Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Teeny Tiny Garden Update and Eli the Guard Dog

The garden is actually growing and looking better. Just hope I don't do something stupid and kill everything.

That reminds me of a story. Back in the 1970's when Lynn and Andee were small, I decided to plant a garden out back. Mama and my step-dad Bill came to help us get started...actually, they worked all day and got the garden planted. We were living in the Sandhills of North Carolina at the time...very sandy soil. I remember Bill saying, "you're going to have to change the color of the soil here if you want to grow anything". Anyway, with the garden planted, mama and Bill went home.  The more I looked at that garden the messier it looked, to me. I wanted everything smoothed out and even, so I went to work with the rake. Friends, I never lived that down! Mama said, "I've never in my life seen anybody rake a garden as soon as it's planted". Of course, nothing grew. A bean or two came up where the okra was planted. :(

So there! Hopefully, I've come a long ways since then...

That sickly looking plant, third one up, is an Eggplant. Why can I not grow an Eggplant? It will sit there looking ugly and flop over dead in a few weeks. It is the same every year.

And now, Eli the guard work :)

Eli truly is a house dog. We are looking forward to him sleeping with us, but he loves to go in with the goats. Whatever makes him happy!

Weetie is still the real guard dog around here...

Thank you for visiting. I need to get out back and paint the steps and trim work. Can't wait to see how much better it will look. 

Henny Penny


  1. Hope your garden does great!! Eli looks very happy taking care of the goats!
    Love you

  2. Your garden is really growing fast! I like watching it grow with you.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your story. And your pictures of Eli with the goat are so sweet :)

  4. Love the picture of Eli and the stump. You know, you have to keep those stumps in line or they will really just take over. Dangerous things those stumps! Got protect his family after all.

  5. I don't know about Weetie being the only guard dog.
    That goat with Eli looks WATCHED. I bet he's not going to get away with a thing!

  6. Wonderful photos. Love meeting the crew (especially Eli).


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