Thursday, May 22, 2014

From Bickett to the Beach!

Is there anything that will mess up a good day like having to get dressed and go to the grocery store first thing! When Bickett runs out of Fancy Feast, there is not a moment's peace. He is from room to room complaining...

Nothing to do but head off to Walmart. The goats were out of hay anyway, so I made a stop at Town & Country Supply.

Back home, my "to do" list calls. I want those steps and trim work painted, but this time of the day, standing on those steps is like walking in the hot sand on the beach in the middle of the day! Unbearable! All of a sudden, it feels like July around here! Mind you, I am not complaining. Spring was a long time coming. I want to enjoy every minute.

Have you ever blistered the bottom of your feet on the beach? I remember back in the 50's, we would spent two weeks at Folly Beach in South Carolina every summer. Daddy rented a house on the water but it was still a ways to run to get down on the beach. 

Daddy didn't come down on the beach a lot. He played golf or went out deep sea fishing. I will never forget the times he did get in the water. He would come out in his bathing suit, or swim trunks, and barefooted. Busy having fun, we would see daddy coming our way. He would start off walking but after a few steps his tender feet, from never going barefoot, would start burning. He would run and dance around, picking his feet up real high til he got to the edge of the water. It was funny and made me laugh. This was Daddy in the 1950's...

There used to be lots of pictures taken at Folly Beach during those summer vacations, none of which are mine.

Poppy asked me just this morning where I would like to go for a few days this summer. Folly Beach sounds good to me. But would it look like it did in the 50's? Would it make me sad?

Here it is after six! Better get supper started!

Henny Penny


  1. The cats do know how to talk!

    Memories of the beach and your dad are wonderful. Funny the things we remember. Sometimes two people in the same spot have two different memories. If the beach has changed you can make your own new memories.

    The last two days have felt like July instead of May.

    Have a blessed evening.

  2. Sweet memories of happy times. I've never blistered my feet but I've done the dance in the sand getting to the water. Isn't it funny how cats rule the roost?

  3. I grew up in the sand was never something we worried about when we were on the beach..hypothermia however.....!
    Jane x

  4. You should go back and visit..but wear shoes:) Spoiled kitty! What we don't do for the furry kids in our lives:)

  5. I had to laugh at your demanding cat.
    Sounds like you didn't get back to that painting job yet, but you had a good trip down memory lane.

  6. Your cat looks cute!


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