Thursday, August 18, 2016

More about the scarecrow and other stuff

Don't know if the scarecrow scared away any owls last night, but it did scare me early this morning. When I walked out the back door carrying the compost and caught a glimpse of a man on the steps, well, I almost dropped my bucket. Seeing him from the back especially, wearing that black hood, he looked real!

Think we could have gotten any closer? I'm no good at taking selfies. Looks like I need longer arms.

We haven't lost another guinea. It could be the scarecrow is working, or that the owls have found our neighbor's guineas. They  live down in the bottom near the creek and have, or had, twenty guineas. I hope not. Poor guineas.

Here's Bun Bun's cage with the bedroom attached, the one I hauled all by myself from the goat lot down to the old dog lot. Kind of ragged looking but Bun Bun sure likes it better than the small wire cage he was sleeping in.

and this was moving day for Bun Bun's cage and all the actual wagon train moving along.

Now, I'm looking for a better cage for Fiona, and speaking of Fiona, she has shown no sign of having baby bunnies. I'm probably the only person on earth with a female bunny that can't get pregnant. Crazy, isn't it! 

This is the cutest rabbit hutch for sale on Craigslist...

They are asking $100.00 or best offer. I'm hoping it is still available and will consider the best offer I can make which will be $75.00. I've emailed them but have not heard back. 

Okay, I go on and on about nothing and create a very boring post. I sure appreciate your not giving up on me and my blog. We just live a pretty dull life. Thank goodness for the sweet animals who live here!  :)



  1. Sure hope, as you do, that the scarecrow is making the Owls leave your Guineas alone. The Owls should just concentrate on the rats and mice and snakes, and leave the poor Guineas to grow up in peace. Fiona is such a pretty bunny, and you are sure she is a female? Not that I would have a clue, but you do have a point about the time the two bunnies have been together and no offspring so far. Next thing you will bring to their cage will be an old radio for romantic music!

  2. Your little bunnies are so cute - they would be so happy living in that awesome bunny hutch!! Hope you hear back from those folks!

  3. Your first line made me laugh. :) Fingers crossed you get the hutch. So.darn.cute.

  4. I enjoyed your post very much. Sweet pic of you and the Scarecrow. Love your bunnies and I do so hope you get the cute hutch for $75!

  5. Yes, Fiona is a gorgeous bunny. The cage on Craigslist sure is nice. I hope you are able to get it.
    I can imagine how I'd freak myself out if I put a scarecrow outside the door. I would no doubt scream and wake the neighbours.

  6. That would have scared me too!!! Like the look of the rabbit house, but Craig's list scares me.

  7. One reason why I like to follow your blog is that your life is so very different from mine. And yet, growing up a farm girl in Oregon, I can relate.

  8. You don't have a boring life, Henny! It's charming and fun!

  9. Glad you survived your encounter with the 'other guy'! ^_^
    That is a nice cage. It may have sold quickly. :/
    Have a great Friday!

  10. The craig's list cage is cute but I think that the house you have made for Bun Bun has a lot of character with little nooks and crannies which always make a living space more interesting. I can see why Bun Bun loves it. That's the thing that I like about old houses-----all those little idiosyncrasies that come about over a long stretch of years. Nothing is straightforward or clear as to why this little nook or cranny happened or what purpose it was supposed to fill. It calls for lots of conjecture and imagination.

    I think that most people's lives seem to them to be boring and dull and they are always thinking that everyone else is doing something much more interesting than they are.

  11. You tell things in an interesting way. However, I do stay away from the clothes stuff.

  12. They can catch you unaware can't they! We have a gargoyle close the the french doors and for weeks after it was placed always made me jump x

  13. Fiona is so so beautiful :)

    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  14. I have never been bored by any of your posts! I find your home and all animals interesting and think you have a wonderful life. I have never lived on a farm of any size!

    Shirley H.

  15. Oh I can imagine scaring myself with the scareowl too! I take horrible selfies, I am always squinting at the camera. I like yours! Maybe Fiona is a male, or is there any chance she could have been spayed?

  16. That was one impressive looking rabbit hutch. Hope you get lucky with the price you offered. Take care.

  17. NICE rabbit hutch. Hope the deal works out.
    I'm not so good a selfies either. Haven't taken one yet that I'd share with anyone. : )

  18. Your posts are never boring, Henny! There is always something going on with your animals that's interesting. I hope you get the hutch with the little hard attached. We built something similar for my angoras and they just loved the fresh grass.

  19. That rabbit hutch is cute . . . I hope they take your offer. What I loved most about this post was seeing your back porch. It is amazing . . . I love screened-in porches. We had one at our old home. We have thought about screening this one in, but so far we haven't had a fly or mosquito problem . . . so we are not in any hurry.
    Happy weekend!
    Connie :)

  20. I'm thinking your scarecrow would have scared me too...
    Last night my husband hung his wet overalls on the back porch ceiling rafters, without telling me, when I looked through the window, I thought we had a burglar ...
    That's a lovely rabbit hutch, I'm hoping they took your offer.

  21. Things are pretty quiet here, too, so your so-called dullness is entertainment for me.
    And maybe inspiring: Somebody is eating up all my potted tomatoes. You'd think they'd be safe on the deck, but the chipmunks and squirrels come right on up anyway. Looks like I need a scarecrow, too!

  22. Hi Henny Penny, That is sure funny about the scarecrow scaring you! Glad you lost no more guinas. I hope you are able to get that nice rabbit hutch! Nancy

  23. I enjoy your blog and sharing all that you do. It is fun for me.
    I love the rabbit hutch, keep us posted if you get it.

  24. My daddy use to make cool rabbit pins. I hope that you win the bids. I hope that the scarecrow is working!
    Love you!


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