Thursday, August 11, 2016

Around here lately

Okay, I've been given a turn on the computer. Imagine that! Now what to talk about?

I did want to show you how cute the little guineas are. This has been an awful summer for predators, and look at this...

a copperhead inside the chicken lot...a not so pretty section of the chicken lot! On my way out to check on the animals, something I do several times a day, I saw one of the ducks in a trance. She was watching this copperhead.  

It was about time for Poppy to get home so I kept an eye on the snake too. It stayed in this same spot for an hour. Can't tell you how good it was to see Poppy pull in the driveway.

What a group!

and Rosie too!

Last Monday I worked all day moving Bun Bun's big heavy cage down to the dog lot. You know, where there's a will, there's a way! The hardest part was getting it up on the cart and out of the goat lot, but little by little I did it! Bun Bun loves having his home back.

Bun Bun was telling Feona she would love his old place, and it has a nice extra room attached. Sorry There's not a picture of the new set up. I'll get one tomorrow.

Don't know what's gotten in to Bickett. Bickett, the kitty cat who bites. Lately he has become sweet and lovable and always in front of the camera.

and Mr. Royalty! Can't forget old sweety.

Well, somebody is probably waiting for the computer, so I'll sign off for now. Thank you for visiting.


Is it my imagination, or has this print changed?


  1. Yes, you have a different font. I'd have never noticed it if you hadn't said. I think you just wanted us to noticed your new font!!!

  2. Yikes! The copperhead scares me, Henny!

  3. Good thing you noticed the snake. I'm pretty sure Poppy disposed of it quickly!
    Moving that heavy cage must have been quite a job and you managed to do it without hurting your back I hope.

  4. Hope you got the snake out of the area safely!
    Be safe and God bless. ♥

  5. I am so glad that we only have the Adder to worry about, and they are shy of people. Lovely shots of your animals, and birds, I have been dithering over having chickens or perhaps quail. It is the very healthy fox population around the valley that puts me off.

  6. Thank goodness we only have grass and garter snakes here, and they are hardly ever seen, thank goodness. I'm like you, where there is a will...there is a stubborn woman who is determined to do it on her own, haha!

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  8. Wow, Henny, a copperhead! How frightening! Rosie has grown up beautifully. Love the photo of Bickett! And Eli too!
    Have a good weekend.

  9. Oh that copperhead would have scared the poop out of me. You are so brave! We have been seeing a big hawk circling around lately and worry about Butchy being out in the yard. I don't know if he could carry Butch away (we feed him pretty good, LOL) but he certainly could hurt him pretty bad or even worse kill him. I had to laugh at you moving the bunny house, I do the same thing . . . Steve comes home and can't believe some of the things that I do . . . we might not have the muscles of a man, but we use our brains and find a way to get things done :)

  10. I raised a large batch of baby guineas (lavenders and the speckled type)once upon a time and yes, they are adorable babies -- not so much when they grow up though! The picture of your Great Pyr with the goat tickled me -- there are goats with a Great Pyr watching over them near where I walk our dog and the two of them have serious conversations about what they might do to each other if there weren't a woven wire fence separating them (our dog weighs 15 pounds so I have feeling who would lose the contest). Lived in these Ozark hills for 35 years now and have yet to see a copperhead. What a beautiful snake.

  11. Oh my. I'd have been scared to pieces to see that copperhead! You were very brave.

  12. Ooh deary me... a flipping Copperhead !
    I would have run a mile, carrying all the animals :)
    Love the baby guineas, I hope they learn to roost high and quickly.
    Bickett has become a camera-ham, and who couldn't love that Eli, he's one sweet teddy bear of a boy.

  13. Good grief! Your animals are lucky to have such a brave Mama protecting them.

  14. Oh my...that copperhead gave me the creeps! So this is life on the farm, I guess. Wouldn't you just love to know what those animals really are saying to each other???

  15. Yes, the font did change.
    I don't mind snakes but a copperhead is a different story.
    Always like seeing the photos of your animals. They are lucky living where they do. : )

  16. If I saw one of those, I'd be adopting a mongoose

    and a shotgun

  17. The snake would scare me half to death. Such a relief we don't have too much to worry about here. As always loved looking at your menagerie.

  18. Oh, that snake is so frightening! I know we have copperheads around here, too, but thankfully I have never seen one. Stay safe, sweet Henny!


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