweet basil plant and the row of okra, oh! and the Citron melon vines...

Are't these pretty? 

There are several hiding in the grass along the fence line.

Daddy always called Citron melons 'hog food', but they make really good preserves...

and before I go...every time our neighbor Ann stops by, the rooster wanders up and stands with us, sometimes crowing really loud. It's funny, like he talks too. This time Ann had some bread for the chickens... 

Well gosh! right here before our eyes, where the rooster stands, is an 'after' picture of where the bamboo grass was growing along the driveway.

and this is 'before'!

didn't mean this to be soooo long. Thank you, if you're still here.



  1. Oh my gosh you work hard, I don't know how you do it.

  2. What a good worker you are, Henny! Are you sore?
    The bunny is so pretty.

  3. Good work!! Time sure does go fast when busy outside.
    Yes, the citron melon is pretty.

  4. Those bunnies will certainly be safe now, thanks to all your efforts!! And your garden is all tidy now. You're a hard worker!!

  5. I'm here and enjoyed every word. That is such hard work building a safe pen for the animals. We keep putting off making a little pen for our doggie. He stays indoors most of the time anyway. We do have a small deck that he can enjoy IF it ever cools off. So cute about your neighbor feeding the rooster. I've never tasted citron preserves. Growing up, my favorite preserves were grandma's fig preserves.
    I hope you won't be too sore - take care.

  6. You've had quite a day with all that work. The bunnies do look comfy now, and safe.

  7. You always have a project, and I am glad the bunnies are safe now :)

  8. Great job on your projects! You are a hard worker dedicated to the welfare of your animals.
    Those melons are so pretty.

  9. You really have been productive, all that hard work. Well worth all the effort now that the animals are safe and the vegetable beds are clear, a great job. Take care.

  10. That enclosure looks very secure, I would have to have a set up like that here as we have a large fox population. I need a weeding session later today, and then some apple picking.

  11. I love your little farm . . . it is a breath of fresh air in a world that has become too busy and filled with plastic. You work so hard at keeping your animals safe . . . you're one very sweet and kind-hearted lady.
    God bless you.
    Connie :)

  12. Such a sad story about your poor duck, it was definitely worth all the hard work protecting your rabbits, and it really did sound like hard work xx

  13. Lots of work on that fence but it looks very secure. It is such a shame to have preditors around. A sad story about the duck and the raccoon. Hopefully, everyone is safe now! You have been busy. I hope your back is feeling okay.

  14. What a job, to bury the fence and all. I didn't know raccoons would bother rabbits and it's good that they are safe and secure now.

  15. I truly wonder how you are able to do all the work Henny, with your back problems and all. There's no keeping a good man down, or woman in your case :)
    So I assume the bad predators cannot enter through the bottom, but what is covering the top, anything other than the tarp ?
    I know raccoons and snakes both climb, heck we've had both on the roof !
    Such a sweet little bunny, you are a good mama :)

    1. Hey Jo! I think it is the steroid injection making me feel like my back is well. I'm afraid when it wears off all my pain will come back. The lot has a strong nylon woven shade top that fits tight, covering the entire top. Then we have the heavy duty canvas on top of that. Raccoons don't normally come out during the day and the bunnies are shut up in their cages at night, inside the lot. Snakes do climb. So far we have never had one climb up rabbit wire. Nothing would surprise me at this point though. It is full time job! :) Thank you!

  16. Wow. You're a dynamo. That fence is spectacular and I'm very impressed by your melons. I've never heard of them before.

  17. That does look much safer. The only other thing that could be safer is hiring Batman, but try getting some free-time out of that guy.


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