Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We had wonderful sunshine yesterday but temperatures low enough for wearing my old soft, patched flannel shirt.  I've got to buy a new flannel shirt but can't find one I like.  Speaking of patches, that reminds me of the gift the ladies gave me when I retired in 1999.  Everyone in the office knew how excited I was to be staying home to garden and care for animals, hence the overalls...

Each patch has the name of a designer in the department.  I was their secretary.  The top patch, John, was our boss.  My complete outfit...flannel shirt with rips, frayed cuffs, and patches...

Anyway, the sun felt so good yesterday I carried the bantams with me to the garden to pick greens, and let them have free range.  How much harm can two tiny bantams do??  Actually, they did nothing but lounge in the sun, as cute as can be...

A little shade...

Then, of course, "Big Boy", being the show-off that he is, strutted around crowing...

and ruffling his feathers...

Remember the oil painting of "Big Boy", done by the Artist, Pam?  It sits beautifully in this bookcase in the living room.  Love this painting...

Okay, again, as mama would say, I've simply got to get busy!  Hope to be back real soon!

Henny Penny


  1. Oh I love the overalls. I have a pair that I love to wear. I don't have a flannel shirt though, maybe I should look for a nice soft one like that, it looks nice with your overalls. Do you really want a donkey? The man that my father in law got his from was getting rid of all of his to because he has Alzheimer. I think he lives in Sanford. Also Frank's aunt dates a man that deals in mules and donkeys. I helped a friend find one on fb one time.

  2. Miniature donkeys, 1 jenny & 2 jacks, DOB 06-10-13, $350/ea. Jimmy Neal, Colfax 336-993-6079.
    Miniature donkeys, breeding quality jennies & jacks, reg.; newly arrived jack & jenny foals, group rates, $250 & up. Steve Levitt, Efland 919-563-9527.
    Here are 2 adds in the agricultural review.

  3. Gosh, you have lots of connections! $350 sounds very reasonable for the number in Colfax. I want to call both numbers. Efland is not too far away...up near Lynn in Hillsboro! Thank you Vicki. I love you, Henny

  4. Those little banties look so happy !
    (I'd hide those overalls if I were you in case Lynn gets her hands on them for her altered couture !!) ha ha ha

    1. Wean, I had not thought about that! There's no telling what Miss Lynn would make out of my overalls! :)

  5. Dear Henny, We had been gone for awhile and I hadn't been keeping up with your writing, but how fun to see your overalls and flannel shirt, and your darling bantams, and of course, my old friend, Big Boy! When he was moulting I felt so sorry for him, since I had become very familiar with most of his feathers for the painting. He is looking handsome once again. I have some gardening to do myself, and put my oldest jeans and denim shirt on this morning first thing. Had to run over to Target first, and I guess nobody cared that I looked like some bedraggled old hippie. I hope you get to have your little donkey, that sounds so fun. Can't wait to see what you name it.
    Best always,

  6. Dear Pam,

    I am always glad to hear from you. "Bedraggled old hippie"....that's funny! Sounds like my kind of outfit! Are you still blogging? I can not remember your blog name. Would love to visit again. Thanks Pam.



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