Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Leftovers from summer

I am so excited to have a new follower.  "Far Side of Fifty, a beautiful blog that I enjoy and look forward to reading every day!  Thank you so much!

That hard freeze a few nights ago finished off the summer garden.  I was out today pulling the dead plants and spotted the sweetest little violet hiding behind the dead okra stalks...blooming...here in late October...

I just couldn't throw it out...

There were also several yellow butterflies out today on the pineapple sage...I didn't get a very good picture.  Every time I got the camera set the butterfly moved!  One last hoorah I suppose before winter sets in.

 Are you coming in here with that bucket?

I was counting on having plenty of half runner green beans to can this summer but the beans just didn't do good.  After all that rain we had...we then had a long dry spell!  I am down to about four quarts of canned beans...maybe next year!  

All those peppers I brought in before the first freeze did make a few jars of hot pickled peppers.

Had to run into town to pick up a prescription for Poppy this evening.  The setting sun and clouds were beautiful...

Not much of a post.  Thank you if you managed to stay this long! :)

Henny Penny


  1. Thanks for the mention..I like your blog too! A beautiful wild violet ! :)

  2. Hey, I sent you and email that i thought you might enjoy. Love you!

    1. I appreciate that Vicki! I have enjoyed reading that and seeing the pictures. That was a good post about Joe. Dan has not seen it yet. Thank you for thinking about us! Love, Henny

  3. Mom, beautiful pictures. And I can see you rescuing the violet. I am glad you put that same thought into me -- to love flora and fauna. I love you all the time! XOXO Lynn

    1. Oh, thank you Lynn Dylan. I love you all the time too!!! Mom


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