Monday, May 26, 2014

Computer troubles

Bun Bun...

Haven't been on the computer this weekend. The computer has been acting weird and throwing up strange warnings so I decided to keep my distance! :) Of course, it all started fifteen minutes after "The Computer Guy" closed for the weekend. As we say down here in the south, I'm fixing to call him right now!

"Thank you" to three new followers...Chris Carter,, and Marielle Collins. I'm always excited that someone would even take time to visit my blog as there are so many really great blogs out there. So thank you.

A Guinea or two...

Better make that phone call...Thank you for stopping by.

Henny Penny


  1. Henny, I hope that your computer troubles will be fix soon.

    Love you, Vicki

  2. Bun Bun made me laugh! Was the hay tickling his feet?

  3. Makes you wonder if The Computer Guy somehow remotely triggers snarls in our computers to ensure lots of business when the weekend's over!

  4. Is BunBun in his water dish?!
    Jane x


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