Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The scarecrow...or scareowl

Want to know why I made this big silly looking scarecrow this late in the season?

 It is supposed to scare away owls. We've lost twelve grown guineas since the beginning of spring. Only three left of the fifteen best guineas we've ever owned. These were the guineas that were hatched late in the season last year and I cared for them all through the cold winter months.

I read on line that a scarecrow would frighten away owls, but you need to move the scarecrow from place to place occasionally.

Her head is way too big, but yesterday was Monday, Poppy went back to work, and I was busy busy! Too busy to re-do her head. She borrowed my cutest overalls, which look much better on her than on me anyway.

Before dark last night, Poppy secured her to back steps not far from the cedar tree where the three guineas roost, then hooked up a light to shine on her. 

Don't usually hang clothes in the front yard but it was so darn hot yesterday, and this line, still up from the yard sale, was close to the front door...so why not! I did hang the sheets on the clothesline in the back. A neighbor stopped by and said, you need to take a picture of the quilts on the clothesline. 

Been meaning to tell you that after adding lime to the pond, the algae went away. We are so glad! It looks much better and especially so after Poppy mowed.  Eli likes it too!

Better get busy. Got more things to do and Poppy will be home at noon. Don't the days just fly! 

Speaking of being busy....in Walmart, I spoke to an elderly lady, bout like myself, I've known since 2003. She has worked at Walmart what seems like forever! I said to her, I thought you would have retired by now. She said, "now why would I retire and sit home looking at four walls"?  I just can't imagine! There has always been SO MUCH to do at home! Everybody is different!



  1. I never have time to sit around looking at my walls . . . but some people do not have large yards, or room for gardening, or it is just not their thing. Did you notice the woodpecker in the photo of your quilts on the line. I'm thinking you didn't see him or you would have mentioned him. He's so pretty with that bright red head. Now your scarecrow, she is adorable:) I hope she works well at keeping the owl away. I can't imagine how sad it feels to raise your little guineas and baby them through winter, just to have them eaten my predators.
    Here's wishing you a lovely day and one without much back pain.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  2. Those quilts look amazing hanging on the line. Glad you managed to sort the pond out. Hope the scareowl works. Take care.

  3. Love the scarecrow, I hope it works for you x

  4. I hope it works. Dad used to catch owls by placing a trap on a post in our chicken run...they tend to light on the tallest item in the area before they hunt. The trap must be fastened securely to the post. Cruel...maybe. Effective...yes.

  5. I hope your scarecrow works! Who cares if her head is too big! Your quilts are beautiful hanging on the line:)

  6. Hi,
    I am so much like you, I have so much to do at HOME, I will never catch up. ;-)
    I hope the scarecrow works.

  7. Cute scare crow hope she scares the owls away from your yard . Lovely quilts . I thought he same thing as the Walmart lady before I retired boy was I wrong , there is always something to do . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your guineas. That would just break my heart and I'd be doing everything, too, to stop it. Hope it works. Your pond looks beautiful. Lucky you.

  9. Love the scare owl!! I hope it works. The pond looks beautiful! Love you!

  10. I hope your scareowl works. Such a shame to lose those quineas. I don't think the owl will notice if the head is a bit too big. So glad that your pond is all cleared up with the lime. The quilts on the line look so country and homey!

  11. You have done a fine job on Miss Scarecrow, although if I were an owl, I would probably fall in love with her, and wink my big brown eyes :)
    The pond looks sparkling clean now, the lime did the trick !
    I really don't understand women who can't find anything to do, I think they just choose what they want to do...
    Stay cool Henny,

  12. The quilts are so pretty and the scene looks like a painting. Eli looks very content by the pond. Glad the lime worked. I pray the scarecrow works. I love being at home and always have much to occupy my time.

  13. What a great job you did on the scarecrow. I love her. Hope it works!!
    Lovely picture of the quilts on the line.
    I can't understand people who have nothing to do either. Oh my goodness, I'd love to have a few more hours each day. : )

  14. Your place is looking sooooo nice. The quiIts make a wonderful ornament for your front yard. People passing by will be stopping to buy one. I especially like the pic of Eli surveying the mirror-brightl pond with all that close cropped grass around him---it looks very idyllic.

  15. Oh I hope it works 😊 The quilts do look pretty hanging on the line 🙂

  16. Glad you figured out the algae cure so the pond can get back to normal. The quilts do look lovely in the pictures. Hope the scarecrow works. We used banners in our entry to scare some birds who just loved to sit on our chandelier hanging up high and drop the poop in front of our front door. Worked well.

  17. How heartbreaking to lose so many guineas to owls. I hope your cute scareowl works. Your quilts hanging on the line look so pretty.
    I wonder, maybe that woman at Walmart is all by herself in a small place and gets everything done lickety-split. Or she enjoys the nice people to talk to ( like you). She'd miss that if she stayed home.

  18. I hope your scarecrow works! I was going to suggest one of those solar Nite eyes things, but not sure how you would get it in a tree. Do your little keets roost in the trees already, too?

  19. Wow. If it's not snakes, it's owls! I hope your scareowl works!
    Your yard looks great, all mowed and decorated with that big white dog.

  20. I like the scarecrow. I don't know why people cannot find plenty to keep them busy enough either.

  21. That's so sad about the guinea, hope the scarecrow works. Your pond does look good.

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  23. I hope your scare-owl works. Maybe you should have made her more scary looking, with owl feathers in her mouth, maybe holding an owl-feather duster?

  24. Oh I hope your scarecrow works. The photo of the owl I have put on my front porch has worked for several years now to keep the barn swallows away. They nest on the shop..I just don't want their mess on the front porch. So maybe you will have good luck with the scarecrow. My daughter in law's guineas are all gone now. Something got every one.

  25. Your pond looks great, our dogs would love to have a pond in their backyard. Every day would be a swimming day! I hope your scare'owl' works. There were stories here a while ago of owls dive bombing joggers with bouncy ponytails. The thinking was that they looked like squirrel tails. We had an owl take one of our little roosters at half dark. The silly things would hang around outside the coop, and were sitting ducks for the owl that came about that time and perched in a nearby evergreen. All we saw were the imprints of the owl's wing tips in the snow.


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