Monday, October 7, 2013

The Rain

We are actually getting some of that much needed rain right now.  Yep, the rain finally got here.  It is cloudy and dark, very quiet out here in the country today.  Nothing but the sound of rain falling.  The close up rain drops reflect the flash...I suppose??

Let me tell you, I struggled with that rope yesterday, trying to build a tree swing before Poppy got home!!!  Getting that heavy rope over a tree limb 20' up almost did me in.  I must have moved and climbed that ladder 10 times and finally did get one end of rope over the tree limb and tied.  It started raining this morning so here is a picture of my work :) taken from the porch.  Not much to see!!

The man on the tree looks pretty disgusted!   The pot over the rope is to keep the rain off!  A wet rope...well, would be even heavier to throw up over that limb! :)  Even after climbing that tall ladder and using that 16' metal pole...well it was a job!  Poppy says he will help me.  Lets just hope that limb doesn't break while I'm swinging out over the goat lot...I will never hear the end of it!!!  Of course if that happens I probably won't be hearing anymore anyway!!

Here it is almost bedtime again.  Where did this day go??  Glad for the rain we got today...and no bad storms! 

Henny Penny

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